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Geronimo!!! Skydivers Perform an Amazing Group Jump with Intrepid 1:6 Scale “Salto Fantastico” (Fantastic Jump) Action Figure in First of Two New Brazilian TV Commercials For Estrela’s FALCON

A pair of new TV commercials currently airing ONLY on Brazilian television screens are bound to make GIjOE, Action Man, Geyperman and Falcon collectors elsewhere around the world turn absolutely GREEN with envy. The two spots in question continue Brazilian toymaker Estrela’s current “celebration” of Falcon’s 40th Anniversary, and promote its three new commemorative action figures including: a skydiver, jungle explorer and turbo copter pilot. Both commercials feature top-notch photography, pacing, music and graphics. It’s safe to say most 1:6 fans haven’t seen TV promos this good in a LONG time. They clearly celebrate nostalgia and bring back the high levels of EXCITEMENT and ADVENTURE that GIjOE and Falcon fans of all ages have come to expect.

Bottom Line: The quality of these new TV commercials and the action figures they represent, are EXCELLENT. It’s a shame Hasbro has completely relinquished this sort of endeavor to other companies. <sigh> Yes, the figure’s prices are fairly high (approximately $68+ s/h apiece), but for such rare sets, they’re really not that unreasonable. Fortunately, each of the 3 Falcon figures shown in these new promos are available directly from Estrela HERE and should also be available to fans worldwide from such respected action figure webstores as Cotswold Collectibles (HERE). Expect prices to vary from dealer to dealer due to mark-ups. Depending on WHERE and WHOM you buy from, some of the figures may also have to be back-ordered, but in the world of action figure collecting, patience—is a virtue. Happy Hunting!

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G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Reveals Pics of Actual Production Version of 2015 JoeCon 12-Inch Set

Exterior of main box. (Photo: GIjCC)

Exterior of the JoeCon 2015’s 12-inch exclusive’s main box. (Photo: GIjCC) Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: If you’re a regular reader of The Joe Report, then you know all about this set already. Nonetheless, these new pics of the ACTUAL production version should be quite interesting to any of you still battling with your conscience and bank balance. Remember, although it’s not shown in these images, a 12-inch figure also comes with this set and is tucked into that coffin box with a shirt, pants, tan cap, boots, holster and pistol. Finally, according to an official post from the club:


“The production run on these is VERY low.”

The full set revealed, with packing materials. (Photo: GIjCC) Click to enlarge.

The full set revealed. Geronimo! (Photo: GIjCC) Click to enlarge.

Closeup of left side. (Photo: GIjCC) Click to enlarge.

Closeup of left side contents. (Photo: GIjCC)

And the right side. Nothing unexpected. (Photo: GIjCC) Click to enlarge.

And the right side. Nothing unexpected. (Photo: GIjCC)

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Final Pic of JoeCon 2015’s 12″ Exclusive Revealed!

The 12" exclusive for JoeCon 2015 (only 1 figure included) (Photo: GIjCC)

What You See is What You Get—Almost. The 12″ exclusive for JoeCon 2015 (Photo: GIjCC)

Bottom Line: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if that’s the case, we should probably just shut-up and let this latest pic from the GIjOE Collector’s Club do all the talking. And if you’re still on the fence about purchasing this expensive exclusive, maybe the club’s final press release on the subject will convince you one way or the other. It reads as follows:


“The 2015 G.I. JOE Convention boxed 12-inch figure set includes: one (1) 12” 1969 styled G.I. JOE figure and two complete uniform sets all packed in a collector friendly souvenir box. ‘ADVENTURES OF G.I. JOE – ADVENTURER’ Inside the larger presentation box, you will find this excellent reproduction 12” G.I. JOE Adventurer with a reproduction of the “red top” box he came packaged in back in 1969. ‘THE FANTASTIC FREE FALL’ This is one of the most iconic accessory sets made for 12” G.I. Joe. It is featured on the art for 1969 Adventurer’s ‘red top’ long box. ‘DESCENT INTO DARKNESS’ Dressed all in black, G.I. JOE is on a stealth mission and must avoid detection. Don’t miss this fantastic 2015 GIJoeCon 12” Souvenir Box Set!”
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The 2015 JoeCon 12" exclusive figure comes as shown, plus more! (Photo: GIjCC)

The 2015 JoeCon 12″ exclusive figure comes as shown, plus more! (Photo: GIjCC)

There’s not a lot of surprises here, but at least the club has finally confirmed the figure will come with a helmet. Overall, he’s pretty cool looking, though not necessarily ground-breaking (unless his ‘chute doesn’t open—HA). According to the club’s official description:

“This is the reproduction 12-inch 1969 Adventurer stripped of his long box gear and redressed in ONE of the uniforms sets included in the larger outer box that holds the entire 12-inch convention set. FANTASTIC FREEFALL is one of the most iconic accessory sets made for 12” G.I. Joe! It is featured on the art for 1969 Adventurer’s “red top” long box and comes with:

Gold pilot helmet with visor and oxygen mask 
Orange flight suit 
Yellow Mae West vest 
Parachute pack 
Signal light 
Tall black boots”

Bottom Line: Yes, you can easily recreate most of this with items from your “spare parts” bin. Yes, it comes with 2 nifty repro boxes. Yes, you’re essentially paying $340 or $410 for those two nifty repro boxes. Yes, we’re still on the fence about whether to buy one, too. Stay tuned for more pics!

