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Keee-YAA! New Geyperman “Karateca” G.I. Joe Features Authentic Gear and “Kung Fu Grip”

The new (vintage) "Karateca" Geyperman figure is an outstanding value. Made from the original molds, with superb gi, weapons and authentic box. (Photo: Hobby Crash)

The all-new (vintage repro) “Karateca” Geyperman figure from Hobby Crash is an outstanding value. Made from the original Hasbro molds, it includes a superb Fuzzhead figure, karate gi, weapons and authentic 1970s-artwork box. (Photo: Hobby Crash)

What better way to use your Joes' "Kung Fu Grip" than to hold this fantastic pair of Nunchucks? COOL! (Photo: Hobby Crash)

What better way to use your Joes’ “Kung Fu Grip” than to hold this fantastic pair of Nunchucks? WACK! (Photo: Hobby Crash)

Remembering when men were MEN…

Believe it or not, in a time not that long ago (although it may seem like a universe away), men used to be unconcerned with plucking their eyebrows, shaving off all their chest and leg hair, or getting a cucumber facial peel and “highlights.” Men used to be MANLY. They grew big, bushy moustaches and beards, refused to back down from any threat, and they were TOUGH!

Hobby Crash (HC) clearly remembers those days. And their exciting new “Karateca” Geyperman figures instantly transport you back to those “manly” years; back to a time when martial arts masters Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris were battling to the death in the Roman Coliseum, or killing deadly cobras on a madman’s island near Hong Kong. Yes, they’ll take you back to the thrilling time of—the KUNG FU GRIP!

REAL men have flocked hair. And REAL men can FIGHT! These two awesome "Karateca" figures from Hobby Crash are showing you how its done! (Photo: Hobby Crash)

REAL men have flocked hair. And REAL men can FIGHT! These two awesome “Karateca” figures from Hobby Crash are showing you how its done! (Photo: Hobby Crash)

As always, our favorite Spanish toy company is using the ORIGINAL molds licensed to them by Hasbro back in the 1970s to create these ALL-NEW, outstanding, fuzzhead GIjOEs. In addition, the figures are outfitted in ORIGINAL 1970s NOS (new old stock) clothing and outfitted with authentic 1970s accessories as well.

Of course, as Hobby Crash’s amazing Geyperman line continues to expand, its stockpiles of original clothing and gear will inevitably shrink, and soon it will become difficult to keep separate what is NOS (new old stock) and what is not. But that really doesn’t matter, because the quality of EVERYTHING they’re putting out is top-notch—all the way down the line.

This new “Karateca” figure is no exception. And though pricey ($79 plus s/h), it seems like a great value. When you consider all that you’ll receive; an all-new “vintage” Fuzzhead figure, its NOS outfit and accessories, plus paperwork and a brand-new 1970s-style box, the cost is very reasonable.

Imagine the diorama scenes you could create with just a couple of straw placemats and a photo backdrop! It's time to hold your own Kung Fu Tournament. Winner takes all! (Photo: Hobby Crash)

Imagine the diorama scenes you could create with just a couple of straw placemats and a photo backdrop. It’s time to hold your own kung fu Tournament. Winner takes all! (Photo: Hobby Crash)

Bottom Line: Another “no-brainer.” Get ’em while you can. Only 300 will be produced. If you’re interested (and who isn’t?), these new Geyperman Karateca figures are currently available as a “pre-order” from our good friends over at Cotswold Collectibles HERE, or (if you can’t wait) directly from Hobby Crash HERE. Either way, you’re good to go, “Grasshopper.

Editor’s Note: After this article appeared, Hobby Crash maestro, Juanma de Castro wrote in to help clarify the origin of the molds used to create this new line of Geypermen, saying…

“Hi Mark, I’ve read your article about the Geyperman Karateca, thank you, it’s great! Only a commentary: The molds were not made by Hasbro but are from Geyper directly. Geyper made new molds from copies under the license agreement they had with Hasbro, but the tooling is not the same used for GIjOE. Most pieces are almost identical (to Hasbro) but some have minor differences, while others were exclusive from Geyper Industries.

