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Captain Action “Sizzle Reel” Revealed, But Direction New Show Taking Remains Unclear

The aforementioned proposed Captain Action (CA) animated series appears to have taken a few more steps towards reality this week with the public recent release of a short demo or “sizzle reel” video (click on the image above to watch it NOW). The video opens with the classic ’60s TV commercial and then mixes ominous “canned” music with various stills lifted from artwork in CA comic books, packaging and promotional materials.

In this screenshot taken from the video, CA’s “New Super Identities” are shown, solving a legal and financial nightmare incurred whenever licensing Marvel and DC comic figures. The problem? Who will care about these new, generic characters?
(Photo: CA Enterprises)

Questions about how producers would deal with all the multiple licensing fees required for a show where the main character becomes multiple famous superheroes appear to have been answered in one key sequence touting CA’s “New Super Identities.” Okay…

Let’s stop right here for a moment. This new show will fall flat on its face if they don’t do it justice. The “it” in this case is showcasing the campy, over-the-top Captain Action we all know and love; something Cap’s current caretakers, Ed Catto and Joe Ahearn, have been doing so well.

To capture the essence of a guy who masquerades as others to “fight crime and capture evildoers” requires a very creative group of individuals who understand what makes him so potentially entertaining. If G7 and R2 go down the predictable road of Japanese anime-style drawings, a bunch of generic no-name characters and the usual modern comics “techo-babble”…WHO WILL CARE?

Here, let me do your homework for you guys…

Austin Powers knew how to have FUN in the ’60s. Captain Action can too! (Photo: New Line Cinema)

1) Captain Action is a product of the 1960s. Leave him there.

That’s his time period—period! Like Austin Powers, this character really doesn’t “work” in our modern world. Tough words to hear, maybe, but stay with me…For this show to be worth doing, for it to have any lasting impact on popular culture, you need to leave CA and Kid Action in that era and surround him and his friends with period architecture and cultural references linked to the 60s; hippies, muscle cars, Andy Warhol, the Astrodome, etc. This would bring your show crackling to life and make it interesting and fun for all ages to watch (boomers and children alike).

The excellent artwork in the original Jonny Quest show superbly captured mood and tension. (Photo: Hanna Barbara)

2) Create a unique look for the show, but borrow from the BEST.

When creating the actual show, you should take your inspiration from three relevant vintage ’60s TV series…the solid, ’60s-era comic book animation style of Jonny Quest (NOT those abysmal ’80s-’90s remakes), the gadgets, camp and humor of the ORIGINAL Batman (with Adam West), and the absurd concepts, fanciful machines, team spirit and cliff-hanger episodic format of shows like Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds. Combining elements from specific sources as these, will keep your project on target and create a cool, fun-to-watch “retro hero” program.

’60s music has a unique sound that would perfectly capture “the mood” for Captain Action adventures. (Photo: BMG)

3) Score the show intelligently with “TV Land” style ’60s music.

Don’t be lazy when it comes to music choices either. It’s much too easy to fall back on canned, modern noise. There’s an infinite array of music from the ’60s that would instantly propel your viewer into any mood desired. Imagine a bored Captain Action sitting around at home in his tights, boots are off, feet up on the table, reading HOT ROD magazine or something as he waits for the hotline to ring; while in the background, something appropriately lulling like “A Summer Place” plays on the TV or radio. Viewers are immediately drawn in to Cap’s own special world. One that’s FUN to visit!

Finally, if you only want to produce 30-minute commercials to hawk toys, ala so many of the busy, boring ’80s cartoons, you can count a lot of potential viewers out right here and now. Audiences today are simply too sophisticated and can spot such blatant “infomercial entertainment” miles away. Let’s hope the newly proposed Captain Action series becomes one where his fans can proudly proclaim, “Justice HAS been done!”

Custom-Made 1:6 Scale ’60s Batman Figures Rival the Quality of High-End, Mass-Produced Brands

These 1:6 scale custom Batman and Robin figures were created by master customizer and “kitbasher” Rick R. in California. Absolutely astonishing! (Photo: Rick R)

For years, this boxed CA uniform was the only 1:6 Batman set available. (Photo: serioustoyauctions)

During the initial “Bat Craze” of the 1960s, toys and memorabilia based on the campy TV series, Batman, were plentiful and widely available. However, for fans of 1:6 scale, the only Batman figure produced during that time was a costume set created by Ideal for its Captain Action line. Cap’s Batman set was cool, yes, but far from perfect. Collectors have always wanted more—MUCH more. And now it seems, they’re about to get their wish.

