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Sonic’s New “Corndog Costume” TV Commercial Features Vintage ’60s G.I. Joe Silver Space Suit

We see it here, we see it THERE. Now GIjOE fans can see Joe Zeta's old spacesuit EVERYWHERE on TV as it features prominently in the latest commercial for Sonic Drive-In's corndogs. (Screenshot: Sonic)

Earth to Joe Zeta—We See Your Spacesuit! And now GIjOE fans all over the world can see Joe Zeta’s old spacesuit featured prominently in a new TV commercial for Sonic Drive-In. (Screenshot: Sonic)

This Just In: Sonic Drive-In’s latest TV commercial (for its corndogs) features a vintage 1960s GIjOE silver spacesuit sold to the commercial’s production company by none other than world-famous GIjOE fan, collector and historian, Joe Zeta. Upon seeing the new spot for the first time, a surprised Zeta revealed the following intel in a post over on the Sandbox Facebook page:


“Omg. Guys, I sold the Astro suit/gear to them. I had to overnight it. They told me to watch for a Sonic commercial. Pretty cool.” —Joe Zeta

Bottom Line: Pretty cool indeed, Joe! Your former spacesuit has now become part of both Sonic’s and GIjOE’s advertising histories. Click HERE to see Joe’s space suit and it’s 15-seconds of fame.

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The First Annual “Ultimate 1:6 Figure Contest” Hosted By OneSixthSlaves Currently Underway

Custom 82nd Airborne Division Paratrooper by Miguel Tavares (Photo: Miguel Tavares)

HOOah! Do you like realism at 1:6 scale? This superb custom 82nd Airborne Division Paratrooper was created by Miguel Tavarez and it’s absolutely TOP-NOTCH all the way. (Photo: Miguel Tavarez)

Breaking: The online 1:6 collectors and customizing forum, OneSixthSlaves (aka the “O.S.S.”) is sponsoring its first-ever “Ultimate 1:6 Figure Contest” and promises to award “prizes that will blow you away” to its competition’s lucky winners. According to an official news release from the group:


“The O.S.S. and The Bloodbath affiliate are proud to present the first ‘Annual Ultimate 1:6 Figure Contest.’ The contest will contain three categories, including Ancient & Historical, WWII, and ‘Nam & Modern. You can pm (personal message) entries to me or our staff. All entries must be submitted by December 25th 2015. Entries will be judged by a panel of Bloodbath veterans and a few poop-throwing monkeys.”

So real—you FEEL! The piercing blue eyes, real hair and finely painted skin tones of this SS Panzer tank commander are extremely realistic. His almost gaunt physical condition make us think he represents the last of the German tankers, perhaps struggling on the Eastern Front to survive the mighty Russian counter-attack. Excellent work, Miguel! (Photo: Miguel Tavares)

So realyou can “FEEL.” The piercing blue eyes, real hair and finely hand-painted skin texture of this SS Panzer tank commander are strikingly realistic. His almost gaunt physical condition make us think he represents the last of the SS Panzer tankers, perhaps struggling (and starving) out on the Eastern Front, hoping to survive the Russian Army’s relentless counter-attack. Excellent work! (Photo: Miguel Tavarez)


“Contest rules are as follows: Single figures/groups or dioramas are allowed. Vehicles are allowed but are not the main focus. No outdoor shoots. Neutral background like grey, brown or black. No nudity. No sadism and or extreme gore. No Nazi death camps and or anything to do with pajamas and gas. To enter you must join the O.S.S.”

These hyper-detailed British Royal Army soldiers appear to discussing the best route to take, perhaps to deliver a very message to HQ regarding

Which Way, Mate? Miguel’s British Royal Army soldiers appear to be discussing the best route to take, perhaps to “A Bridge Too Far.” Out-STANDING details! (Photo: Miguel Tavarez)

Miguel Tavarez (aka the “Starving Artist”) (Photo: Miguel Tavarez)

 Bottom Line: This contest sounds like a BLAST! If you’re a collector, fan, customizer or modeller who enjoys creating the “ultimate” in 1:6 scale, then this competition sounds like “a must” for you to enter. For the latest contest intel, its prizes and how you can take part in all the fun, we recommend you join the O.S.S. forum HERE. For some top-notch customizing inspiration, we recommend you view the work of master customizer and modeller Miguel Tavarez over on his Facebook page found HERE.

Finally, after the contest is over, please let us know if you were declared a winner. We’d love to feature photos from the “Ultimate 1:6 Scale Figure Contest” and its award-winning custom figures and dioramas on The Joe Report. Best of luck to one and all!

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Brit Footballer w/ German Ancestry Discovers Likeness Used by D.i.D. For 1:6 New Action Figure


Hey, that’s ME, Mein Herr! As this side-by-side closeup reveals, the likeness of handsome UK soccer player, Bastian Schweinsteiger, was CLEARLY used by Dragon in Dream (DiD) for the headsculpt of their new “World War II Army Supply Duty – Bastian” action figure. Not too smart to put his name in the title, DiD. You might as well prepare for the inevitable lawsuit that is sure to follow. (Photo: Getty images)

Bottom Line: Sometimes being famous and having a handsome German “Nordic” face can result in unexpected consequences—such as having your likeness usurped for a 1:6 scale nazi action figure! Read all about this clear case of facial piracy on the BBC News website HERE. Gott im Himmel!

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Date, Time & Place for JoeCon 2016 Announced

joecon2016logoHeads up, Joeheads! The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club has just announced the time, date and location for GIjOECon 2016. And the winner is… June 16-19 in LOVELAND, COLORADO! Wha…? If you’ve never heard of Loveland, CO, either, well, you’re not alone. It may be time to do some Google Earth searches. And be sure to bookmark the club’s official convention page, found HERE.

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