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Hello, Goodwill!———Customizer Using “Recycled Items” Found in Area Thrift Stores to Create All-New 1:6 Scale Equipment, Vehicles and Dioramas

Getting in the Swing of Things— Creating cool 1:6 scale table-top diorama displays like this one just require a little time, talent and imagination—plus a trip to your local Goodwill for inspiration! (Custom and photo by Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.

Getting in the Swing of 1:6 Scale Customizing FUN— Creating visually exciting (and humorous) 1:6 scale table-top dioramas, like this one by Todd Zingales, just requires a little time, talent and imagination—plus a trip to a local Goodwill or other thrift store for cheap “inspiration!” (Photo by Todd Zingales)

Customizer of 1:6 Scale and founder of the

Todd Zingales, 1:6 customizer of “recycled items” and founder of the “Underground Legion” on Facebook (Photo: Todd Zingales)

Underground Legion Creator “Having Fun and Using Imagination” Working in 1:6 Scale

What is it about GIjOE fans and collectors that makes them so talented and creative? Is it that they all grew up imagining and then reenacting exciting exploits and adventures in their living rooms, bathtubs, backyards and “outer space?” Did GIjOE’s original, wide-open “universe of possibilities” enable those fans to adeptly move in any creative direction they wished, ultimately producing versatile, open minds that are now able to produce their own custom action figures, equipment, vehicles and dioramas? The answers to all those questions is—of course—YES (duh).

“Joeheads” are indeed a talented bunch.
In fact, some of the most creative work being produced by anyone—in ANY hobby—is taking place on a daily basis in the workshops and “Joe Rooms” of fans around the world. Armed with well-honed imaginations, these amazing men (and women) rise above financial and/or physical limitations to utilize their unbelievable modeling and/or other artistic skills to show the rest of us how a child’s toy line can continue to be a worthwhile, entertaining and creatively satisfying pursuit for millions of individuals—many of whom are now well into their “mature” adult years. <snicker>

Readers of The Joe Report are already familiar with the names and faces of many 1:6 customizers. We regularly feature their myriad accomplishments within our pages, and proudly showcase their work in an ongoing effort to inspire and expand this segment of our beloved 1:6 scale hobby. Today we’ll discuss another talented customizer, Todd Zingales (shown above) of New Hampshire.

Holy, Hovercrafts! Todd built his own flying machine out of parts found around the house and from local thrift stores. AMAZING! (Photo: Todd Zingales)

Holy, Hovercrafts! Todd built his own NASA-AT flying machine out of spare parts and pieces found around his house and at local thrift stores. VRROOM! (Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.

Todd’s use of broken, cast-off, or otherwise unwanted items will remind many 1:6ers of a fellow customizing compatriot, Gary Stair, of Pennsylvania. As you may recall, Stair also prefers to work with older, broken, “cast-off” items; repairing and then combining them with “found” (i.e. free) objects or things he may have purchased for pennies on the dollar at local thrift stores. (See five previous articles on Stair’s works HERE).

Zingales’ and Stairs’ low-dollar approach to customizing should provide some comforting reassurance to other aspiring kitbashers out there who feel they can’t “afford” to customize their ideas. If you follow the example of these two talented penny-pinchers—you can make anything!


We asked Zingales if he’d share his personal insights and inspirations for the 1:6 work he’s creating, and in the following commentary (exclusively to readers of The Joe Report), he replied:

Todd Zingales, 1:6 collector and customizer (Photo: Todd Zingales)

Todd Zingales, 1:6 collector and customizer (Photo: Todd Zingales)


“I started a small company to make custom 1:6 scale custom items using recycled items that most people would just toss in the trash. When you look at the world with a 1:6 scale eye, it’s amazing what you can find that you can reuse. The base section of my first hovercraft is from an old slide projector part that was found at our local recycling center. The other pieces are a combination of hand-carved plastic items. The round, top section is from the top of a plastic tank I purchased at Goodwill. Most of the time when starting a project, I’m not really sure what the final design will be. Having fun and just using my imagination is how many items have ultimately been made.”

Need a mobile Adventure Team helipad? Make one yourself like Todd Zingales. WOW! (Photo: Todd Zingales)

Prepare to Land Hovercraft!— Do you need a mobile Adventure Team helipad? Make one out of broken and/or spare parts like Todd Zingales. WOW! (Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.