There are also a lot of pieces from Palitoy UK. Geyper only hired some (very few, actually) Hasbro molds like the West Point Cadet hat and shoes. They made the rest for their own use. So that’s how I got the molds. Also, this time the uniforms were newly done, and are not vintage. I didn’t have enough vintage karate outfits in the numbers required for making even a small run, so we had to make them sewn new. All the others until now and most of the future releases have vintage clothing, but not this time. All the best, Juanma”

BIFF! BANG! POW! Comic-Creator Wayne Faucher’s “HUNTER” Figure Inspired by 1970s Eerie Magazine

Faucher’s outstanding custom “Hunter” figure is a perfect 1:6 scale replica of the obscure 1970s Eerie comic hero. (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Customizer Wayne Faucher strikes again! Already widely renowned for his artistic achievements as an Inker for Marvel and DC Comics, Faucher’s fame as a creator of upper-echelon 1:6 scale custom action figures continues to grow as well (see our previous profile on Faucher HERE).

Faucher’s latest creation is truly a one-of-a-kind. Based on an obscure 1970s comic book hero known only as, “Hunter,” it features a fully custom helmet, uniform and fighting staff.

We’re sure most of you have never heard of, or ever even SEEN Hunter before. His odd, slightly comical combination of high-tech space gear and low-tech cave clothing makes him a unique-looking hero, to be sure. So where did he come from? Here are some Wikipedia details…

“Hunter appeared in Eerie Magazine, six parts in total, in issues 52-57. Set in a near-future world devastated by nuclear war, the story features Damien Hunter, a half-man, half-demon, who seeks to destroy all the demons on Earth, including his father.”

Okaaayyy… Wayne created (practically) everything for this custom figure from scratch, working with resins, latex, plastics, wood and even real rabbit fur. When asked about his newest masterpiece, Faucher replied…

Artist and action figure customizer Wayne Faucher at his desk inking a new comic for Marvel or DC. (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

“He’s a character from those great Eerie Magazines back in the 1970s. I always thought Hunter’s combination of spacesuit and caveman fur made for a really interesting visual. Paul Neary was the original artist on the series, so he gets all the credit for that!

As far as making the figure, the custom headgear started out as a 30th Anniversary GIjOE pilot’s helmet. The fur belt and boots are from a (now bald) rabbit. For the arm/leg striping, I made a mold, cast the material in latex and cut it into the appropriate sized strips.”

This issue of Eerie Magazine featured a wonderful full-color painting of the “Hunter.” (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

This closeup of Faucher’s custom “Hunter” action figure reveals superb workmanship and details.
(Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Wayne topped off his “Hunter” figure with this cool-looking battle staff and a custom logo stand.
(Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Outstanding work, Wayne. Thanks for sharing “Hunter” with all the readers of The Joe Report!

“To Open, Or Not to Open.” That is the Question All G.I. JOE Collectors Must Ask Themselves.

GIjOE fans have an almost visceral reaction to the sight of rows upon rows of unopened, mint-in-box GIjOEs like those found in Johnnie Shedrick’s unusual MIB collection. (Photo: Johnnie Shedrick)

Ohio’s Johnnie Shedrick said “NO” starting in 1996…

Sure, we’ve all seen collections of GIjOEs displayed proudly inside glass cabinets, professionally lit with track lights and arranged for maximum “WOW” effect. Thousands more are set-up in dioramas around the world, getting dusty or “weathered” with custom paint jobs. Even more are trampled, mutilated or even blown-up, all in the name of play and Joe FUN.

But how many GIjOE fans and collectors out there have the intestinal fortitude…the self-restaint…the complete CONTROL required to leave their beloved figures inside their original boxes? Never to be played with? As if they were some sort of “Mint-in-Box Masters?”

Meet one such “MIB Master;” Johnnie Shedrick of Elyria, Ohio, has amassed an astounding, 500+ MIB GIjOE collection over the last decade and a half. He takes NOTHING out. He sets NOTHING up. Every Joe or vehicle is simply stacked and stored away. Only his family or visitors have ever seen his collection—until now.

Starting today, Shedrick’s outstanding “time capsule” of a collection is available for viewing online over at the venerated, GIjOE Collections website. The impact of seeing so many unboxed, minty GIjOEs all in one place is absolutely riveting. Other fans may scoff or scream “FREE THE JOES!” But in the near future, Shedrick may become one of the leading experts on “the way it was” when Joes were NEW. To see what Johnnie’s been “hoarding” all these years, jump HERE NOW.

