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New “Thunderbirds Are Go!” Trailers Released

Bottom Line: This new Thunderbirds Are Go! show is looking MUCH better than we had ever anticipated. The sets, the ships, the characters, EVERYTHING seems to be getting first-class treatment from the animators. According to the show’s official website:


“Thunderbirds Are Go coming to CITV Spring 2015. Thunderbirds Are Go is also coming to TV2 in New Zealand and Nine/GO in Australia this Spring – await news of further launches! When disaster strikes and there’s no one else to help, International Rescue answers the call! From their secret island base, this family of highly trained responders can reach every corner of the globe – and beyond – in minutes. With their remarkable cutting edge Thunderbird Vehicles, brothers Scott, Virgil, John, Gordon and Alan Tracy along with head of security Kayo and lead engineer Brains pull off amazing feats of heroism. No rescue is too big and no journey too far to save a life. When duty calls, Thunderbirds are GO.”

Once this new Thunderbirds program hits the airwaves, it’s a sure thing that fans all around the world will want to collect merchandise from the show. Hello, Hasbro? Take a hint from CITV and TV2. Imagine if their same superb animation skills were applied to a GIjOE Adventure Team program. You could be raking in the dough too, through renewed AT merchandising!

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“Jumble” Puzzle Features G.I. Joe-Related Answer

The daily "Jumble" word puzzle created by

America’s Movable Fighting Man made the papers again today in the ever-challenging “Jumble” word puzzle (created by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek). Today’s puzzle features a cyclops family who’s son is opening a new (one-eyed) GIjOE. (Puzzle: Hoyt and Knurek)

Bottom Line: The world’s most popular toy line has made yet another appearance in American pop-culture. No, it’s not in your local toy store (sorry), but in the Jumble puzzle on the comics page of your local newspaper. We not sure if the Jumble’s creators are GIjOE fans, but they’ve clearly made our 12-inch action hero a central part of today’s challenge. We recommend that you print out the graphic shown above, complete the puzzle at your leisure, and then cut it out and add it to your ever-growing scrapbook of GIjOE-related ephemera. The Jumble’s now part of GIjOE’s history!

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“The State of the 1:6 Scale Hobby” Discussed By Panel of Experts at Joelanta 2015 in Atlanta, GA

Toy Expert and Pop-Culture Blogger, Rudy Panucci (Photo: Rudy Panucci)

Bottom Line: If you love GIjOEs and 1:6 scale action figures, but were unable to attend Joelanta 2015 earlier this month <D’oh!> then you’ll be THRILLED to learn that renowned pop-culture commentator, Rudy Panucci took his camera along to the event. As you may already know, some of Joelanta’s most anticipated activities actually take place away from the dealer’s room and outside its vaunted “hall of dioramas.” In fact, a variety of hobby-related meetings and seminars are regularly held and draw big crowds that are eager to display, demonstrate, discuss and even debate assorted 1:6 scale topics. This year was no different. And fortunately—Rudy was there!

Greg Brown of Cotswold Colletibles (Photo: DFW GIjOE Club)

Greg Brown of Cotswold Colletibles (Photo: DFW Club)

One of this year’s most anticipated panel discussions was the annual “State of the Hobby” commiseration. Thanks to Panucci and his video, you now have a front-row seat worthy of Don Levine himself. Enjoy as Joelanta host Buddy Finethy moderates an exceptional panel of experts including the aforementioned Panucci, 3D printing expert, Keith Holmes, Trenches founder/moderator Scott Beckmann, SA female figure expert Chung Kim and the well-known representative of Cotswold Collectibles, Greg Brown. Stick with the video to the end and you’ll be rewarded with Brown’s adamant declaration (which was met with thunderous applause):


“As long as you guys keep supporting what we’re manufacturing, I will do my damnedest to make sure we’re making what you want.” —Greg Brown, Cotswold Collectibles

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Hot New Product———1:6 Scale Home Safes Found at “Local Craft Store” in West Virginia For Just $3!