“I decided to make a second hovercraft with twin motors and make it a sit-down version instead. Each creation is custom painted using two types of paint to give it ‘texture’ and help hide the many colored plastic items that have been used.”

Prepare for Liftoff!— Each of Todd's creations are unique and reveal a keen eye for possibility. (Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.

Prepare for Liftoff!— Each of Todd’s 1:6 scale creations are unique and reveal he clearly possesses a keen eye for “recycling possibilities.” (Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.

“I also make many different items using broken GIjOE vehicles that I have found. Many of those items cannot be repaired due to the heavy damage to the item. Each project can take from 2 hours to 3 days. It all depends on the size of the craft.”


Diggin’ all the Details— It’s amazing what you can do by amping up the detail level. In this case, the realism has been increased by (at least) 10-fold! (Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.

“Many people ask me why I sell my custom items. The answer is, to me, it has always been about the next build, not keeping everything I create. I also love that an item that is handcrafted is now part of someone else’s personal collection!”


Planetary Rescue Vehicle— If you’re trapped on Mars and need medical EVAC, who ya’ gunna call? That’s for the new owner of Todd’s extensively customized MSV to decide. One thing we know for sure: its intricate and weathered paint job makes it appear as if its seen a LOT of life-saving action! The longer you look, the more you SEE. (Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.

“I have met some super people from Chicago to Denver and am part of many cool Facebook clubs as well. Creating custom 1:6 items is a wonderful hobby. You can see most of my custom creations on Facebook over at the Underground Legion.” —Todd Zingales


Moon Buggy Mania— Simple and effective. {Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.

Underwater Mayhem— Todd's

Alien Dune Machine— What an amazing paint job! (Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.


Apollo Moon Mission Truck— Look at all the odds-n-ends Todd combined to create this unique vehicle. We especially like the green bubble window and that big exhaust stack running along the outside front-left. How cool would this look on a pebbly “lunar” surface? (Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.


What’s INSIDE Todd’s Customs? Don’t forget to detail out the interiors of your custom vehicles. We’re not quite sure what Todd’s going for here (some kinda ramp, or something), but it looks freakin’ sweet. Let’s go dig up a UFO and capture that Moon-Man! (Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.


Adding detail items like these clear crates (found in most office supply stores) enables your GIjOE astronauts to transport the special “moon gear” they’ll need on their next lunar adventure. How else can they do those icky alien autopsies? (Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.


Adventure Team Jet, Anyone? Remember the MX-25 Attack Jet made for Max Steel by Mattel? Well, Todd converted his into an Adventure Team aircraft. WHOOSH! (Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.


Umm…Can he get in here?— GIjOE scuba dude may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Small sharks can easily swim inside his new 1:6 custom shark cage! (Photo: Todd Zingales) Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: Take a good look at the everyday objects around you. Make mental notes of their sizes, shapes and potential usage. Don’t keep your creativity locked up in a “brain cage.” Let your imagination flow free and it’ll take you to wonderful places where you can create with your mind—AND your hands. Once you’ve produced something you’d like to show off, please contact us here at The Joe Report. We’d love to share it with the rest of the 1:6 world! Our sincerest thanks to Todd Zingales for his generous assistance with all the text and photos in this article. You can visit Todd over at his Underground Legion on Facebook HERE

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Interesting 1:6 “Find” at Target———Our Generation “Morgan Foal” Doubles As 1:6 Equine For G.I. Joe

Not Bad! GIjOE walks up to examine the latest animal addition to his owner's collection. It's a

What do we have HERE? GIjOE walks up to examine the latest animal addition to his owner’s collection. It’s a “Morgan Foal” from Maison Joseph Battat Ltd. (Photo: Mark Otnes) Click to enlarge.

Hungry Horsey? The feed box that comes with this set is perfect for use in GIjOE's stable or barn. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Hungry Horsey? The feed box that comes with this set is perfect for use in GIjOE’s stable or barn. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Unexpected 1:6 Scale “Find” Made at Target

In an era when Hasbro is no longer making anything for collectors of 12-inch G.I. Joes, fans now find themselves seeking to satisfy their 1:6 scale “fixes” elsewhere, often discovering things that they can use with their collections in the unlikeliest of places. Today’s intriguing “find” was found recently in a store that the staff of The Joe Report rarely frequents anymore—Target.