For over 40 years, the dearth of ’60s-era Bat-product has led many customizers to create their own 1:6 scale Batman figures. But all of those talented “kitbashers” may soon have to find something new to create. With the recent announcement from Warner Brothers (WB) regarding the long-awaited, official licensing of the classic TV series, a veritable flood of new Bat-products is expected to appear soon.

The DC Direct Batman figure from a few years ago is stunning in every respect. But its 13″ size and late ’70s costume won’t quite fit the 1:6 scale ’60s Batmobile being built by Hot Toys. While this figure is great, only Adam West should drive that Batmobile! (Photo: Brian A.) Click to enlarge.

Nevertheless, one amazing kitbasher plans to continue creating his own 1:6 scale custom Batman figures at the kitchen table for years to come. Here’s what Rick R. told us about his favorite spare time pursuit:


“I started making custom figures nearly 20 years ago. It all started with villains for the Captain Action toy line; Red Skull, Green Goblin etc.

Rick R’s outstanding custom Batman. (Photo: Rick R) Click to enlarge.

Ideal toys never did get around to making the bad guys for Dr Evil ( Captain Action’s nemesis ), so a few friends I knew sculpted some mask’s and I kitbashed some suits. And that’s how it all came to be.

Moving forward a few years, I had always wanted a 1:6 scale Adam West Batman figure. No one had ever offered one before. My good buddy Wes from Classic Plastic made one for Captain Action and I decided to take it a little further.

Rick R’s custom Robin figure is slightly shorter than Batman and features a uniform with outstanding details. (Photo: Rick R) Click to enlarge.

First, I took a resin head from a model kit of Adam West as Batman. Then, I had his clothes made, put it all together on a figure…and I had my first Adam West Batman!

Over the years, I’ve worked with some very talented sculptors to make most of the TV show’s cast in handcrafted, resin form. I also work with an amazing seamstress. That lady can make anything!

I’ve been fortunate enough to know and work with some very talented folks. Without their help, I’d never get my custom figures done. It’s been a blast making them.”

When asked if he planned to attend the licensing event for future manufacturers of official Batman products, Rick replied:


“No. I simply can’t afford the licensing fee to manufacture on a mass-produced basis.”

Rick R.’s Riddler perfectly captures Frank Gorshin’s in mid-maniacal laugh. (Photo: Rick R) Click to enlarge.

When asked for his thoughts and feelings regarding all of the new, upcoming 1:6 scale Batman product, Rick answered:


“A buddy of mine told me that Hot Toys has already secured the right to do the 1960s’ 12” Batman, Robin, Joker, Catwoman, Riddler and Penguin figures, as well as a 1:6 scale Batmobile. That’s all still about 15 months away, but man, I think it’s going to be huge! Sure I’m a little bummed, but I can’t wait to get some for myself. I mean, have you ever seen Hot Toy’s Christopher Reeve Superman? Biblical! Best figure on God’s green Earth. If they do that for the Adam West Batman—it’s over, man!

Rick R’s Egghead (Photo: Rick R) Click to enlarge.

Indeed, with announcements by both Sideshow and Hot Toys regarding the imminent production and sale of a 1:6 scale ’66 Batmobile (see our article published July 12, 2012), “Bat-fans” everywhere are already thinking ahead and yearning for equally high-quality action figures to display alongside them.

The custom figures created by Rick and other customizers are definitely high-quality. And we’re sure everything produced by Hot Toys will be absolutely mind-blowing. Whatever the outcome of all this new-found “Bat-Hoopla,” it looks like we, the fans and collectors, are going to be the ultimate winners.

Bottom Line: We wish all of you 1:6 scale customizers out there the very best. To contact Rick personally about his amazing customs, send him a message HERE. In the meantime, here are some more cool pics of custom ’60s-era Batman figures. The work speaks for itself and the talent level involved is simply AMAZING. Enjoy!