Is it SAFE? Indeed it is, until Michael Hinchman's "Safecracker Joe" gets his hands on it! These superb "home safes" are now available in local "craft stores" around the country. Happy Hunting! (Photo: Michael Hinchman)

Is it SAFE? Indeed it is, until “Safe-cracker Joe” gets his kung-fu grip on it! These superb “home safes” are now available in local craft stores around the country. Happy Hunting! (Photo: Michael Hinchman)

Would you pay REAL money for this fake money? Decidedly not. But that safe? Oh, YEAH! (Photo: Michael Hinchman) Click to enlarge.

Would you pay REAL money for this fake money? Of course not. But that safe? Oh yeah, BABY! (Photo: Michael Hinchman) Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: Just a quick heads up on a cool-looking 1:6 scale home safe discovered recently by master customizer, Michael Hinchman in Barboursville, West Virginia. It comes in a pack with some play money and a “gold” money clip, so your kids can play like they’re rich or something. But 1:6 scalers won’t care about all that. They’ll most likely toss the faux cash and eagerly reach for the superb little safe. Built out of durable plastic, it features an opening door, nicely detailed combination dial, and strong-looking hinges. With some minor touch-ups, it would make a perfect addition to any 1:6 scale “safe-cracking” diorama. According to Hinchman: malecomment

“I actually found this for $3 at my local craft store. I would’ve expected to find something like this at a dollar store, but the craft stores are expanding their inventories to compete. Ironic no?”

Our sincerest thanks to Michael for his “eagle-eyed” report of this exciting new 1:6 scale find. To see what Hinchman’s “Safe-cracker Joe” has planned for the safe shown above, we recommend you take a look at the actual safe-cracking video clip shown down below. But remember, while such illicit activities may seem like a good way for your Joes to solve their “financial frustrations,” your Law Enforcement Joes are always on the job (see below).

My NYPD Top Cop cuffs Joe before taking him his infamous "Perp Walk." (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Crime Does NOT Pay! Even at 1:6 scale, bad-guy Joes will always pay for their misdeeds. Here, an NYPD Top Cop (w/PoP patches) cuffs a painted-hair “Safecracker Joe” before taking him off to the hoosegow. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

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Action Man Fans Working to Ensure Palitoy’s UK Version of 1:6 Scale G.I. Joes Are Never Forgotten

Much Like its American Counterpart G.I. Joe, the wide variety of original Action Man (AM) products was literally breathtaking. Children of the 1960s and ’70s can still remember finding this sort of display inside local toy and department stores. As adults, those same fans are now working to ensure Palitoy’s beloved UK/Europe toy line will never be forgotten. (Photo: Palitoy) Click to enlarge.

Action Man fan and collector, Robert Wisdom, poses alongside "his better half" for a pic taken at a recent 1940s weekend in Sheringham, Norfolk. The event is held every September in the UK, and according to Robert, "is a great chance to get out my 1940s Battle of Britain dress uniform and soak up the atmosphere, ride steam trains and marvel at Spitfires flying overhead. Hundreds of US vehicles line the streets too, so it's worth a trip over the pond!" Sounds like a FANTASTIC time! (Photo: Robert Wisdom)

Action Man fan, collector and advocate, Robert Wisdom, poses alongside “his better half” for a pic taken at a recent 1940s weekend in Sheringham, Norfolk. The event is held every September in the UK, and according to Wisdom, “is a great chance to get out my 1940s Battle of Britain dress uniform and soak up the atmosphere, ride steam trains and marvel at Spitfires flying overhead. Hundreds of US vehicles line the streets too, so it’s worth a trip over the pond!” Sounds like a FANTASTIC time! (Photo: Robert Wisdom)

All-New Websites, Videos, DVDs, and Limited-Edition Books Are Being Created to Commemorate the Upcoming 50th Anniversary of Palitoy’s 12-inch Action Figure

When someone REALLY loves someone—or someTHING—he or she often chooses to share their positive, heartwarming feelings through some sort of physical manifestation or demonstration.

For example, heroes and other historic figures regularly have statues or other memorials erected in their honor. Famous personalities of all sorts and stripes, because of their past and/or present notoriety, have books and videos created about their lives and careers. Even beloved family members receive similar treatments when relatives commission cemetery markers, portrait paintings, or family photo albums or DVDs in their memory.
So why not—Action Man?

