“Jumble” Puzzle Features G.I. Joe-Related Answer

The daily "Jumble" word puzzle created by

America’s Movable Fighting Man made the papers again today in the ever-challenging “Jumble” word puzzle (created by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek). Today’s puzzle features a cyclops family who’s son is opening a new (one-eyed) GIjOE. (Puzzle: Hoyt and Knurek)

Bottom Line: The world’s most popular toy line has made yet another appearance in American pop-culture. No, it’s not in your local toy store (sorry), but in the Jumble puzzle on the comics page of your local newspaper. We not sure if the Jumble’s creators are GIjOE fans, but they’ve clearly made our 12-inch action hero a central part of today’s challenge. We recommend that you print out the graphic shown above, complete the puzzle at your leisure, and then cut it out and add it to your ever-growing scrapbook of GIjOE-related ephemera. The Jumble’s now part of GIjOE’s history!

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One thought on ““Jumble” Puzzle Features G.I. Joe-Related Answer

  1. Queli says:

    This was very cute and I had fun solving it.

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