Rick R’s King Tut figure sports an elaborate costume. (Photo: Rick R)

Rick R’s Batgirl is a stunner! (Photo: Rick R)

Rick R’s Louie the Lilac is hilarious! Who ever thought there would be a Milton Berle action figure anywhere on this planet? HA (Photo: Rick R)

Rick R’s Clock King. (Photo: Rick R)

Rick R’s Mr. Freeze (Photo: Rick R)

Rick R’s Archer features an amazing likeness of the late actor, Art Carney. (Photo: RIck R)

Rick R’s Joker is amazing! The costume is a work of art. (Photo: Rick R)

Wayne Faucher’s astounding Adam West Batman (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Great custom figures aren’t limited to 1:6 scale. This astounding custom figure captures Adam West’s Batman perfectly and is only 6″ tall. Superb work! (Photo: Batty2007)

TJR’s “Video Pick of the Week” #5

Screenshot from the Jean Boone interview with the 1966 Batman movie cast, including actor Adam West (shown above). (Photo: Texas Archive of the Moving Image)

For this week’s video, I thought I’d pick something relating to the classic ’60s Batman TV show. With all the excitement surrounding Hot Toy’s upcoming Batman-related products in 2013, viewing this clip now seems wholly appropriate.

The time was 1966. I was in 1st grade and like most little boys at that time, I was going absolutely ga-ga over the new Batman show on television. When my Mom informed me that they had made a movie and Batman and Robin were going to appear…in MY home town of Austin, Texas…in PERSON…well, you can just imagine how fast my little 6-year old heart was racing!

That was a long time ago now, and I don’t remember seeing the actors, but I do remember going to the theater and watching my childhood heroes cavorting up there on the big screen. Interestingly, I also remember not liking the film very much. Even at only 6 years-old, I think I realized that the ultra-campy TV-based Batman worked best in short, 30-minute episodes. When drawn out to a full movie length, the whole thing just seemed too long. Anyway…

In this video, our local CBS affiliate host, Jean Boone, interviews some of the film’s cast which had flown into Austin for the premiere. It’s a rarely seen little video and great fun to watch for the first time, all these years later. It truly fires my imagination to think of these “grown-ups” all sitting around talking together, just a few miles down the road from my house, where I was probably playing with some GIjOEs or opening up a pack of Batman bubblegum trading cards. Zowie! Those were the days… Click on the photo above or HERE NOW to watch the 9-minute video. Enjoy!

I remember seeing these posters when I was a kid. They looked AWESOME to my 6-year old eyes, and STILL DO! (Photo: midmoclub)

Captain Action Animated Series “Concept Video” Revealed for First Time to Attendees at SDCC

An animated TV series featuring the venerable Captain Action and based on the artwork of artist Joe Jusko might look something like this! (Art: Joe Jusko)

Will the execs at the Cartoon Network or over at Nicktoons realize the potential for a newly proposed, animated, action-adventure TV series based on an action figure toy from the 1960s? Fans of Captain Action were asking that very question recently as they sat through a short video presentation created to pitch the idea to various animation houses and cable channels.

During an exclusive “Captain Action Panel” held recently at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), fans and collectors were treated to various “inside intel” about the future of Round 2’s resurrected 12″ action figure including the potential for an animated series. “James” was in the audience that day and posted a brief report on the Captain Action fan forum stating…

“This is a proposed TV series, and if it gets picked up, will be produced in conjunction with G7 Animation. The reel was intended just as a means for pitching the concept of an animated Captain Action series, not how the series itself would be produced.

From what the fellow from G7 said, the series would be set in the world established in the Moonstone comic book (I wonder how Dynamite will feel about that?), with Captain Action fighting the menace of the Red Crawl.

They showed some design roughs, generally paired with an image from the comics, of some of the characters that would appear. These included Cap, of course, and Action Boy, Lady Action, the new Captain Action, and Dr. Evil.

They intend to have the real Cap as an older hero, working with and mentoring the younger heroes, who don’t quite understand the old-fashioned methods used by Cap.

They want the series to have a ‘Raiders’ feel to the adventure, with an emphasis on action and fun. The show is supposed to take place on an international stage, and include international agents that our main heroes would encounter.

In the slides referring to this, they showed roughs of what appeared to be a girl in an Action Boy-inspired uniform. Action Girl, perhaps? They didn’t say.

Of course, for anything to happen with this proposal, the series must first be green-lit and financed by some network, such as the Cartoon Network or Nicktoons. So, it may go nowhere, or it could be on TV next year. Time will tell on that one.”

Our sincere thanks to James for his acute hearing and prompt reportage on this matter. Captain Action has a lot of story potential and the old guy deserves a good quality television show (animated or otherwise). Let’s hope he gets it. Let Justice Be Done!