That’s right. Inanimate persons, places and things can also be revered and remembered by their ardent fans and followers. You only have to visit a local shopping mall to gaze upon a multitude of books, videos, calendars and other commemorative objects devoted to such diverse (non-living) subjects as Texas BBQ, the Eiffel Tower, Muscle Cars, Superheroes, Hobbies, Hollywood Films, etc. If making people recall something fondly is the main criteria for such commemoration, then certainly the upcoming 50th anniversary of Palitoy’s Action Man (AM) is worthy of WORLDWIDE acclaim.

Unofficial Action Man HQ (Logo: Robert Wisdom)

Fun for Fans—The “Unofficial Action Man HQ” website, created by professional graphic artist, Robert Wisdom, has become a popular hub of activity for AM collectors worldwide. (Logo: Robert Wisdom)

Action Man Commemorations Being Ably Guided With Aid of Graphics Professionals

As much as we enjoy “amateur” fan tributes created in honor of GIjOE and Action Man, it’s always such a pleasure whenever top-drawer graphic artists, illustrators and professional designers come along and offer up their considerable talents to support the cause of commemorating our favorite 12-inch action heroes. One such talented and artistic fan is Robert Wisdom of the UK. Robert’s new “Unofficial Action Man HQ” website (HERE) has become one of the hobby’s leading AM forums and his creation of professional-quality AM photography and videos, is also doing a great deal to advance the 1:6 scale collecting hobby as well (see sample video clip above).

Indeed, after the backhanded AM “tribute” proffered by James May on his James May’s Toy Stories program (HERE), Wisdom’s more positive contributions to Action Man feel like a breath of fresh air. And while other AM collectors are openly expressing a desire, nay a HUNGER, for better treatment of their favorite toy, it’s wonderful to discover fans such as Wisdom who are willing and (professionally) able to assist them in that regard. When its 50th anniversary arrives in 2016, it appears Action Man will finally receive the level of respect and commemoration he deserves.

It's all about RESPECT— One of the recent AM "photo bombs" by Robert Wisdom shows how powerful a teaching tool and the veteran 12-inch action line

Changing of the Guards— This stunning 1:1-1:6 scale “photo bomb,” created by professional graphics wiz, Robert Wisdom, reveals the amazing realism of Action Man whilst posed alongside a REAL member of the Queen’s Life Guards. Out-STANDING work, Robert! (Photo: Robert Wisdom)


While there are scores of Action Man collectors around the world, for the sake of time and space, we’re focusing today on the intriguing efforts of England’s Robert Wisdom. Wisdom is a die-hard AM collector and has devoted a great deal of his own personal and professional time towards the toy’s promotion and commemoration. In the following exclusive interview with The Joe Report, he explains his connection to Action Man and how he plans to honor the toy line in the future:

Robert Wisdom, Action Man fan and collector (Photo: Robert Wisdom)

Robert Wisdom, Action Man fan and collector (Photo: Robert Wisdom)


“I received my first Action Man (a Talking Commander, blond) for Christmas, 1971. I would have been around six. He was an instant hit. He knew exactly what I was thinking and played hard at whatever I suggested without a second thought. A true buddy. As kids, we used our imaginations. It’s sad to say that today’s kids, for the most part, have it all worked out and done for them. They don’t create. They just play with what’s already created, and then in a year later (or less!) it becomes another unloved thing in a charity box.

I know Action Man, in my childhood, lasted for YEARS. He was very much an extension of me. He did the things I dreamt of doing and that which I dared not do. At some point, Mum would have noticed I didn’t play with Action Man so much, a bit like the scene in Toy Story where Andy starts to overlook Woody. And so, sadly, my childhood collection is elsewhere—possibly the plastic graveyard in the sky.

But it wasn’t too long after Art College and embarking on a fledgling career as designer, that I rediscovered Action Man. I was now in my 20’s and had the good fortune to accompany a dear father-in-law to a Toy Fair in a community hall to look for the Matchbox Models of Yesteryear that he collected. Whilst there, I saw a flock-haired tank commander nestled between some other bits and couldn’t leave without ‘rescuing’ him from his plight.

It all came flooding back… I slowly became hooked again, and eventually set about reading up on AM and running the Unofficial Action Man HQ (UAMHQ) website, just to share what I had learned. I was disappointed there was almost a total lack of info on the web! I approached a well-respected AM expert to assist / partner the build of a new website, but he was pretty uninterested (which surprised me). Today, the site needs another overhaul, now that we are all broadband enabled.”