It’s true. Ever since Target stopped carrying GIjOEs and Formative’s “Soldiers of the World” figures and accessory sets, we’ve had little to no reason to darken their aisles again. And that’s a shame. We used to thrill to “the chase” and “the hunt” for 1:6 scale within their stores. Many a memory was made as we anxiously drove from location to location, searching for the latest 1:6 product releases. But alas, those exciting days of “Joe Hunting” at local Targets are now over.

So… it was completely by coincidence that we wandered into Target late last night. We were looking for a small area rug to fit in our guest bedroom. Nothing more, nothing less. It was going to be a quick “in and out” shopping mission. But, old habits are clearly hard to break, and I soon found myself perusing Target’s toy aisles for the first time in many years, blithely inspecting the chain’s new “gender neutral” decor (yes, it’s all trimmed in “bland tan” now (see that story HERE).

Easy Girl, I'm G.I. Joe— Joe soothes the nerves of his new 1:6 equine friend as he gets a closer look at the new

Joe moves in for a closer look and notices that his new equine friend’s mane is made of real hair (wrapped tight in cello) and not painted-on like Johnny West’s, “Thunderbolt.” (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Vintage Horse Flesh from MARX— An original Thunderbolt and a custom painted version. (Photo: etsy)

Vintage MARX Horses— An original Thunderbolt (l) and a custom painted version (r). (Photo: etsy)

As expected, I was disinterested in the toys I found and was just about to return to the home furnishings department when I spied ONE lone horse standing in the (formerly pink) doll aisle that appeared to be in 1:6 scale. I went back; picked it up and it immediately reminded me of Johnny West’s faithful steed, “Thunderbolt.” A quick study of the newer horse revealed that it was not as well-sculpted as ol’ Thunderbolt, nor was it articulated like the high-end (i.e. expensive) horses produced by Dragon. I did notice that he/she had real hair and numerous accessories, so I decided to study it more carefully.

Open 'er Up— The packaging doubles as a diorama, enabling you to make a stall or simulate a corral. More than enough for a child's imagination to take wing. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Instant Diorama— The horse’s packaging doubles as a diorama, enabling you to make either a single stall or to simulate a larger corral. More than enough for a child’s imagination! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Target’s new “Morgan Foal” is clearly a younger horse, yet its size/age is more akin to an adult mare when viewed in 1:6 scale. It’s muscularity and facial features are softened and its legs appear a tad longer than that of a more mature equine. These physical differences will matter more to some collectors than to others and depends largely on how one intends to use and/or display the horse.

Once free of its cardboard corral, Joe soothes his new friend and approaches carefully to gain its trust. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Freed from its cardboard corral, the Morgan Foal waits as Joe calmly approaches. Note its detailed bridle and lead, as well as real-hair mane and tail. (Photo: Mark Otnes) Click to enlarge.

For example, if you were to add some custom horse armor, army blankets, fancy bridles or saddlery that cover up the horse’s head, etc., then its youngish appearance would diminish and matter little. Personally, I was about to leave the critter on the store’s shelf and walk away, but then I saw its price—only $17! WHOA, Nelly! At such a low price point, this honey is well worth picking up.


Easy girl, easy nowProportionally speaking, the man-to-horse size ratio looks pretty good here, but the longer you study it, the more you realize this horse is a foal, not a mare. But no matter, if you added some more details (a blanket, saddle, etc., the differences would become much harder to spot. In other words, the trained eye of a good customizer could easily “age” this horse. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

The water bottle is a tad big, but not by much. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

The water bottle looks a tad big for Joe, but not by much. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

A simple review of this product shows that it comes in a box that opens up and makes an instant, albeit small, corral for the horse to stand in. That’s fine if you’re a little kid, but adults will likely discard all of the cardboard pieces. As for the other accessories, you’ll also receive an accessories bag, 2 booklets, a slightly oversized brush and water bottle, and a (perfectly sized) little red “feed box” you can fill with oats or hay.

Apples appear to be the main design theme here, which makes sense since this toy is targeted to children, primarily little girls. Value-wise, the set and all of its accessories are a great deal. Quality-wise, it’s also impressive. Everything fits together nicely and looks to be well-made. While it wasn’t designed for us 1:6ers, with a little imagination, it can surely be used and absorbed into our collections.