Goodbye, Major Nelson; Iconic Television Star, USAF Veteran and Native Texan, Larry Hagman, Dies Peacefully in Dallas Hospital at Age 81

Larry Hagman, a veteran of the US Air Force who served in the UK between 1952-1956, would later go on to portray USAF officer and  astronaut, Major Anthony Nelson in the 1960’s hit comedy, “I Dream of Jeannie.”  (Photo: NBC)

In another of his many portrayals of military figures, Hagman appeared as an Army officer in the 1978 film, Superman. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

American actor and television legend, Larry Hagman, died Friday, November 23, 2012 in a hospital room in Dallas, TX, surrounded by family and friends. According to an AP obituary…

“Larry’s family and closest friends had joined him in Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday…before he passed away peacefully.”

As many fans will remember, Hagman had had a liver transplant and was struggling with throat cancer. Despite his ongoing health issues, he chose to continue working to the very end. His two most notable roles were as beleaguered astronaut, Major Anthony Nelson on NBC’s I Dream of Jeannie, and later, as iconic, Texas oil man, J.R. Ewing on CBS’s Dallas.

Hagman also had a small role in the 1976 film, “The Eagle Has Landed,” as U.S. Army Colonel Pitts.
(Photo: Lions Gate)

After thinking about it for a while, I remembered that Hagman had also portrayed military characters in film roles as well. The two that I recall the most are his quick, lusty, “About Face!” Army officer in 1978’s Superman, and as a “Colonel Pitts” in the 1976 film, The Eagle Has Landed. Both were minor parts to be sure, but there he was—each a definite Larry Hagman sighting. Woo Hoo!

Bottom Line: I loved everything Larry Hagman did. To me, as a little boy growing up during the 1960s, his portrayal of Major Nelson was one of the first impressions I would have of someone in the military. After a few episodes, I began to realize, “Hey! Look! He’s wearing the same uniform as my Air Force GIjOE. Cool!”

Linda Gray, Hagman’s friend and co-star on Dallas, summed up his unique and varied career well when she said…

“He was the Pied Piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew. He was creative, generous, funny, loving and talented and I will miss him enormously. He was an original and lived life to the fullest.”

Many fans of Larry Hagman have combined GIjOE astronauts with Barbies or other custom “Jeannies” to recreate 1:6 scale scenes remiscent of the hugely popular ’60s sitcom. (Photo:

The GIjOE USAF dress uniform set enables fans to create their own “Captain Nelson” figure. Hagman’s character in the show started out as a captain in Season 1. (Photo: gidefender)

New England GIjOE Collector’s Club “Vintage Toy and Collectibles Holiday Bazaar” Nov. 25th, 2012

Promotional poster for the first “mini-show” to be held by the NEGCC. (Graphic: NEGCC)

A quick heads-up for all you Joeheads living in the New England area: According to the NEGCC…

“The NEGCC is having its first annual Vintage Toy and Collectibles Holiday Bazaar show on Sunday, November 25th. There’ll be all types of toys, hobbies, comics and crafts but of course more GIjOEs than anything else! Dealer tables are only $10 and it runs from 10 am to 3 pm. To be held at 279 Westminister St, Providence RI. Admission is only $1 and kids under 12 free! Soda and snacks will be available. Come down to beautiful downtown Providence during the holiday season! Call Anthony with any question at 401 256 1321. Thanks!”

Sounds like a blast. Have a great time, guys. Please send us some photos afterwards!

TJR’s “Video Pick of the Week” #9: The Old Guards

Strict attention to detail and tradition is (proudly) enforced by all who serve in the “Old Guard.”
(Photo: CS Muncy)

This week’s video is actually a series of short videos created by the U.S. Army. They’re like candy, each one leading almost irresistibly into the next. You’ll just want to just keep on going!

But if you only have a few minutes to spare, I recommend you watch the one I’ve linked to above. It’s provides a nice overview of the amazing men and women of the 3rd Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army, better to most Americans simply as “The Old Guard.”

Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Regiment are famous for a variety of reasons, but its most public duty involves providing 24/7, 365-day a year sentinels for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and acting as honor guards during veteran funeral services conducted at Arlington National Cemetery.

The outstanding “Honor Guard” figure from Hasbro remains the best version of “Old Guard” soldiers ever produced. (Photo: Amazon)

Of course, GIjOE and action figure fans fondly recall the superb Honor Guard figure released by Hasbro (see photo above) and the Elite Brigade version currently produced and offered exclusively by Cotswold Collectibles HERE. Both are superb figure sets, replete with detailed Army dress uniforms and the unique white-gloved hands.

Three of the “Old Guards” standing their watch during the fierce, driving storms of Hurricane Sandy, Oct. 29, 2012. (Photo: abcnews)

With Thanksgiving now behind us and Christmas just weeks ahead, we hope you’ll take a moment to stop, reflect and give thanks to all those who do so much for our country, our servicemen and women, their families, and especially the members of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Regiment “Old Guards.” Not even Hurricane Sandy could make them abandon their post!

New “Foreign Air Adventurer” GIjOE Available Exclusively From Transformers Club Online

The new, limited-edition “Foreign Air Adventurer” currently for sale on the Transformers Club online webstore.
(Photo: Transformers Club)

This is cool, strange and unexpected, all at the same time. Take a look at the new “Foreign Air Adventurer” which has just landed (for some reason) over at the Transformers Club website found HERE. Will someone please explain why he’s being sold THERE and not on the GIjOE website? Does he turn into a Humvee or something? Apparently not. According to the description…

“In the tradition of the Backyard Patrol accessory sets from the 70’s, this vintage-styled reproduction figure is a VERY short run “boutique” item put together by a GIJCC designer and features hard hands, foreign head sculpt with blonde flocked beard and hair, a tan flight suit, tan cap, black jacket, short black boots, shoulder holster with revolver and a black AT hunting rifle. This is a great entry-level figure for new collectors and older kids alike.  Even long-time collectors will get a kick out of the old/new feel of this piece. VERY limited quantities. Limit of 1 per member.”

Hmm…Sounds like a way to clear out some leftovers from the back room. But nonetheless, this figure really doesn’t look half bad. It ships in a plain cardboard shipping box with the outfit and equipment you see in this photo. Initial reviews are positive and interest seems to be growing quickly among collectors. So, if you’ve got $35 burning a hole in your britches…

Adventure Gear’s “Let’s Give Stuff Away” Event Thrills Facebook Friends; Winners to Receive FREE 1:6 Scale Clothing and/or “Surprise Items”

Adventure Gear filled a unique niche in the 1:6 scale hobby, providing top quality outdoor clothing items for your Adventure Team. (Photo: Dan Dibiase, Deering Productions)

(Logo Graphic: Adventure Gear)

Call it the Spirit of the Holidays, or just spreading Joe Karma; whatever the reason, Tom Calhoun of Adventure Gear (AG), a longtime creator of 1:6 scale clothing for Adventure Team fans, has begun an exciting “Let’s Give Stuff Away” event over on Facebook.

To be eligible to win, fans and Facebook “friends” of Tom’s need only to leave a comment whenever prompted to do so. After enough comments have been received, Tom declares “That’ll do it,” and calls a halt to the proceedings. The lucky winner(s) are selected at random and receive all types of exciting 1:6 prizes. According to Tom’s latest Adventure Gear post on Facebook…

“Let’s give stuff away! Comment on this post so that we’ll know you’re there and we’ll randomly pick a winner. We’ll do this again over this week, so don’t worry if you don’t win this one. Here’s what’s in this giveaway:

Three hooded sweatshirts (red, orange, yellow)
Black Fight for Survival Jacket
Bushlan camo Jumpsuit
Bushlan camo Jacket + BDU Pants
Red Rainsuit
Brown Trenchcoat
Surprise Item(s)”

Another exciting diorama shot by the uber-talented, Dan Dibiase.
(Clothing: Adventure Gear, Photo: Deering Productions)

Of course, every adventure doesn’t have to involve man-eating tigers. It’s okay for our Joes to enjoy other sorts of “action” out in the forest, right? <ahem!> (Clothing: Adventure Gear, Photo: Dan Dibiase)

Despite its enduring fame and popularity among collectors and now on Facebook, the current business status of Adventure Gear remains a little nebulous. Not to be confused with Project ARE Action Outfitters, run by Robin and Skip Are, Tom describes Adventure Gear this way…

“I’d say it’s a museum with a bunch of stuff in the attic.”

HA. Okay, there you have it. If you’d like to see who wins Tom’s exciting “Let’s Give Stuff Away” events, we suggest you “LIKE” Adventure Gear over on Facebook today by visiting them HERE. Best of luck to all who enter!