“I currently run a design agency in the UK (HERE) and the next big project I’m trying to organise is a 300-page, 13″ limited-edition square book (with a slip case) for Action Man collectors by Action Man collectors. ‘MISSION 50’ will be one of a kind—the likes of which have not been seen before on this subject.

It will be an AM book to end all AM books, with high-res actual size photography, minute detail and footnotes on changes to production, rarity and suchlike from 1966 thru 1984. A lot still needs to be considered, we need to approach all the copyright holders and the powers that lurk beneath. I cannot do it on my own, I need to have a team of enthusiasts on board, but initial response has been excellent and I am considering crowd-funding when the proposition is worked out in detail.”


An AM Book to End All AM Books— Robert Wisdom’s “Mission 50” hardcover book is expected to weigh-in at 300 full-color pages that fit neatly within its own protective slip-case. (Photo: Robert Wisdom)

“In addition to the UAMHQ website and its forum, a Facebook Page (HERE) has also been created. That Facebook page is expected to become key to helping me ascertain how popular the MISSION 50 concept is and for spreading the word around about its production. I would like to ask any AM enthusiasts out there to PLEASE take the time to ‘like’ that page.

And as to the future, I suppose, as a mark of respect, we should all continue to seek out, repair, and restore (to original condition) those little fellas that set us FREE to explore and enjoy a healthy childhood—before computers came along to ‘fake it’ all for us. Action Man will surely outlast all of us mortals, and it was a pleasure that we (of a certain age) were there at his birth.” —Robert Wisdom

The modern-day Action Man logo is superb and would look GREAT on some all-new 50th Anniversary products! (Graphic: Wikipedia)

The POWER of Great Graphics— The modern-day Action Man logo is superb and would look GREAT on some all-new 50th Anniversary (or later) products. Is it time for another relaunch? (Graphic: Wikipedia)

The Story of Action Man has been faithfully recounted on a superb 2013 DVD by Australia's Tony Roberts. (Photo: ebay)

The Story of Action Man has been faithfully recounted on a superb 2013 DVD by Australia’s Tony Roberts. (Photo: ebay)

Bottom Line: The story of Action Man closely parallels that of our own beloved GIjOE, trailing its development by only a couple of years. Much of AM’s equipment is similar, and much is identical. But without a doubt, Palitoy’s Action Man was responsible for the creation of a multitude of unique 1:6 scale product innovations (of which we are continually jealous!). Our sincerest thanks and best wishes go out to Robert Wisdom for all of his generous assistance with this article, and to the Action Man fans around the world, we’d like to wish you all a “Happy 50th Anniversary” in 2016. While we eagerly await that exciting date (and hopefully the release of Wisdom’s Mission 50), may we suggest that you pick up a DVD of 2013’s The Story of Action Man (HERE) produced by renowned AM fan, Tony Roberts, of Australia (view teaser below). It’s equally informative and entertaining. Go, Action Man!

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G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Reveals Pics of Actual Production Version of 2015 JoeCon 12-Inch Set

Exterior of main box. (Photo: GIjCC)

Exterior of the JoeCon 2015’s 12-inch exclusive’s main box. (Photo: GIjCC) Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: If you’re a regular reader of The Joe Report, then you know all about this set already. Nonetheless, these new pics of the ACTUAL production version should be quite interesting to any of you still battling with your conscience and bank balance. Remember, although it’s not shown in these images, a 12-inch figure also comes with this set and is tucked into that coffin box with a shirt, pants, tan cap, boots, holster and pistol. Finally, according to an official post from the club:


“The production run on these is VERY low.”

The full set revealed, with packing materials. (Photo: GIjCC) Click to enlarge.

The full set revealed. Geronimo! (Photo: GIjCC) Click to enlarge.

Closeup of left side. (Photo: GIjCC) Click to enlarge.

Closeup of left side contents. (Photo: GIjCC)

And the right side. Nothing unexpected. (Photo: GIjCC) Click to enlarge.