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3rd Pic of 2015 JoeCon’s 12″ Exclusive Released!

Things are getting interesting— Especially for fans of the vintage 12-inch GIjOEs. The most recently released pic from the GIjOE Collector’s Club reveals some of what will be included in this year’s JoeCon exclusive, including…ANOTHER BOX! (Photo: GIjCC)

Bottom Line: The GIjOE Collector’s Club continues to play 12-inch GIjOE fans like fish-on-the-line, teasing and tugging at our 1:6-lovin’ heartstrings in a blatant and (effective) attempt to boost sales and attendance to this year’s JoeCon in Springfield, IL. We have to admit their efforts appear to be working, and the latest 12-inch “teaser” photo reveals the following juicy intel:


This year’s 12” Convention set is unique as it features a vintage styled reproduction figure and uniform ALONG with an additional NEW uniform based on the patterns and tooling for the reproduction uniform set!

Inside the larger presentation box, you will find this excellent reproduction 12” G.I. Joe Adventurer with a reproduction of the “red top” box he came packaged in back in 1969. Only two figures were offered in the line that year, as G.I. Joe was transitioned from the original military line to the Adventure Team line of the 1970s.

He comes with his tan pants, white tee shirt, boots, shoulder holster with revolver, dog tag and cap. The tan cap and tee shirt alone are highly sought after by vintage G.I. Joe collectors. The box for this figure is also difficult to come by. In the 2015 set, they all are offered as licensed reproductions for the very first time.


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Sharper 2nd Pic of JoeCon 2015’s 12-Inch G.I. Joe!


Coming into Focus— This second pic of the club’s upcoming “Fantastic Free Fall and Descent Into Darkness” 12-inch exclusive figure set for the 2015 JoeCon reveals slightly sharper details that are sure to excite even the most jaded GIjOE collectors and fans out there. (Photo: GIjCC)

Bottom Line: The club just released a bigger, better, SHARPER version of its first “teaser” pic of the 12-inch exclusive planned for JoeCon 2015. We’re eagerly awaiting photographs of its contents and news of whether or not this Joe comes with his famous gold/white/black crash helmet. Stay tuned!


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First Pic! 2015 JoeCon’s 12″ Exclusive Revealed

A rough prototype pic of the box for the JoeCon 2015 12" exclusive set

Geronimo! A rough prototype pic of the box for the JoeCon 2015 12″ exclusive set. (Photo: GIjCC)

The GIjOE Collector’s Club finally revealed today (in a newly released PDF file) that it is definitely creating an exclusive 12-inch figure for fans and collectors of the original 1:6 scale line. It’s yet another parachute-themed set, this one dubbed “The Adventures Of G.I. Joe Test Pilot featuring Fantastic Freefall and Descent into Darkness.” <phew!> The cover of the set’s box (currently only visible in this low-resolution version) looks like it will be quite a nice tribute to the old “red top” boxes from 1969, combining an action photograph of the figure as it parachutes down with artwork of his ’60s jet fighter going down in flames behind him. According to the club’s description:


“This set commemorates the very short run of the 1969 “Adventures Of” series and features a 12” G.I. Joe Adventurer in a reproduction of a “red-top” long box along with his tan cap and pants, white t-shirt, dog tag, Label revolver, brown shoulder holster, and brown boots. He also comes with a reproduction Fantastic Freefall parachute accessory set and a new Descent into Darkness night-ops version of the same parachute accessory set.* All of these items will be packaged together in a display box featuring art from the “Adventures Of” era.” ($340 for members, $410 for non-members)

Bottom Line: The GIjOE Collector’s Club is famous for its outstanding 12-inch convention exclusives. Oddly, their description didn’t list the Freefall pilot’s key piece of equipment, his distinctive gold, white and black helmet with “G.I. Joe” stenciled on it, but we’re sure that’s going to be included (right?). Anyway, let’s hope so. All in all, this appears to be real winner (if only it wasn’t so EXPENSIVE). One final thing to remember: As the club continues phasing out 12-inch collectors, the quantities of their 1:6 scale products are sure to become more and more limited. Therefore, we recommend you keep your eyes peeled for future updates regarding its availability. We can’t wait to see some more (sharper) photos of the actual set. Should be VERY cool! Go, JOE!

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