Here are the accessories that come with the Morgan Foal. Some good, some not. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Accessories Abound Here are some of the accessories that come with Target’s Morgan Foal. 1:6 customizers will look at that horse coat and realize it provides a perfect pattern. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Scoop it Up— The food scoop that comes with this set is also a tad large, but in a barn setting where you feed large animals, it may actually be appropriate. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Scoop it Up— The scoop that comes with this set is also a tad large, but in a barn setting where Joe is feeding large animals, it may actually be appropriate. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Target’s Morgan Foal is clad in a warming blanket with velcro closures and a red plastic harness with lead. Customizers can go either way with these items. Some may not care about the “applely” appearance and will opt to keep them as they are; while others may want to “reverse engineer” them as sewing patterns so as to create their own replacements.

The hairbrush, water bottle and food scoop are all a tad oversized, but when placed in their usual large settings (barns, corrals, etc.) they should look just fine. If you’re a stickler for 100% accuracy, then buy a Dragon horse or some stock in Hot Toys or Sideshow. Otherwise, these are great for most 1:6 dioramas. Take a look:

Right side view

Right side view— We like the look of GIjOE on this horse. Even though he doesn’t have a saddle, we can imagine how cool he’d look once it was fully geared up for action. (Photo: Mark Otnes)


Ride ’em, Doughboy— Joe looks great on the Morgan. With some minor detailing, they should get along “down the trail” just fine. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Don't be a Horse's A**— Ridin' a horse sure beats walking! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Don’t be a Horse’s A**— Ridin’ horses sure beats walking! How about adding a “U.S.” brand on his hind-quarters for more realism? (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Bottom Line: C’mon, for $17, you can’t beat this horse with a stick! It’s simply a great value all around. If you’re a customizing perfectionist, feel free to repaint and/or even resculpt some of its features first. The price point is SO reasonable, you’ll find little financial reason to deter you.

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SHOCKER! Original Creator of “G.I. Joe” Action Figure, Stan Weston, Files Suit Against Hasbro in Bid to Recapture Copyrights to that Brand

It Was His Idea— Stan Weston (82) holds up a copy of Hasbro's original 1964 GIjOE Action Soldier, a product line produced from Weston's original concept which he created and sold to the company in 1963. When the copyrights to GIjOE expire in 2020, Weston (now 82), hopes to reclaim control over his creation in a court of law. (Photo:

It Was His Idea, Your Honor— Renowned toy creator, Stan Weston holds up an original 1964 GIjOE Action Soldier, just one piece of a hugely successful product line based on an original concept which Weston pitched and sold to Hasbro back in 1963. When copyrights to GIjOE expire in 2020, Weston (now 82), hopes to reclaim control over his creation—in court of law. (Photo: Nancy Dillon/NYDN)


“I would welcome getting back the rights to G.I. Joe for the future; and then, plotting logical things to do with it. That’s all I’m looking to do.” —Stan Weston, 2015

The Right Thing to Do—Or a Blatant Money Grab?

Readers of The Joe Report will undoubtedly recall our 2013 story on Stan Weston (read that HERE) and how his regrettable 1963 decision to accept a one-time payment of $100,000 in exchange for his “G.I. Joe” product concept ending up costing him untold MILLIONS of dollars in future royalty payments and profits. Despite Weston’s financial losses, the “bottom line” of our story concluded with a consoling quote from Stan’s own brother, Jay Weston, who philosophically opined:


“Stan once told me a story, about how he was introduced at a convention as ‘The Father of G.I. Joe,’ and a young boy came up to him and said, ‘Thank you. Joe made me a better student and a better boy.’ That’s probably worth more in the realm of heaven than any royalty.” —Jay Weston, 2013

Stan the

Stan Weston is the creator of many legendary toys, including GIjOE and Captain Action. In this undated photo, he poses in his office surrounded by his superb creations. (Photo: C.J. Zumwalt/NYDN)

While we agree that the effects GIjOE had on that young boy are indeed worth more than any financial reward, it appears that ol’ Stan has had some second thoughts about all of his (lost) GIjOE-related royalties. According to an article published last Wednesday in the Hollywood Reporter (see HERE), Weston’s attorney has just filed a “notice of termination” to Hasbro that, in effect, is:


“…seeking to exploit a mid-1970s change in copyright law that allows authors or their heirs to grab back rights after 35 years from assignees. These termination rights have come up often in the music industry; here, it would terminate copyrights associated with a toy and derivative works.”