And the right side. Nothing unexpected. (Photo: GIjCC)

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Action Man Fans Respond to BBC2’s James May

Take THAT, James May! One loyal Action Man decided to share his feelings regarding BBC2's host of James May's Toy Stories. (Photo: Sierra1)

In Your FACE, James May! One loyal Action Man fan shared this photo to illustrate his feelings regarding BBC2 TV personality, James May, and his comments regarding UK’s 12″ action hero. (Photo: Sierra1)

After the recent airing of an episode of BBC2 TV’s James May’s Toy Stories titled “Action Man at the Speed of Sound,” fans of the iconic UK action figure from Palitoy were quick to respond. As we’ve reported previously, May’s repeated declarations that the 12-inch action figure had “never really done ANYTHING” rankled many, prompting the Unofficial Action Man HQ forum to light up like a Christmas tree. Here are just a few of the more eloquent examples:


“ARE YOU A NUTTER?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, another snide-swipe at our hobby. You can’t blame Hasbro for not wanting to celebrate the 50th with all the negative polling that was shown on this programme, i.e. we don’t collect it—we are not interested in it—we dont want it.

It’s going to make our job harder in the new year when we resume discussions with Hasbro regarding our plans for the 50th. But in the meantime, from one P taker to another—This is what you get for dunking AM in your beer.” —Sierra1


“It was clear from the PR guff on the B.B.C. website that the tone would be disparaging at best. I thought it was nasty as well as being grossly inaccurate about the success of Palitoy Action Man in terms of contemporary sales, awards and longevity. Action Man is remembered with fondness by many – not just us collectors – and was recently voted equal FIRST in a Leicestershire museums’ poll of the objects in their collection, reflecting the affection that people still have for the original Action Man, at least in this area where he was manufactured and where many former Palitoy workers live.

They are proud to be connected with this iconic toy and to have Action Man’s legacy ABUSED on primetime TV by James May for the sake of cheap entertainment will be hurtful to many. I have submitted my complaint to the B.B.C. and I hope other fans of Action Man will do the same.” —MrAction


“The programme was passable viewing, but AM’s involvement in it was pointless. All but a few seconds worth of the AM collectors who took part seems to have ended up on the cutting room floor. Action Burt was missing completely!

My hope was that the show might rekindle a few viewers interest in VAM and that they’d rescue their childhood guys from the loft and join the forum but given the tone of the show I can’t see that happening.” —somekindajoe


“I have to say that I usually find May’s toy programmes both interesting and a link back to my youth. However, James May has always been disparaging towards AM, and in this programme, he ignores to a large extent the fact that this is a toy that was extremely successful and that was not only something to be played with, but also something that allowed us as children to be the character that we invented for AM.

Let me explain. When I got the Polar Explorer outfit and figure as a boy back in the 60s, I also got the book that was issued at the same time. From memory, in that book was instructions on how to build a polar base station from a cardboard box. My memories of that are still with me, I built the building which my explorer returned to after his adventures, I kitted it out with all manner of things which I made from all sorts of scrap, not only did AM allow me to be a Polar explorer in my imagination, but I also learnt a lot of creative skills in the process, (I went on to attend Art College, and those early creative skills came in very useful).

This was always the case with AM, not only did I play with him, but I also took on, to an extent the persona and the character of AM in the process and I built and made things to enhance my play. This is how children learn and develop and toys like AM allowed us to do that.

As a child of the 60s, I (thankfully) didn’t have to live through WW2, but I learnt a lot about it through AM, when Fuchs went to the South Pole, I didn’t know much about it, but through AM I got to know much more. Through the AM climber, I became much more knowledgeable about the world and history of climbing. It’s such a pity that May didn’t produce a much more positive programme that dealt a bit more with the success story and the educational ‘tool’ that was and is, AM.”  —scaddycopper


“I have two young sons and they play with my Action Men; what they do is make up stories and adventures for AM, dress them up in costumes, stage fights, rescues, exploration missions—which is what AM was designed to do in the first place. With all due respect to James May, who does produce generally excellent programmes about toys, he comes at them from a different perspective.

Look at his previous shows; he demonstrates how good Meccano is by building a bridge. He shows what Scalextric can do by recreating Brooklands motor racing circuit. Airfix kits; he goes and makes a life-sized one for school children to build. Lego, he builds a functioning house out of the stuff.

For May, it’s all about the practicality and engineering potential of toys but Action Man is a storytelling and imagination toy. This isn’t James May’s mentality. He likes toys which have defined functions that scale down real life functions. Action Man has scaled down real uniforms and equipment, but once you dress him up it’s over to the person playing with him to come up with the adventure.” —NickH

Other Action Man fans were quick to point out that May has a right to his own opinion like anyone else and therefore urged the rest of us to simply “Keep Calm and Let it Go.” For example:


“I appreciate some peoples views, but they have to respect that this program was made for television and the masses, NOT Action Man fans exclusively (and certainly not self-appointed elitists).This had to be an entertaining program, not a factual Action Man hobbyists dream. He (May) was celebrating science and engineering with a nod to Action Man.

He said at the NEC that he was very fond of Action Man in his various uniforms but felt he was too old for him. Now seeing as he is just over 50 years of age, I would say this says more about James May than Action Man. He obviously doesn’t stimulate his mind in the way that Airfix and Meccano did.

Let the bloke have an opinion and just enjoy it for what it is, a quirky Christmas program that was NOT directly aimed at ‘quirky Action Man Collectors.’ All these letters of complaint (I feel) are just a bit sad and add weight to how James May sees Action Man Collectors.” —Danthecoat


“Please don’t waste time writing to the BBC. You will only just add credence to the myth that AM collectors are just a bunch of sad old tw@ts. You’ll be doing all of us a huge disservice. Let it go. I see where all the points are coming from, but the show was made for mass appeal, not specialist indulgence.

Personally, I didn’t like it myself (as much as I had hoped to), but life is too short to get worked up about it to the point of writing letters of complaint. Besides, by writing to the BBC, you stand a very good chance of your letter never being seen by the shows makers, an independent called Plumb Pictures. Bother them if you really feel that strongly.” —doublecee

James May may not understand the attraction, but Action Man fans around the world surely do! (Photo: BBC/Anne Binckebanck)

He just doesn’t “get it.” James May may not understand the attraction, but for millions of Action Man fans around the world, the versatile toy’s appeal is OBVIOUS! (Photo: BBC/Anne Binckebanck)

Bottom Line: The Action Man community has spoken—at least for now. AM fans are clearly an outspoken and opinionated bunch, always ready and willing to defend the honor of their vintage action hero. And as we approach the figure’s 50th anniversary in 2016, it’ll be interesting to see how the venerated toy line is treated over in the UK and Europe. Will AM receive the same (lack of) attention afforded to GIjOE during his recent 50th? Stay tuned, for updates. Go, ACTION MAN!

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YouTube Takes It Down, DailyMotion Puts It Right Back Up———James May’s Toy Stories’ Most Elusive Episode, “Action Man at the Speed of Sound,” Is Once Again Viewable by Fans Online

bbc 2We’re not quite sure why, but BBC2 has been playing online “musical chairs” with one of its most highly rated episodes of James May’s Toy Stories; the long-awaited and yet surprisingly negative, “Action Man at the Speed of Sound.” We had previously reported on this controversial episode in complete detail HERE. As you may recall, after it had aired on Christmas Day, 2014, May’s openly derisive comments towards Action Man instantly upset many fans who were clearly expecting the show to be more of a “hero’s welcome” for the iconic Palitoy line. Instead, the episode unspooled more as an undeserved “roast” of the popular toy’s (perceived) failings.

British TV celebrity, James May, poses alongside a clear rocket containing an Action Man astronaut in this publicity still promoting an upcoming episode of his show, "James May's Toy Stories." (Photo: BBC)

British TV celebrity, James May, poses alongside a clear rocket containing an Action Man astronaut in this publicity still promoting an episode of his show, “James May’s Toy Stories.” (Photo: BBC)

If you haven’t seen it, the episode in question is enjoyable (enough), but it IS constantly (and unnecessarily) interrupted by May’s personal assertions that Action Man (AM) had “never really done anything.” After a while, his statements must’ve begun to grate on AM’s decidedly die-hard fandom and letters of complaint and comments to that effect began to race around the ‘net. BBC2 of course, had been expecting May’s Christmas Day episode to be a big hit with viewers. And it was. After all, the UK and Europe remains a hotbed of Action Man support. In fact, expecting to bask in further acclaim, the channel didn’t hesitate to post the episode up on its own YouTube channel, where it quickly began to rack up thousands of AM fan “views.” But after only a few weeks, the channel removed the episode without further comment or explanation.

