New “Thunderbirds Are Go!” Trailers Released

Bottom Line: This new Thunderbirds Are Go! show is looking MUCH better than we had ever anticipated. The sets, the ships, the characters, EVERYTHING seems to be getting first-class treatment from the animators. According to the show’s official website:


“Thunderbirds Are Go coming to CITV Spring 2015. Thunderbirds Are Go is also coming to TV2 in New Zealand and Nine/GO in Australia this Spring – await news of further launches! When disaster strikes and there’s no one else to help, International Rescue answers the call! From their secret island base, this family of highly trained responders can reach every corner of the globe – and beyond – in minutes. With their remarkable cutting edge Thunderbird Vehicles, brothers Scott, Virgil, John, Gordon and Alan Tracy along with head of security Kayo and lead engineer Brains pull off amazing feats of heroism. No rescue is too big and no journey too far to save a life. When duty calls, Thunderbirds are GO.”

Once this new Thunderbirds program hits the airwaves, it’s a sure thing that fans all around the world will want to collect merchandise from the show. Hello, Hasbro? Take a hint from CITV and TV2. Imagine if their same superb animation skills were applied to a GIjOE Adventure Team program. You could be raking in the dough too, through renewed AT merchandising!

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2 thoughts on “New “Thunderbirds Are Go!” Trailers Released

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks Awesome! I wish instead of them going cartoon they would go with original figures or similar. I also agree about the Adventure Team Joes. That would be amazing to see. Cheers!

  2. gary says:

    Can’t wait! I loved the Thunderbirds as a kid!!

    Hope the effects are top notch!

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