Fan reaction to Weston’s surprising legal challenge to Hasbro has been mixed. We consulted with our usual panel of 1:6 experts and their responses have been both encouraging and disparaging:


Al Hartman, Captain Action fan & collector (Photo: Al Hartman)

Al Hartman, collector of 1:6 scale (Photo: Al Hartman)

“You want to know what I think? Hasbro made so much money off the G.I. Joe line… They should throw Stan a bonus just out of kindness. Just like a company gives a retiree a gold watch at retirement. The heck with whether there’s a contract that can be enforced, without need to enrich lawyers on both sides with a lawsuit. Make a big deal about it. Give him a lifetime achievement award, hold a press conference, give him the check and a specially made G.I. Joe Statue. Just to be kind, and for the good P.R.”
Al Hartman

Others were less amenable to Weston’s lawsuit. For example:


“I think it stinks that he (Weston) wants to drag this through the mud. Whatever he came up with working for Hasbro belongs to Hasbro.” —Brian (last name withheld)

As always, we sought out the opinion of our favorite toy industry analyst, Rudy Panucci, who provided some helpful insight and commonsensical commentary on this matter, predicting:


Toy Expert and Pop-Culture Blogger, Rudy Panucci (Photo: Rudy Panucci)

Renowned toy industry expert and pop-culture blogger, Rudy Panucci (Photo: Rudy Panucci)

“He will get a huge settlement. He doesn’t actually want GI Joe back. He wants back royalties that he feels Hasbro stiffed him on. From a pure legal standpoint, he has no chance of recapturing the copyrights, since all of the profitable elements were devised by Hasbro. He has a long shot at claiming the original idea under the novel premise that it was his idea to create a posable, male action figure, and that Hasbro did all the development as work-made-for-hire under his direction. But I would imagine that it would take years in court, with each side winning a few victories before it could get to the point of Hasbro possibly turning over the property. Way more likely would be Hasbro settling and paying him off–probably an eight figure sum and guaranteed royalties in the future. They’ll want this matter over and settled before it affects the publicity for the next movie. Perfect timing on Weston’s part. The only witness to dispute what he says was Don Levine, and he just died. Reportedly neither side has a contract.” —Rudy Panucci

Bottom Line: However Stan’s legal ploy pans out, it seems to us here at The Joe Report that if his lawyer can prove there is legal precedence, the likelihood of Hasbro offering Weston a financial settlement is quite high. However, the actions of Hasbro’s leadership regarding G.I. Joe have long (and regularly) baffled the brand’s loyal fans and industry experts alike. Hasbro may decide to fight Stan tooth and nail. This lawsuit bears close attention by all of GIjOE fandom. So…Stay tuned!

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Possible Record Setting 1:6 Scale Action Figure Collection Captured in New High-Def Club Video

In this screenshot taken from the video, retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant, Jamie Jennings, of Zion, IL, waves to the camera from the cram-packed full

Surrounded by G.I. Joe—In this screenshot taken from the video, retired U.S. Army Sergeant FC, Jamie Jennings, of Zion, IL, waves to the camera from the cram-packed-full “Joe Room” in his home.

The World’s LARGEST 1:6 Figure Collection?

At a GIjOE Collector’s Club meeting held this past June, members of the Central Illinois local division were treated to a firsthand closeup look at what may well be the largest, privately owned, 1:6 scale action figure collection—in the world. The collection in question belongs to retired U.S. Army Sgt. FC, Jamie Jennings, of Zion, IL, and is comprised of hundreds of action figures (sorry, no official count has been made) and is shoe-horned into a series of bedrooms spread throughout his home. In order to show the entire collection to his visitors, Jennings had to create a pathway into the main room so they could stand amidst the impressive display.

Fortunately for fans around the world, Jennings’ massive and impressive 1:6 collection has been captured for posterity in an all-new, high-def video; filmed and edited by Mark Otnes from Patches of Pride (PoP) and then given a home over on the PoP Video Channel found HERE. At almost 20 minutes in length, the video is a carefully paced, loving tribute to one man’s obvious and undying passion for the hobbies of collecting and customizing at 1:6 scale. (Editor’s Note: In a series of intriguing “Fun Facts,” the video also reveals that after 28 years in the Army, Jennings became a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician and hopes to open his own salon in 2016).

