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New England GIjOE Collector’s Club Meets This SUNDAY, 9-30-12, in Providence, RI, at “Root’s Cafe”

Members of the New England Division of the GIjOE Collector’s Club at a previous meeting. (Photo: New England GIjOE Collector’s Club)

Just a quick heads up for Joeheads living in the New England region…

The New England Division of the GIjOE Collector’s Club is holding their September meeting tomorrow, Sunday the 30th, at The Roots Cafe located inside the Roots Cultural Center at 276 Westminster Street in Providence, RI. Let’s hope they’re planning a future club road trip to Passaic, NJ, to locate “Crazy Jack” (see previous article dated 9-28-2012) so they can offer him some REAL expert advice, support and understanding; the kind only REAL Joeheads can provide. Ooh-Rah!

This Google “street view” of the Roots Cultural Center in Providence, RI, shows it to be downtown on a nice, tree-lined street. (Photo: Google)

If you have any questions, please call Anthony @ 401-256-1321. Have a great time, fellas!

G.I. Joe Collector, “Crazy Jack,” of Passaic, NJ, Profiled on Syfy’s “Collection Intervention”

GIjOE Collector, “Crazy Jack” of Passaic, NJ. (Photo: Syfy)

(Passaic, NJ) As previously reported on The Joe Report (August 10, 2012), producers of a new Travel Channel TV show called “Toy Hunters” have been actively scouting American Joeheads to see if anyone knows of an “undiscovered” GIjOE collection, hopefully stored out in an old barn or warehouse somewhere (yeah, good luck with that).

While that’s been going on, the Syfy Channel has quietly forged ahead with their own new show called, “Collection Intervention (CI).” CI is Syfy’s attempt to combine the “ooh and ahh” factor of the History Channel’s “American Pickers” with the “He or she is out of control(!)” portrayal of collectors shown on A&E’s “Hoarders.” Unfortunately, this is a case of too much in one pot, and the result is really a mish-mosh of mediocrity, making for barely passable TV fare.

In the recently aired CI episode entitled, “Two Houses Divided,” the show profiles two individuals; our hero, known only as “Crazy Jack,” a collector of GIjOEs and Hot Wheels cars (two GREAT choices, BTW), and “Beverly,” a supposedly “out of control” Barbie fan whose collection has spilled over into her two grown sons’ closets (ooh…how awful!). However, for the sake of brevity, self-interest and die-hard loyalty to our fellow Joeheads, we’ll only be focusing on the story of “Crazy Jack.”

An anxious “Crazy Jack” and his hapless wife, “Debbie,” listen carefully as the show’s host Elyse describes how their collection “intervention” will proceed. (Photo: Syfy)

We quickly learn that Jack is a successful classic car mechanic and restorer, who enjoys rewarding himself for all of his hard work by buying and collecting his two favorite toys, GIjOEs and Hot Wheels. However, like many of us, he does little to store them properly, and Jack’s wife, “Debbie,” who is recently unemployed and trying to clean up their house, bemoans the fact that Jack’s collections have absolutely “taken over,” saying…

“You don’t see a lot of empty space in our house. It’s really, REALLY ridiculous! And he doesn’t like ANYONE touching his collections.”

Jack’s wife Debbie (l) and show host Elyse Luray (r) stand in the living room surrounded by Jack’s collection. We see a red box set on the right, a training tower in the far back left, and a pile of vintage, boxed figures right in the center. Now, if they just cleared out all that furniture, Waterford crystal and other useless stuff, it would look great! Jack could start constructing a giant diorama right there in the middle of the living room. Hey, Debbie…Remember the big mud mountain Richard Dreyfuss built in his house in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind?” That’d look great! Imagine a bunch of Jack’s GIjOEs rappelling down the sides on ropes and climbing gear. TOO COOL! On second thought, leave the dining table right where it is. Jack could build his own “Devil’s Tower” right on top of that. Hoo-Rah! (Photo: Syfy)

Then, during a pointless, “let’s carry everything outside and watch Jack get stressed” evaluation session, two supposed experts (you know they’re experts because they’re wearing matching red polo shirts) get only about 30 seconds of actual screen time to voice a few (obvious) opinions.

The show spends most of its actual “Joe time” discussing the rarity and value of a boxed, vintage AA Joe. Fine. But how about panning that camera around a little? The guy has 1,000 GIjOEs! (Photo: Syfy)

After that, the show’s “host,” Elyse Luray informs a bored, but “crazy” Jack (back at work in his garage) that they’re taking some of his newer items to be sold at a flea market. Of course, he’s less than thrilled with the whole idea, but goes along anyway. By the end of the episode…

(SPOILER ALERT!) Jack and Debbie sell off some of his “contemporary” Joes (Aaugh! Noooo!) at the flea market, and happiness ensues all around. In fact, Jack states, the couple now feels more like “a team,” and are “closer than ever before.” (WOW. The power of selling a few Joes. Who knew?) If you stick with the entire episode, during the show’s closing credits, you’ll get to see exciting “after” shots of an all-clear living room and bedroom. Hooray! All is well again! <yawn>

In the show’s thrilling climax, Jack shills for customers at a local flea market during a friendly competition with his wife Debbie, to see who can sell the most of Jack’s GIjOEs. (Oh…The HORROR!) (Photo: Syfy)

Bottom Line: We wish Jack and Debbie all the best and would LOVE to meet them both at some future Joe Con or toy show. In fact, they’re definite “Joe-lebrities” now. But this show? It needs an intervention of its own. How about some serious discussion of the toys? With real experts we all know and respect? And less of the trying to build up fake psychological suspense? C’mon!

Dragon Releases NEW 1:6 Scale Russian Aerosan RF-8, 2-Person Snowmobile dubbed “The BEAST”

Dragon’s newest vehicle, the Russian Aerosan RF-8, aka “The Beast,” with the new “Igor Ivanovich Bazarov” Red Army figure that comes with it. Do we like it? DA!!! (Photo: Dragon USA)

It’s time for Joe to take a WILD RIDE!

Just when we thought the 1:6 scale hobby had nothing new to offer our heroic 12-inch troops, look what WHOOSHES over the snow-covered ridge: Dragon’s new AEROSAN RF-8.

Similar in appearance to today’s modern airboats or “swamp rafts,” the Russian Aerosan is actually a 2-seater “attack snowmobile,” propelled by a car motor attached to a giant propeller. Imagine how fast it must’ve gone across that flat Ukranian snow! Zooooom!

“The BEAST” has great potential for customization. In this 3-D rendering, Red Army markings have been added for enhanced authenticity. (Available soon from Patches of Pride in waterslide decal form.) (Image: deepsona)

They were big. They were noisy. They were powerful and FAST. The German’s quickly dubbed them, “The BEAST” and no doubt scrambled for cover whenever one was seen or heard approaching. According to Dragon’s official press release…

“The RF-8 Aerosan was used by the Soviet Union during the ‘Winter War’ of the Second World War. Some were equipped with a machine-gun ring mount on the roof. The Aerosans were initially used for transport, liaison, and medical evacuation in deep snow, mostly used in open country and on frozen lakes or rivers. During WW2, aerosans were found to be useful for reconnaissance and raiding in northern areas, thanks to their mobility in deep snow.”

This painting of an up-armored version of the Beast will probably give many customizers ideas.
(Painting: Trumpeter)

Close-up of Igor reveals all the detail in his Russian tanker’s helmet. NICE. (Photo: Dragon)

If the Aerosan vehicle alone is not enough for you, Dragon’s also throwing in a new Russian figure to drive it around. Dubbed “Igor Ivanovich Bazarov.” the new figure represents a LMG Gunner in Russia’s WW2 Red Army, fighting the Germans somewhere along the Ukranian Front, around 1943. According to Dragon, Igor comes well-equipped with the following gear, clothing and weaponry…

NEO 3 Body
Character Head
Clear Stand Mount
Tanker Helmet

SOV M40 White Helmet
M1943 Tunic & Trousers (Private)
Hooded Winter Oversmock & Trousers
Soviet Sapogi Boots
PPSh 41 Stick Magazine Pouch
M1891 Ammo Pouch
Red Army Synthetic Leather Belt
Water Bottle & Cover
PPS 43
M1891/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle
PPS 43 Stick Ammunition
Ammo Clips for M1891/30 Mosin Nagant

The “BEAST” and its big propeller reminds many fans of the ’70s “Turbo Swamp Craft” from the Devil of the Deep GIjOE set. (Package art: Don Stivers)

Closeup of the engine and propeller of Dragon’s “Beast.” (Photo: Dragon USA)
Click to enlarge.

Many fans are already looking beyond the Russian use of the Aerosan and thinking…Adventure Team! Over in the Trenches forum, FarEastThunder wrote…

“Though not too much from WW2 has cross over application to modern or vintage or AT, I thought this might be an interesting exception to the rule. I thought some of the Adventure Team collectors would find this vehicle SUPER interesting, as it looks like it would have a lot of modification potential. With a little paint, some decals and some sprucing up, I can see this being very versatile for the AT crowd. If this makes it to kit form, I can see this being very accessible to AT collectors.”

AstroDan wholeheartedly agreed, saying…

“Wow! This thing just screams Adventure Team! Keith Justice has it on his site for PRE-ORDER, available sometime in September, 2012 with a $239.99 retail price. Ouch – but I want one! Hopefully, as you say, it will be available in kit form later.”

Cotswold too, is already trying to attract buyers with an even lower pre-order price, currently $209 HERE. Whether it’s used in a WW2 or Adventure Team diorama, this new “BEAST” is sure to be popular among collectors. ARRRRRRRRR!!!

Imagine the cool diorama possiblities with snow, trees, etc. (Painting: Trumpeter)

Chester Nez, U.S. Marine, American HERO, Last Survivor of Original 29 Navajo Code Talkers, Writes New Book About His WW2 Experiences

As the LAST of the original Navajo Code Talkers, Chester Nez, was recently the subject of a wonderful profile article in Navajo Nation Fair Magazine. (Photo: Navajo Nation Fair Magazine)

I came across an important magazine article today…

It’s about a tough, American war hero, Chester Nez. At age 90, Nez is a former Marine and the LAST surviving member of the original 29 Navajo Code Talkers. This made me curious, and so I browsed around the ‘net until I found another article (from ICTMN), revealing more about Nez…

“His mission was so important that he didn’t get leave for three years. His mission was so secret he couldn’t talk about it until 23 years after the war ended. Proper honor for what he did wouldn’t come for 55 years. Code talkers were sworn to secrecy even after the war in case the code had to be used again. And it was, in the Korean Conflict and again in the Vietnam War.”

“Code Talker” by Chester Nez is now available in bookstores and online. (Photo: Berkley Trade)

Fortunately for all of us, the real story of the Code Talkers and their activities during those conflicts has finally been revealed with the recent publication of Nez’s new book entitled, “Code Talker.” Nez’s book is the ONLY memoir written by one of the original Navajo Code Talkers and for that reason, is considered by WW2 historians to be a VERY important account.

All too often, members of “the Greatest Generation” have passed on before leaving behind any written or oral record of their military service. Here is just one exciting excerpt from Nez’s book about WW2 in the Pacific theater…

“With saltwater filling our boots and dragging against each step, Roy Begay and I force ourselves forward. We try to avoid the bodies and parts of bodies that float everywhere. But that’s impossible. Blood stains the tide washing onto the beach. Roy and I tote a TBX radio and a microphone. Headsets clamp over our ears, so we can’t hear the hiss as hot bullets hit Pacific waters. But we’ve heard that sound too many times before. Rifles remain slung over our shoulders, unused. Our job is to talk, not to shoot.”

A Navajo Code Talker during WW2.
(File photo: USMC)

Such first-person accounts are becoming all the more important as time passes by. For example, when asked why he decided to join the Marines and help form the original Code Talkers, further insight is revealed when Nez replies…

“I reminded myself that my Navajo people had always been warriors, protectors. In that, there was honor. I would concentrate on being a warrior, on protecting my homeland. Within hours, whether in harmony or not, I knew I would join my fellow Marines in the fight. The white man’s military had accepted us as tough Marines. Hardened by the rigors of life on the reservation. We often out-performed our white peers.”

Hasbro saw fit to (appropriately) honor the Code Talkers with a unique “talking” GIjOE. These figures are still available online, and this one includes a code-word sheet and free “Junior Navajo Code Talker” patch. COOL!
(Photo: Southwest Indian Foundation)

Today’s Homework Assignment for all Joeheads… If you’re interested in learning more about the USMC Code Talkers, you can read more about Chester Nez online HERE, purchase his new book HERE, watch a moving, 10-minute video (below), visit the official Code Talker’s museum website HERE, or order one of the GIjOE Code Talker action figures from the Southwest Indian Foundation website store HERE. Davey Baker, a fellow Marine who worked with the Code Talkers during WW2, described the Code Talker’s thankless, secretive work best, when he said…

“If God alone may know, they saved thousands of American lives, yet their tale has been hidden by the very role they played.”

1:6 Scale “KHEM” Black Panther to be New York Comic Con Exclusive and Limited to 200 Pieces

Kid Action’s “faithful” panther “KHEM,” is now available as a NYCC exclusive from Round 2 and Captain Action Enterprises. (Photo: Round 2)

Round 2 gurus, Ed Catto and Joe Ahern recently announced another exciting exclusive for Captain Action fans…an all-new, 1:6 scale black panther! No, we don’t mean a Huey Newton action figure (although that might be interesting), we mean Kid Action’s “faithful” panther, “KHEM.”

Next month, the good folks at Round 2 will attending the New York Comic Con from October 11th through the 14th. During that time, as they man their booth talking to everyone about the virtues of Captain Action, they’ll also be offering these cool new panthers as a “con exclusive.” According to a recent CA forum post by Catto…

As you well know, in the 60’s, Captain Action’s sidekick Action Boy had a ferocious black panther called Khem. We’re bringing him back for NYCC with a limited run of 200 pieces.

Khem the black panther will come with a special trading card (from the card set) and his gold chain necklace. As you can see, this is a beefed up Khem, and displays very nicely with the figure. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Oh, yes! We like it indeed! The Playing Mantis version of Khem was adequate, but Captain Action fans have long wished for, as you say, a more “beefed up” version. This new one looks MUCH better. As to availability, Catto is also offering it prior to the show, saying…

We wanted to let everyone here (on the CA Yahoo list) have the ‘first shot’ at it.  We’re planning on retailing him for $24.99 at the show and with shipping, lets just say they’d be $30 even. Anyone interested? If so – let us know ASAP by email, and then send a check to us at:

 Khem NYCC exclusive Offer
Captain Action Enterprises, LLC
c/o Ed Catto
656 Wyndemere Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Thanks for the opportunity to acquire Khem without flying to NYC, Ed. Justice Has Been Done!

THANK YOU For Making The Joe Report a Success!

This map from the stats page of The Joe Report (dated 9-23-2012), reveals that its readership, or “current global reach” has extended to over 100 countries around the world. (We’re still working to reach fans in Greenland and North Korea. HA) (Graphic: WordPress)

The Stats Don’t Lie. “The Joe Report” is an unqualified HIT—Thanks to YOU!