G.I. Joe’s Appearances in Newspaper Comics #2

Hilarious appearance of Action Man in Baby Blues (Art: Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott) Click to enlarge.

Thanks to longtime GIjOE fan and collector, Bill Ruperto, a few more humorous GIjOE “newsprint sightings” have been made. In this case, the strips actually featured Joe’s UK cousin, Action Man who appeared in a comic strip called Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott. Ruperto wrote in to The Joe Report recently to describe his findings…

GIjOE collector Bill Ruperto (Photo: Bill Ruperto)

“Believe me when I tell you my memory bank sucks. But I remember posting a sighting over in the Trenches forum and did a quick search to find the old post.

The comic strip, ‘Baby Blues,’ has mentioned Action Man at least a half a dozen times over the years.

Normally, the little boy Hammie is picking on his sister and her Barbies. One time, she gets her revenge and dresses his Joe in some doll clothes. That is just wrong.”

Thanks for your help, Bill! The “funnies” are a great way to brighten everyone’s day, and anything featuring GIjOE or Action Man is twice the fun. After you wrote in, we did some more research and were able to locate a few more of those infamous “dressing Joe in doll clothes” Baby Blues strips that you mentioned. Take a look (and enjoy)…

Action Man made to wear Barbie clothes in Baby Blues (Art: Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott)
Click to enlarge.

The infamous “Pink Panties” appearance of Action Man in Baby Blues (Art: Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott) Click to enlarge.

And finally, what REALLY happens when Action Man marries Barbie. (Art: Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott) Click to enlarge.


As Hasbro Fades, Sideshow Collectibles & Hot Toys Take Over as Top Producers of 1:6 Scale

1:6 scale WW2 version of Captain America (Photo: AFI)

As Hasbro continues its slow fade into 1:6 scale irrelevance, other companies are rising to fill the void. Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys have emerged as the industry’s leaders in top-quality action figures, as was demonstrated at this year’s San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).

1:6 scale Red Skull. (Photo: AFI) Click to enlarge.

Collectors are astounded by the likenesses and details in these new high-end figures. Despite their higher prices, sales are climbing and garnering quite a following. It’s a business model that clearly appears to be working, and previous 1:6 scale leader Hasbro is missing out.

After poring over dozens of online attendee reviews and perusing THOUSANDS of fan photographs taken during SDCC 2012, it’s clear to us here at The Joe Report that Hasbro is shunning 1:6 scale, choosing instead to “downsize” its offerings to the predominantly  diminutive (3 3/4″) figures for 2013 and beyond.

R2’s misspelled “Arctic Explorer” Captain Action figure offers little new for fans, other than a recolored uniform and some gloves. Yawn. (Photo: Round 2)

Industry newcomer Round 2 appears to be biding its time, announcing only a couple of reissues (already!) from their Captain Action line and an uninspired, “Arctic Explorer” version of ol’ Cap. Ed Catto explained the company’s reasoning thusly…

“We did want to have something on shelf for the Holiday Season. We wanted to take advantage of the Holiday Toy Season and we think that Captain Action deserves a chance to be “under the Christmas Tree,” to become a Hanukkah gift, or to be a part of any other holiday/end-of-year traditions.

And the intent here isn’t to over-burden or bankrupt you, the collectors. In a way, we’d almost urge you all not to buy these and to save your money for some of the other cool things we’ll be announcing.

Wow. When’s the last time you heard such honest, straight-forward comments from a toy company exec? Kudos to Catto for his continued up-front, plain-talking ways regarding his products. Companies like his deserve the continued support of fans and collectors worldwide. As for Hasbro, sadly, they seem to have completely run out of gas regarding their greatest brand, GIjOE, and the lucrative 1:6 scale marketplace in general.

For now, however, we’ll leave you with more photos of some of the better 1:6 scale figures spotted at the recent SDCC 2012. Start saving your shekels, Sahib. These look AMAZING. Enjoy!

1:6 scale “Rock-n-Roll” (Photo: AFI)

1:6 scale Captain America (Photo: AFI)

1:6 scale Major Bludd (Photo: AFI)

1:6 scale Baroness aims her “ominous orbs” at an unseen enemy. HA (Photo: AFI)

Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow in 1:6 scale. SCHWING!! (Photo: AFI)

1:6 scale Batman (Photo: AFI)

1:6 scale Iron Man (Photo: AFI)

1:6 scale Hawkeye (Photo: AFI)

Deluxe 1:6 scale Iron Man (Photo: AFI)

1:6 scale Nick Fury (Photo: AFI)

1:6 scale Loki (Photo: AFI)

Pencil-necked Geeks Getting in Shape at Manhattan Beach, CA’s “G.I. Joe Bootcamp”

“GIjOE Bootcamp” puts its clients through serious physical training on beautiful California beaches. (Photo illustration: Mark Otnes)

GIjOE Bootcamp’s Physical trainer, Joe Charles (Photo: GIjOE Bootcamp)

The average GIjOE collector is more likely to be pear-shaped than “action figure-shaped.” And that’s okay. We’re secure enough to be content with our bodies just as they are (aren’t we?). But if you’re really not satisfied with your current physique, now there’s a place you can go to do something about it. Welcome to California’s “GIjOE Bootcamp!”

The brainchild of actor, “ultimate fighter” and physical trainer, Joe Charles, GIjOE Bootcamp promises to help you train harder and take your body up to its “next level.” And Charles is clearly the man for the job. According to the GIjOE Bootcamp website found HERE

Charles has been reporting for duty at the GIjOE Bootcamp for 11 1/2 years and has become a South Bay institution under the employ of the Manhattan Beach Parks and Recreation Department.

“I love the energy of the people I meet,” Charles said. “I’m very blessed. I try to share the love and energy with them. I try my best not to get out of control and make people do push-ups.”

Charles comes with five-star credentials. He served as a UFC fighter in the 1990s and even won the UFC Super Fight Russia in 1998 to bring the title back from Russia to the United States. He’s also starred in several action movies, including the 1995 film “Virtuosity” with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Now Charles is becoming renowned for his GIjOE Bootcamp.

For those who “save the day” by being the first one to finish the circuit and thus end the class, Charles has special prizes that range from a box of suntan lotion to energy bars and other goodies. Maybe the most sought-after are the GIjOE Dog Tags. “On one side, it says, `I took it to the next level.’ Everyone wants them, but you have to show me something to get those,” Charles said.

Sounds like a great place to spend the morning. Pounding sand with Joe Charles. Getting in top physical shape. And winning a set of those nifty GIjOE dogtags. Let’s GO with GIjOE and get in shape at the GIjOE Bootcamp. They’re waiting on us! Hooah!

1:6 Scale All-Metal Police Handcuffs for G.I. Joe

Police Sergeant Raul Acosta of the NYPD tests out his new, all-metal, fully functional 1:6 scale handcuffs from Claire’s Jewelry. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

This is what the earrings look like in the Claire’s store. And remember: 1 pair of earrings equals 2 complete sets of handcuffs ($6.50). Buy 2 pairs and get a 3rd for free. That makes 6 pairs of handcuffs for $14. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

I know a good thing when I see it (or read about it). So when legendary GIjOE collector, Sean Huxter, recently reported his discovery of 1:6 scale, real metal, fully functional handcuffs—I jumped on it! According to Sean’s original post over in the Facebook Sandbox

“Just shopped at Claire’s, the girl’s accessory store, earrings, necklaces, headbands, etc… ’cause I have a sixteen year old girl. Whenever we hit one, I look for stuff that’s fodder for miniature stuff, and they have often come through big-time.

This time, I found a series (necklace, bracelet, earrings) made from a shiny set of handcuffs that are – get this – actually made to GIjOE scale, not oversized, and – get this even more – FUNCTIONAL!

The earrings are the hookup because you get TWO pairs for $6.50, whereas the other items are that or more for just one pair. You will have to do some chain re-linking, because the chains are too long, but they are really very nice.

There’s a thumb catch, and when you flip it and pull, the handcuff comes apart, and it’s exactly right. All the ratchets are there, and they work! Shove ’em in and they click just like real full-sized cuffs.”

My NYPD Top Cop cuffs Joe before taking him on his infamous “perp walk” to the “hoosgow.” (Photo: Mark Otnes)

After reading Sean’s post, I zipped right over to Claire’s (found in most shopping malls and also online HERE) and snagged some for myself. But as they say on TV…”That’s not all!” Right now, if you buy two pairs (that’d be 4 ‘cuffs), they’ll give you a third pair—for FREE. Whatta deal!

