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Vintage GIjOE Auction—2 New Videos

Okay Joeheads… When you’ve got a spare moment, close your door, grab a cold one, put your feet up, and prepare to be humbled. There are now 2 new videos out from Vectis Auctions detailing all the amazing vintage GIjOE product that will soon be auctioned off in their upcoming auction. As we mentioned in an earlier post, this important sale takes place in the UK on March 29th, but you can bid from anywhere online. Here again is the link to the Vectis website. And here are the links to their two new videos. VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2. There’s no better way to get “psyched and ready” for this event than by watching these!

Chicago GIjOE Collector’s Club Rises Again

Club President Ron Biallas in 2008.

FLASH! Finally, some good news for GIjOE fans in the “Windy City!” After a lengthy period of inactivity, CGCC club member Kevin Bolger has just revealed that their club is in fact, NOT “kaput” as many had thought, and that it is planning to host another GIjOE/Action Figure Toy show this September. Here’s what Kevin had to say recently over on the Trenches Forum:

Kevin Bolger checks the attendance list during the 2010 Show.

“To paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumors of the demise of the Chicago GIjOE Club are greatly exaggerated. Unfortunately, life has interfered with the hobby for many of us, but we still get together a couple of times a year. Please don’t base our “demise” on fewer Trenches posts or not always hosting an annual show.

Dealer John Gilane (at the 2010 show) laughs as CIGCC member Robert Mitchell tries to bargain him down on some german bolt action rifles. As Robert put it later, “Hey, you can never have too many!”

We’re entering our 13th (?) year as a club and we’ve seen folks come into the hobby and go out of the hobby, but the “lifers” like me are still here. In fact, for those of you in the Chicago area (or who don’t mind making a little trip), please join us on Saturday March 10th from 10am – noon at the Schaumburg Township District Library (Schaumburg & Roselle Roads). We’ll be meeting on the 2nd floor in the Rasmussen North Room.

Fully RC vehicles were seen at previous shows.

And YES! We are planning on hosting a show this September, usual location in Algonquin, Illinois at the high school. Date and details will soon follow after our March meeting. Regards, Chicago Joe (aka Kevin Bolger)”

Bottom Line: It’s hard to keep a good club down. You guys have always done a tremendous job supporting our hobby. If you’re interested in what the Chicago club’s previous shows looked like, here’s coverage of 2008.
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BEST 1:6 Scale Adventure Team Animation EVER!

A screen shot of the opening sequence from Dana Rausch’s wonderful AT video. (Picture Box Animation)

I first met Dana Rausch from Picture Box Animation at the 2009 GIjOE Convention in Kansas City. What a great guy! His amazing 3-D animation of the 1970s GIjOE Adventure Team absolutely ROCKED the Con that year, garnering him the 1st place prize in a landslide. Three years later, his fans are still eagerly awaiting whatever GIjOE-related sequel may be forthcoming from his talented mind. Take a moment to re-watch the original (shorter) version of his groundbreaking video HERE. When you’re done, please send Dana a complimentary email HERE.

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Astounding 1:6 Scale RC Dauntless Dive Bomber

Tom Pierce and his Dauntless before its first and ONLY flight. (Photo: Tom Pierce)

Tom Pierce and his Dauntless before its first and ONLY flight. (Photo: Tom Pierce)

For the 1/6th scale collector who thinks he has everything—well, you don’t! Not unless you possess the amazing skills and talents of Tom Pierce. His 1/6th scale Dauntless Dive Bomber (shown above) won many awards including a “Best of Show” that netted Pierce a solid gold trophy worth over $10,000. Unfortunately (and hold onto to something for this), this masterpiece crashed and was destroyed on its very FIRST flight. CAN YOU IMAGINE? ARRGH!!!!! Tom seems to have taken the loss remarkably well however, saying:


“I finished my SBD-5 Dauntless after 1,800 hours and 16 months of building. Unfortunately, I lost her on her maiden flight, so I can’t tell you a lot about how she flies. I’ll really miss this sweetheart.”

Words can barely describe how cool this is!