Astounding Vintage Collection of “Dapper Dan” Scaletta Featured on GIjOE Collections Website

WHOA! This is just one shelf of Dan Scaletta’s amazing collection of vintage GIjOE action figures. Scaletta is currently featured on the worldwide GIjOE Collections website. (Photo: Dan Scaletta)

GIjOE Collector, Dan Scaletta
(Photo: Dan Scaletta)

If you wonder where are all the minty-fresh vintage GIjOEs have gone, it seems they’re all traveling north of the border to join others residing in “Dapper Dan” Scaletta’s burgeoning “Joe Room.”

When Scaletta sent us photos of his collection recently, you could hear a pin drop while the staff here at The Joe Report gathered around our main viewing screen, staring in awe at the majesty of it all.

Finally, a low, slow whistle was heard, followed by one staffer’s apropos comment, “Man, oh man, oh MAN. This guy’s got it all!” Well, not everything. Not quite. Not YET anyway.

But Scaletta’s collection has clearly achieved a certain fame among collectors as it was recently added to the world-famous, GIjOE Collections website. Despite the accolades coming along his way, Dan remains quite humble, and prefers to praise others instead…

“My collection is small by comparison to others. I have a few choice pieces, but I am amazed at some of the awesome collections shown on the GIjOE Collections website. I am very proud to be listed there alongside some of the “Masters” of the GIjOE-collecting world!”

It’s easy to see why “Dapper Dan” received his well-deserved sobriquet (nickname). His self-deprecating attitude and generous demeanor have made him one of Canada’s most famous GIjOE collectors. If you have a few moments, we recommend you pay Dan a visit by jumping directly to his new featured page HERE.

Editor’s Note: Dan asked that we keep his email private, so in lieu of email or posts to Facebook, please leave your comments for him here on The Joe Report. Here’s a comment, Dan…”WOW!!!”

NEW! ———Realistic 1:6 Scale Dogs From Sandicast

Three of the new line of highly realistic 1:6 scale dogs from Sandicast, found recently at a Meijer store in Illinois. The scarves are removable and can be used on GIjOEs. The cute little Santa Hat is stuck on pretty tight, but could probably be removed (if desired). (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Aurora gives her new best friend “Bowzer” a big hug and makes sure that his scarf is all snugged up for their “walkies” around the neighborhood.
(Photo: Mark Otnes)

Yesterday, at our local Meijer store, I came across a new endcap display of Christmas ornaments based on a variety of Sandicast’s famous sculpted dogs. There were about a dozen different breeds being offered, all in different poses (standing, sitting, playing) and priced at $14.99 each.

These are EXCELLENT representations of dogs at 1:6 scale. The sculpts are highly accurate. The paint jobs are superb. And the attached (real cloth) scarves and Santa hats add an extra level of tactile reality and “cuteness” that make them practically irresistible. Your Joes will LOVE ’em!

This new line of dog ornaments is the work of master sculptor, Sandra Brue. I’d heard of Brue and her miniature masterpieces before, and the products on her company’s website look great. According to the Sandicast website…

“Internationally renowned San Diego artist Sandra Brue has been bringing sculptures to life for over 25 years.  She founded Sandicast in 1981 and it was a success right from the start. 

Her hand-cast, hand-painted animal replicas became famous for their stunning realism and incredible attention to detail. Purebred dogs, cats, wolves and wildlife are all part of her extensive collection.”

The only problematic dog was with the Chihuahua. He was definitely too big for use with GIjOE. At one-sixth scale, a Chihuahua should’ve been much smaller, but then it probably would’ve been too small to sell as an ornament. All the other dogs seemed pretty correct (to me), and so I ended up picking up the three versions shown in the photos.

Joe scratches the ear of his new 1:6 scale buddy, “Frisbee,” before heading out to the park for a game of catch (in your IMAGINATION). HA (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Bottom Line: These are some of the best dogs you’ll ever find at 1:6 scale and make wonderful additions to any diorama. But there are some caveats… 1) They’re not poseable. 2) Since there are variations in size (like that too-large Chihuahua), it’s better to see them in person in the store before you buy. And 3) They’re kind of pricey. But you do get what you pay for (top quality).

My recommendation is that if you can wait, rush through Meijer AFTER Christmas. They should be blowing them out on clearance for a lot less by that time. If you can’t find a Meijer store near you, you can always purchase them directly from the Sandicast website (but at full price + shipping). The site’s ornament pages start HERE. Happy Hunting! WOOF!