I walked out of the store with SIX pairs of handcuffs for only 14 bucks. That’s enough ‘cuffs for my entire 1:6 scale police force. I didn’t even mind all the weird looks I got from the 12 year-olds and their moms as I stood there buying 3 pairs of earrings. My wife even whispered, “Maybe next time, I should buy them for you.” HA Thanks again to “Eagle-eyed” Sean Huxter for this great intel. (The men on my “force” thank you too!)

800+ Figures G.I. Joe Collection Auction, 7-14-12

Large auctions such as this one are an excellent opportunity for collectors to acquire unusual or rare items, such as this IRWIN Amphibious Duck w/box. (Photo: Younger Auctions)

It’s a sad day in any collector’s life when the decision is finally made to “get out” of our beloved GIjOE hobby. Whether due to a collector’s health, financial difficulties, or simply a change in outlook, liquidating a personal collection is always a painful and emotional task.

This excellent LSO is practically begging for someone to buy him. “Please! I need a new home!” (Photo: Younger Auctions) Click to enlarge.

Unfortunately, one such collector in Missouri has had to make that painful choice recently. We don’t know his reasons, but we know that his fellow fans worldwide support his difficult decision and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Hopefully, the money raised from this auction will be of use and serve the purpose(s) desired.

This particular 800+ figure auction takes place on July 14th, 2012 in Maryville, Missouri, starting at 11AM Central and will be hosted by the Younger Auction Company.

As with most auctions nowadays, if you are unable to attend in person, you are still able to place bids either by phone or online. In fact, the Younger’s have already set a nifty online bid portal found HERE if you’d like to enter your maximum bids ahead of time.

Of course, don’t forget to read all of the fine print. There is an additional 18% buyer’s premium on top of the winning bid, plus shipping, etc. Best of luck to the seller and to all who participate!

Hot Toys’ 1:6 Scale 1966 Batmobile Confirmed

Attendees at the recent San Diego Comic Con were stunned to discover the new Hot Toys 1:6 scale Batmobile on display. This 3/4 view shows off its awesome SIZE and accuracy of detail.
(Photo: Centrocol) Click to enlarge.

Hot Toys, DC Comics and Sideshow Collectibles have all confirmed the creation and impending release of a 1:6 scale Batmobile based on George Barris’ classic custom car from the 1966 Batman TV series starring Adam West. Collectors of 1:6 scale action figures and crazed “Bat-fans” worldwide were STUNNED by the news and are scrambling to save up for what will undoubtedly be an expensive “adult collectible” toy. According to a (clumsily written) official statement…

“We are now proud to present the license of the hugely popular classic Batman 1966 Live-action TV Series! First bringing to fans is this finely crafted 1/6th scale Batmobile collectible from the Series which is proudly unveiled at San Diego Comic Con today! Fans, please visit the booth of Sideshow Collectibles (booth number: 1929) to have a close look at our one-of-its-kind Batmobile! More collectibles from this Series are coming soon! Stay tuned!”

Side view of new 1:6 scale Batmobile. (Photo: Hot Toys)

This 3/4 view appears to indicate working headlights, although that fact has yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer. (Photo: Hot Toys)

Jaws continue to drop around the world as fans get their first looks at this amazing toy. We think a fan who calls himself “nevergrewup” over on the Captain Action forum put it best when he said…

“Of course you realize this is your biggest fantasy and your worst nightmare all at the same time. Kinda like you come home from work and find all of the models from the SI Swimsuit edition in your house and you’re all alone with them.

Now, you’re a good boy. You’re not going to do anything to betray your wedding vows. You’re just going to sit there, blush and giggle alot…mostly blush. Then! Then! You hear a key in the door. Oh, snap! Your wife is home early. There is no way you could ever explain it to her.

Of course I have to have one of these, but if one mysteriously shows up at my house, it’s far too big to hide, and I could never explain it. Who knew that being a grown-up could be so complicated?”

An official MSRP has not yet been released, but based on similar past releases, estimates range between $400 and $800. More intel as it becomes available. Until then, enjoy these additional preview pics taken by our alert field reporter,”Centocol” recently at the San Diego Con…

Interior closup reveals outstanding details including the famous “Bat-phone”
and the “Emergency Bat-Turn Lever.” (Photo: Centrocol) Click to enlarge.

Side view shows superb craftsmanship and detail. (Photo: Centrocol)

Imagine if you hooked up REAL FLAME to come out the exhaust port. WOW. (Photo: AFI)