Bottom Line: Videos like this provide unique insights into the private minds, homes and personal collections of GIjOE fans around the world. Jennings is a super-great guy, and he kindly shared the wonders of his collection with us so that others might become inspired and excited about the world’s greatest hobby—1:6 scale collecting! Our sincerest thanks go out to Jamie and May Jennings for their generous contributions to the hobby, the video, and this article. Go, JOE!

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Please Remember Those Who Died Today, 9/11/2001

Bottom Line:
We will never forget 9/11. Please take this moment to remember all of the innocent civilians, first responders and military personnel who lost their lives that day. May they rest in peace.

Shout it Out Loud! 2 More “Lost Talker” Repro G.I. Joes Are Now Available For Pre-Order From the (Ft. Worth, TX) G.I. Joe Collector’s Club

The new 2015 "Talking G.I. Joe Action Pilot," available only from the GIjOE Collector's Club. (Photo: GIJCC) Click to enlarge.

Oh, Major Nelson!—This all-new (2015) “Talking G.I. Joe Action Pilot” is now available for pre-order only from the GIjOE Collector’s Club. WHOOSH! (Photo: GIJCC)

Final 2 Figures Will Complete the Club’s Popular “Lost Talker” Series

Say what you will about finding an original, vintage GIjOE “talker” figure on eBay, these brand-new reproductions are freakin’ SWEET. Compared to their “marble-mouthed” predecessors, these new versions speak with crystal clear authority and will leave no doubt in your troop’s minds as to what orders are being given. Produced and sold exclusively by the GIjOE Collector’s Club, these two new figures will complete the series of “Lost Talkers” that fans have already proudly added to their collections. First up, the new Talking Action Pilot, which is described by the GIJCC’s website as:


This ‘TALKING’ 12-inch figure features two voice phrases that were recorded back in the 1960s but were not included on the original figure released in 1967. With a meticulously reproduced long box and uniform, you will hear the original ‘voice of G.I. Joe’ as never before with crystal-clear clarity. The figure features the original 8 recordings you recall from your childhood and 2 that were never heard until now. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of action figure history with our new ‘Lost Talker Action Sailor.’ Includes: figure, dogtag, batteries, cap, pants, shirt, boots, insignia, mini-comic, boot removal instructions, and instruction sheet. Available only from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club!”

The all-new "Talking G.I. Joe Action Sailor" from the GIJCC is sure to be hit with all fans and collectors of GIjOE. (Photo: GIJCC)

Anchors Aweigh!— The all-new “Talking G.I. Joe Action Sailor” from the GIJCC is sure to be hit with all fans and collectors of 12″. Pre-orders are now being accepted. (Photo: GIJCC)

Second up on deck, is the club’s new Talking Action Sailor. This guy looks just as sharp as his Air Force counterpart and will surely make a wonderful addition to your repro-talker figure lineup. The club describes this new stalwart defender of freedom in a similar manner, saying:


“This ‘TALKING’ 12” figure features two voice phrases that were recorded back in the 1960s but not included on the original figure released in 1967. With a meticulously reproduced long box and uniform, you will hear the original ‘voice of G.I. Joe’ as never before with crystal clear clarity. The figure features the original 8 recordings you recall from your childhood and 2 that were never heard until now. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of action figure history with the ‘Lost Talker Action Sailor.’ Includes: figure, dogtag, batteries, cap, pants, shirt, boots, insignia, mini-comic, boot removal instructions, and instruction sheet. Available only from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club!”

Bottom Line: These two new repro figures “sound” and look GREAT to us. We own the others in this highly collectible line-up, and can’t wait for the moment when we can afford to pick these up as well (they’re $67 each, OUCH!). If you’d like to place your pre-order now, jump to THIS PAGE.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the club’s cool new sales video below. Go, JOE!

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HALT! Who Goes There?———G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Announces Limited-Edition “Boutique Item”———Air Security Figure With Uniform and Accessories

This all-new GIJCC

This excellent, all-new “boutique” USAF Air Security figure is now available and for sale to GIJCC members only. Hurry! Quantities are described as “VERY limited.” (Photo: GIJCC)

Sorry, Scalpers. Figures Are Limited to 1 Per Membership!