Imagine the limitless diorama possibilities with a plane llike this! (Photo: Tom Pierce)

Over at the OneSixthWarriors forum, “Manfred” offered additional insight regarding what’s involved in building, detailing and flying such intricate miniature aircraft:


“This world of RC aviation is a completely different universe and NOT for the weak of heart. Be warned, before you go out and drop a bombload of dough on your favorite 1/6th scale warbird, the learning curve is steep and you need to start out with a simple 3 or 4 channel trainer plane, preferably with the guidance of an experienced instructor.”

Astounding detail in the cockpit. (Photo: Tom Pierce)

Astounding detail in the cockpit. (Photo: Tom Pierce)

“It is impossible to buy and fly a warbird without months or even YEARS of practice on easier and more forgiving planes. These scale ships have flaps, retracts, throttles, directional control surfaces, bomb drops and some have full lighting and folding wing options.”

Gunner seat with twin-50s (Photo: Tom Pierce)

Gunner seat with twin-50s (Photo: Tom Pierce)

“Owning aircraft capable of lifting 12″ers into the sky is fun. Many Dragon and BBI figures have made it up into the air. I have even seen some guys modify the pilot’s head with a servo to make it swivel. But flying a 1/6th Corsair and making a simulated strafing pass over the runway and then banking to port is another dimension altogether. It is airwar recreation at its finest!”

That’s right. STEP IN… to a 1:6 scale world of adventure! (Photo: Tom Pierce)

Even the underside is fully detailed. (Photo: Tom Pierce) Click to enlarge.

Gunner checks out his station. (Photo: Tom Pierce) Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: Very well said! Take a GOOD look at the photos of Tom’s amazing masterpiece. If you’d like to learn more about its construction and final fate, we recommend you visit Pierce’s website about the plane HERE.

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Recreating Vintage War Photos as Dioramas

The original WW2 photo that inspired Peter's 1/6th scale recreation.

Here’s a creative and enjoyable offshoot of the 1/6th hobby that many fans haven’t yet tried or even considered possible. Others, such as “Peter the Painter” from the UK continue to prove that indeed, it is VERY possible! We’re talking about the recreation of exciting images captured in vintage photographs taken during WW2 or other periods–in miniature 1/6th scale.

Peter's stunning 1/6th scale recreation completely "fools the eye!"

Peter recently posted some prime examples of this artistic endeavour over on the OneSixthWarriors forum, clearly showing what IS indeed possible with just a little care and creativity. He chose an old, grainy photo from the Battle of the Bulge, showing 3 german troops running quickly across a dirt road. With great care, he painstakingly recreated the moment with exacting perfection. What a masterpiece!

In this final, colorized version, Peter brings the past to life!

Take a good look at the first “inspiration” photo (above left), then Peter’s amazing black and white recreation (above right), and finally his full-color version (left). Upon extremely close inspection, you might be able to detect that Peter has used a combination of miniature trees, grasses, some dirt and even a hand-painted backdrop. Put all together, the final result is completely convincing visually. It’s as if you were standing right there on the road at that moment. Superb work, Peter! Please keep up your inspiring work.

JOhio GIjOE Club Largest in the U.S.

The JOhio GIjOE Collector’s Club continues to grow, providing a haven for fans and collectors of the ever-popular 3.75-inch line of GIjOEs in the great state of Ohio. The JOhio group has regular meetings at local restaurants, member homes and other area attractions. According to the club’s website,

Our group’s existence can be traced back to our first meeting on March 2nd, 2002.  It has since become the largest local group of GIjOE Collectors in the nation. We are a group of local and near-local GIjOE collectors, based out of the State of Ohio, who support each other and help bring a deeper level of appreciation for our collective pastime. In doing so, we assemble locally and also function as an online community. Anyone residing in states adjacent to Ohio are welcome to participate as well. Our group is free to join, and has no fees or dues of any kind. We are also recognized by the Hasbro-sponsored GIjOE Collector’s Club as an official local division.”

The JOhio club website is full of great pictures from past and recent events, showing members and their families playing, trading and talking about the world’s greatest action figure. One recent event even included the launching of a weather balloon as a test for future flights and possible parachuting or videos. According to another member,

“We won’t be flying any Joes this time but if all goes well with this flight, we should be able to schedule a JoeDrop in the spring. I’m planning on putting my GoPro camera on the payload so we should have some flight video. If I can swing it, I’ll also try to put a GIjOE or a Transformer in the field of view of the camera.”