BBC2 TV personality, James May, buying Alan Hall’s Action Man Guides at Birmingham NEC 2013. (Photo: Stephen Lees)

What happened? Why remove ANY program from YouTube that could help expand and increase the viewership of your “real” TV channel? While we can’t say for sure, it’s possible BBC2 was getting too many angry viewer comments from Action Man fans who resented May’s backhanded treatment of their favorite toy. It’s also quite likely that the channel eventually decided discretion was the easier path to take in order to quickly “settle” the matter with as little fuss as possible. Whatever their reasons, the controversial episode was promptly removed from public view and further fan backlash was averted. After all, out of sight, out of mind. Right? Well, maybe not…

As you undoubtedly know, the internet remains the “Wild West” in many respects, and it doesn’t take long for ANY photo or video to find itself a new home—on another server—somewhere. And in this particular case (as of the writing of this article), an anonymous Action Man fan named, “Helen” has uploaded a nice crisp copy of the Speed of Sound episode on a competing video website called DailyMotion (see clip above). As far as we know, Helen’s page is currently the only place fans can view the episode. For whatever reason, 2 months after it originally aired in the UK, Speed of Sound has yet to posted by BBC2 on the Toy Stories official website HERE or its sister Hulu page HERE.

Bottom Line: NOTHING truly ever disappears from the internet. There are always sites SOMEWHERE storing and silently archiving EVERYTHING we’ve ever posted. Most of it happens continuously and silently, in the background, in a faraway land, and we never give it a second thought. So when a “missing” episode suddenly reappears, you shouldn’t be too surprised. If you haven’t yet seen the Speed of Sound episode, take an hour to do so now. And remember, May’s opinions are wholly his own. Whenever he disses Action Man, just laugh it off. It’s a shame he doesn’t “get it.” But we all know that the TRUTH is out there. Go, ACTION MAN!

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Joelanta 2015 Releases New Promo Commercial

GIjOE fans and video producers, Lisa and Tim Weedn (Photo: Tim Weedn)

GIjOE fans and animated video producers, Lisa and Tim Weedn (Photo: Tim Weedn)

Bottom Line: Every year at Joelanta, thousands of fans gather to celebrate everyTHING that’s wonderful about GIjOE and the action figure and toy hobbies in general. One subset of fans who attends also arrives bearing freshly pressed DVDs loaded with entertaining “Joe Videos” they’ve produced over the past year, eager for their official worldwide debut at the famous Joelanta Film Festival. One such filmmaking couple is Tim and Lisa Weedn, whose delightful animated video projects never fail to amuse their audiences. If you haven’t seen their work before—hit the play button above!

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Final Pic of JoeCon 2015’s 12″ Exclusive Revealed!

The 12" exclusive for JoeCon 2015 (only 1 figure included) (Photo: GIjCC)

What You See is What You Get—Almost. The 12″ exclusive for JoeCon 2015 (Photo: GIjCC)

Bottom Line: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if that’s the case, we should probably just shut-up and let this latest pic from the GIjOE Collector’s Club do all the talking. And if you’re still on the fence about purchasing this expensive exclusive, maybe the club’s final press release on the subject will convince you one way or the other. It reads as follows:


“The 2015 G.I. JOE Convention boxed 12-inch figure set includes: one (1) 12” 1969 styled G.I. JOE figure and two complete uniform sets all packed in a collector friendly souvenir box. ‘ADVENTURES OF G.I. JOE – ADVENTURER’ Inside the larger presentation box, you will find this excellent reproduction 12” G.I. JOE Adventurer with a reproduction of the “red top” box he came packaged in back in 1969. ‘THE FANTASTIC FREE FALL’ This is one of the most iconic accessory sets made for 12” G.I. Joe. It is featured on the art for 1969 Adventurer’s ‘red top’ long box. ‘DESCENT INTO DARKNESS’ Dressed all in black, G.I. JOE is on a stealth mission and must avoid detection. Don’t miss this fantastic 2015 GIJoeCon 12” Souvenir Box Set!”
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