Take a look at this surprise figure recently announced by the GIjOE Collector’s Club. It’s a 2015 12” Air Security Figure complete with Uniform and Accessories. Out-STANDING! According to the club’s official product description:


“In the grand tradition of the GIjOE Backyard Patrol accessory sets from the 1970s, this vintage-styled reproduction 12” figure is a VERY short run ’boutique’ item put together by a GIJCC designer and features hard hands, standard ’60s head sculpt, air force dress jacket and pants, tall black boots, 45 pistol with white holster and belt with shoulder strap, an ALL-NEW white ascot, and ALL-NEW blue Air Security helmet. This is a great entry-level figure for new collectors and older kids alike. Even long-time collectors will get a kick out of the old/new feel of this piece. Quantities are VERY limited.”

According to GIjOE fan and collector, Greg Eaton, the GIJCC's new USAF Air Security Joe

Just as expected— According to GIjOE fan and collector, Greg Eaton, the GIJCC’s new USAF Air Security Joe “met expectations.” (Photo: Greg Eaton)

Bottom Line: These sharp “boutique” USAF Air Security figures look FANTASTIC. Yes, you could probably put it all together yourself via kit-bashing, but buying one would be an enjoyable way to support your beloved GIjOE club. So…Get yours HERE or forever hold your peace! Go, JOE! 

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Death of a Real-Life American Hero———Fox Lake Police Lt. Charles “G.I. Joe” Gliniewicz, Killed While Pursuing Three Suspects in Illinois

Slain police officer,

Slain police officer, Charles “G.I. Joe” Gliniewicz of Illinois. (Photo: Fox Lake PD)

In an all too common story (nowadays), we’ve just received news that another member of America’s “thin blue line” separating civilized society from anarchy and chaos—has been killed. In this particular case, the slain police officer in question, Lt. Charles Gliniewicz of Fox Lake, IL, also had a unique nickname that may be of interest. That’s right. It was “G.I. Joe.” We’re not sure how or when Officer Gliniewicz was tagged with that specific appellation, but it will certainly strike another chord with readers of The Joe Report. As of the writing of this article, Gliniewicz’s killer (or killers) remain at large and a massive manhunt is currently underway. According to the latest intel from NBC News:


“A growing manhunt continued on land and in the air Tuesday for three suspects believed to have gunned down a police officer in northern Illinois during a foot chase. The slain officer in Fox Lake, a village on the Wisconsin border, was identified as 30-year-veteran Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, a married father of four boys. Colleagues nicknamed him “G.I. Joe,” the mayor said.”

The Manhunt is On— For the killer or killers of Lt.

Armored Up— The manhunt is on for the killer—or killers—of Lt. Gliniewicz. (Photo: nydailynews)

“Gliniewicz radioed to dispatch before 8 a.m. local time that he was chasing three male suspects engaged in suspicious activity, Lake County Sheriff’s spokesman Chris Covelli told reporters. The officer then lost contact with the dispatchers. When backup arrived, officers found the injured Gliniewicz lying in a marshy area and stripped of his weapon and pepper spray, Covelli said. He died at the scene, reported NBC Chicago.”

Lt. Joseph

Killed in the Line of Duty—Lt. Gliniewicz on duty in his Fox Lake PD squad car. (Photo: Fox Lake PD)

Gliniewicz was remembered Tuesday for his enthusiasm and dedication to law enforcement, including working with children as part of a local Police Explorers unit. ‘He would always try to help everybody,’ youth member Thomas Ashbacher told NBC Chicago. ‘He would give his shirt off his back if he could.’ Ashbacher said Gliniewicz went by G.I. Joe because of his past military career, and was always patient when it came to showing kids the ropes of law enforcement training. ‘He could be tough,’ Ashbacher recalled, ‘but he could also be the most friendliest guy [to] you.”” 

Bottom Line: Our sincerest support and prayers go out to the family of Lt. Gliniewicz and to the other members of the Fox Lake PD and to all other police departments nationwide.

A supporter of Fox Lake Police Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz who was also known as

Honoring Gliniewicz— A supporter of Fox Lake Police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz holds up his handmade sign in memory of the slain police officer in Illinois. (Photo: REUTERS/Jim Young)