Wow! With balloons and cameras involved, Joe “parachuting action” is likely to follow soon. Sounds like a really cool idea. We wish members of the JOhio GIjOE Collector’s Club all the best with their future plans. GO JOE!

Coil Con, 9/8/12

“The Coil,” aka the Midwest GijOE Collectors’ Club, has announced they will be hosting their annual CoilCon this year on Saturday, September 8th, 2012 at Kokomo Toys, 1244 E. Morgan Street Kokomo, Indiana 46901, just 30-40 minutes north of Indianapolis off of US 31. According to the club’s official website description:
“CoilCon is the midwest’s largest GI Joe convention. Now in it’s third year, the Con continues to grow in attendance and number of special guests and vendors. The past few years have seen a great mix of hanging out with the community, CoilCon Exclusives, swap meets, great vendors, Joe Con and SDCC Exclusive give-aways, and so much more. The grill will be going for lunch with hot dogs provided. Feel free to bring your own meat, sides, chips, or whatever. Cold water and soda will be available for $1.00 each. You are welcome to bring a cooler of your own beverages if you prefer.
Door prizes will be available throughout the day. 2011’s prizes included SDCC Zaranna and Variant as well as the Crimson HISS. 2012’s prizes are not yet announced but looking to be just as special. Also, CoilCon has all-day raffles where you can bring items to be put in and get a ticket for each which will allow you to select items out of the community pile of loot throughout the day. One item per ticket. Come out and be apart of this year’s event. Admission is FREE! Don’t miss it!”
Bottom Line: The Coil is mainly a 3.75″ GIjOE collecting group, but they do have a few 12″ fans involved as well and there’s always room for more. Sounds like a good time!
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Rick Pelletier’s Amazing 1/6th Scale “Joe Room”

Rick’s amazing miniature Joe Room in 1/6th scale. (Photo: Joemanri) Click to enlarge.

“Joemanri” aka Rick Pelletier over at the Trenches forum has posted photos of an amazing 1/6th diorama he’s created of a miniature GIjOE Room. Complete with miniature shelves, carpets and tables, the diorama showcases numerous miniature Joes, Batman toys, superhero figures and even a little dog on the floor with a GIjOE in his mouth. Everything is to scale and perfect. According to Rick…

“Since it is not an entirely fixed dio, I expect it to be changing and I’ll be adding more as time goes on. Right now it’s in what I would call the “damn near done” state. I ordered LED lighting, and will install that with the ceiling and a few other goodies soon. As for the small Joes, the boxed ones are 2004 Takara, from Hong Kong, never released in the US. The others are 1/35th scale models I built years ago.”

What a stunning achievement. AMAZING work, Rick. It’s a miniature masterpiece. Congratulations!

Captain Action’s Comeback Continues

Good ol’ Captain Action continues his recent “resurrection” from the 1960’s “Land of Forgotten Toys” with a Captain Action Facebook page. It’s still relatively new, but the page already has over 1400 “Likes” and looks certain to be a popular place for all fans of Cap, Kid Action and Dr. Evil. Take some time to look around, drool over great pics of upcoming toys and leave a comment or two behind. The new toys are due to appear very soon and they’d love to hear what collectors are thinking!

Southern California GIjOE Show 3/17/12

The “Joe drought” is officially over in Southern California. After a 7-year break, fans and collectors in SoCal are about to put on a BIG show dubbed the “GIjOE / Military Action Figure SHOW” on Saturday, March 17, 2012. According to Joebros over at the Sixth Division forum, you can expect to find:

“GIjOEs new and old, 12″ and 3 3/4”, Dragon, BBi, DiD, Sideshow, 21st Century and more. If you have items to sell, tables are available for $40 each. The show will be held at the Ramada Inn, 2900 San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA (Phone: 818-843-5955). Show hours are 9am – 4pm (I recommend you get there early) and admission will be $5. Parking is free!”

This is great news for all West Coast Joeheads. For more event or dealer information, email: