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You Can Build It———New 1:6 Scale “Nanoblock” (LEGO-Like) Sets Work Perfectly With G.I. Joes

Lanard Joe and young "Joey" spread out the base board of their new "Nanoblocks" set and begin to build the base of the Christmas tree, one block at a time. (Photo: Queli Castro)

Joe and “Joey” sit around the base board of their new “Nanoblocks” set and begin to assemble a 3-D Christmas tree sculpture, one tiny block at a time. Out-STANDING! (Photo: Queli Castro)

As this closeup reveals, the tiny Nanoblocks are spot-on PERFECT at 1:6 scale and work amazingly well with the tiny hands of this youthful Barbie child figure. (Photo: Queli Castro)

Tiny blocks for tiny hands—As this closeup reveals, the tiny Nanoblocks are spot-on PERFECT at 1:6 scale and work amazingly well with the tiny hands of this youthful Barbie child figure. (Photo: Queli Castro)

First of all… Happy New Year, Dear Readers!

We sincerely hope that 2016 proves to be a wonderful, happy, healthy and bountiful new year for you and all of your loved ones. We’d also like to wish you the very best in all of your future 1:6 scale collecting and customizing efforts, whatever they may be. Go, JOE!

As you well know, we here at The Joe Report are dedicated to tracking down and reporting the “best of the best” news stories regarding upcoming shows, products, activities, customs, dioramas, videos, “Joe sightings” in pop-culture and other 1:6 scale-related events. Despite our unrelenting vigilance, or perhaps because of it, we’re constantly being surprised, nay, delighted, whenever a new product or “find” is discovered and is found to (even unintentionally) work well within our ever-expanding 1:6 scale universe.

Equally surprising to us this time, our first such 1:6 scale “find” for 2016 has actually been on the market—since 2008(!)— but this is the first time that it’s ever even “registered on our radar” or been reported within our pages. News of this “new” 1:6 scale product known as Nanoblocks comes to us today from faithful TJR Field Reporter, Queli Castro, who files the following report:


“Hello Mark, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I’ve been meaning to send you some photos but sometimes life conspires against me. A number of years ago, I discovered ‘Nanoblocks’ at Toys R US (TRU). I found them irresistible because it turns out that these micro-sized blocks are actually in 1:6 scale(!) and are perfect for use with our favorite action figure. I bought several of the ‘Sights to See’ series which are models of famous structures/buildings. HERE is a link to some of the sets on Amazon.”

Look at THIS! The tree is beginning to take shape. The trunk is done and Joe and Joey have begun adding the pine needles and ornaments. WOW! (Photo: Queli Castro)

Look at THIS! The Nanoblocks Christmas tree is beginning to take shape. The trunk is done and now Joe and Joey are adding the green pine needles and multi-colored ornaments. (Photo: Queli Castro)


“Last year, I bought the Christmas tree set illustrated in my attached photos. I also posted these pics over on the Barbie Ultimate Chat board (found HERE) and Doll Divas (found HERE). As you can see, Joe and ‘Little Joey’ are having a lot of fun with their new ‘Legos.’ Take care and I look forward to reading your articles in 2016!”Queli Castro, Chicago, Illinois
What to Look For— Admittedly, the packaging for Nanoblocks is hardly "kid-oriented." No splashy colors or bright packaging. Rather, you might assume this was a box of christmas lights or tinsel and pass it by! (Photo: Queli Castro)

What to Look For— Admittedly, the poor packaging for Nanoblocks hardly appears “kid-oriented” and does little to spur sales. No splashy graphics. No bright colors. You’d probably pass this by without even a second glance. A serious repackaging effort is clearly called for here.  (Photo: Queli Castro)

Bottom Line: We’re not necessarily fans of Legos-type building blocks, so the fact that a miniature version had been created and has been around since 2008 doesn’t really surprise us. But the fact that this increasingly popular toy line also works perfectly with GIjOE and other 1:6 scale figures clearly makes them a welcome addition to our already bulging “miscellaneous” tub full of diorama supplies. Our sincerest thanks to “faithful fan,” Queli Castro for submitting today’s report and for all the wonderful supplemental photos. EXCELLENT photography, Queli! Remember… If YOU discover something that appears to be a natural (or even unnatural) “fit” within our wonderful 1:6 scale realm, please send news of it to us here at The Joe Report and we’ll share it with the world. Thanks!

Merry Christmas! Joe and Joey are clearly thrilled with the results of their efforts. It's amazing that these Lego-style blocks can be made at such a tiny scale. Out-STANDING! (Photo: Queli Castro)

Merry Christmas! Joe and Joey are clearly thrilled with the results of their efforts. It’s amazing that these Lego-style blocks can be made at such a tiny scale. Go, Nanoblocks! (Photo: Queli Castro)

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G.I. Joe “Dream-Worthy” Lanard Warehouse Sale Now Underway———Exclusively in Sugar Creek, MO

"GIjOE Dreams" can range from the fanciful to the farcical (Attack of the Giant Joes, anyone?). But one of the most common hopeful visions appears to be the simple "Wishful Thinker," where fans and collectors imagine the blissful (and unlikely) scenario of finding their favorite action figures back on store shelves and for sale again. (Keep dreaming, buddy.) (Photo composite: Mark Otnes)

“GIjOE Dreams” can range from the fanciful to the farcical; and one of the most commonly reported of these toy-related visions comes in the form of a “wishful thinker” scenario, wherein the collector imagines a blissful dream of discovering that his (or her) favorite toys have returned to store shelves and are once again available for sale. (Sigh… Keep dreaming, bud!) (Fantasy photo composite: Mark Otnes)

Is THIS Toy Heaven?— Blink and you might miss it. The plain-looking exterior of the Lanard Toy Store located in Sugar Creek, Missouri, belies the myriad toy treasures that await within, especially during its almost mythical, annual “Lanard Warehouse Sale.” (Photo: Google Earth)         Click to enlarge.

Have you ever dreamt about GIjOEs or other toys? You know the kind of dreams we’re talking about; wherein you’re walking down the aisle of a toy store and are delighted to discover all of its shelves jammed tight, floor-to-ceiling, with thousands of NEW action figures, vehicles and related equipment sets? Well, it turns out that such a collector fantasy has finally become—a REALITY.

We’re referring to a real-life toy sale held once a year inside the nondescript brick building of the Lanard Toy Store, located at 106 North Sterling Avenue in Sugar Creek, Missouri. Sugar Creek is a sleepy (yet magical) suburb of Kansas City, and until Christmas Eve, between the hours of 9AM and 6PM on weekdays and 12PM to 4PM on Saturdays and Sundays, the town’s tiny toy store will be jammed to its rafters with enough items to make every toy collector’s favorite fantasy come true. To learn more about this amazing event, we contacted Rob Buzan (of the famous Joeaday website found HERE) and he kindly wired us this exclusive intel:



GIjOE fan, collector and expert, Rob Buzan, of (Photo: Rob Buzan)

GIjOE expert, Rob Buzan, of (Photo: Rob Buzan)

“I found out about this annual sale years ago (early 2000s) via various GI Joe message boards. Lanard had been producing the CORPS! line of action figures since 1986. Their original releases copied the 80s GI Joe line in construction style, marketing concept (individual characters with specialties and code names) and scaled vehicles. Over the years, their line evolved to include adventure, police and rescue themes and also introduced 12-inch figures (called the Ultra CORPS!) with cloth outfits.

When the small GI Joes switched from an o-ring design to a simpler swivel joint construction, Lanard followed suit. This style has continued as the standard, until ball jointed legs were introduced in 2015. Most every year, the overseas HQ sends a shipping container to the local warehouse. The stock usually includes items that are overstocked, old-stock, international, or even damaged stock that can’t be sold in stores. I’ve even found packaged samples and quality control samples over the years. The international variants are some of the most interesting items. Hope this helps you out. If your readers need any more info, let me know.” —Rob Buzanjoeaday. com

Sugar Creek and the Lanard Toy Store are only an 18 minute drive from Kansas City, MO. (Graphic: Google Maps)

A short drive to make your toy dreams come true— Sugar Creek and the Lanard Toy Store are only a quick (18 minute) drive from the heart of Kansas City, MO. (Graphic: Google Maps)

Bottom Line: Our sincerest thanks to Rob Buzan for his timely and informative reportage and for the wonderful “on the scene” video he also provided regarding this event (see below). Rob was one of the first to break the news regarding this exciting sale and has been reporting on it annually since 2010! He continues to provide the entire GIjOE collecting community with all the latest and greatest intel (especially fans of the smaller scale figures) and if you haven’t discovered Rob’s excellent website, we highly recommend you pay it (and him) a visit (HERE). For now… Enjoy Rob’s video:

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