I just happened to check the stats summary of The Joe Report (TJR) this morning and was completely taken aback by my findings. To be honest, I had no idea how effective TJR had become in reaching other collectors of 1:6 scale around the world. As they say, “Let’s go to the tape…”

The Joe Report is now being read by fans and collectors in 114 countries across the globejust look at that map!

Since its debut, The Joe Report has amassed over 60,000 independent views, averaging 8,500+ views—per month!

And look at this...In only 7 months, The Joe Report has produced almost 200 articles and received 321 comments from YOU, our faithful, discerning, and intelligent readers.

A big “thank you” to all TJR fans for your continued support. YOU are the reason for our success!

HobbyCrash Releases 3 “All-New Vintage” Geyperman Figures Including: Yellow-Jersey Adventurer, Military Police, and U.N. Soldier

HobbyCrash’s new/old Geyperman yellow-jersey Adventurer and the camo-clad U.N. Soldier figures are superb. Their brightly colored outfits SCREAM 1970s. (Photo: HobbyCrash)

The newly-released Geyperman MP figure from HobbyCrash is shown here in front and back views, revealing its vintage uniform with white belt and shoulder strap, white holster with .45, machine-gun, red MP armband, dickie, helmet and short boots. WOW. (Photo: HobbyCrash)

Each new-vintage figure comes complete will all the appropriate manuals and superb repro box. (Photo: HobbyCrash) Click to enlarge.

HobbyCrash, everyone’s favorite manufacturer of “all-new vintage” Action Man and Geyperman reissue figures, is keeping the good stuff coming. In addition to their “basic figure” lineup, the company has recently released three NEW reissue figures: a stunning yellow-jersey AA Adventurer, unique UN Soldier (in vintage camo) and a superb Military Policeman.

The U.N. Soldier comes with this great box and all the rest as shown. (Photo: HobbyCrash) Click to enlarge.

As we first reported in an article dated 4-12-2012, HobbyCrash is producing these newly reissued figures using the ORIGINAL Geyper molds and equipment provided by Hasbro back in the 1970s.

All of the bodies, flocking and internal assembly parts are all new-vintage and 100% authentic in every detail. Even the uniforms and accessories are authentic NOS (new old stock) vintage. It’s as if we’ve all somehow gone back in time and are able to buy new figures once again from the stores. What a mind-blower!

(Photo: HobbyCrash) Click to enlarge.

Reviews from customers worldwide have been over-the-top positive in practically every respect, making purchase of these “new-vintage” Geypermen a no-brainer for fans and collectors.

With Hasbro making very little 12″ product these days, the HobbyCrash figures seem like a great new lineup to begin collecting. Each new Geyperman appears to be limited to a 250 quantity run, so if you’re interested (and have the moolah), we recommend you visit THIS PAGE of their website for complete ordering information.

In this undressed shot, you can see the tight, high-quality 1970s body style of HobbyCrash’s new-vintage figures (w/KFG). WOW! (Photo: HobbyCrash) Click to enlarge.

“Vintage Toy, Action Figure & G.I. Joe Show” Being Held Sunday, 9-23-12, in Sacramento, CA

Previous event held inside the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. (Photo: Toyfusion)

Joeheads and vintage toy fans in California have someplace to be this weekend!

This Sunday (Sept. 23, 2012) in Sacramento, CA, Toyfusion, aka “The Real American Toy Store,” is hosting its own “Vintage Toy, Action Figure & GIjOE Show.” The show will be held in the Scottish Rite Masonic Center at 6151 H St., from 10am to 4pm. Admission is $5 (from 10am-3pm) with FREE ADMISSION after 3pm. Special thanks have to go out to James (tatsunokofan) over on the Trenches for being the first to provide a “heads up” post about this event. According to James…

“I just wanted to remind any G.I. Joe collectors in the Northern California area that the Sacramento G.I. Joe show will be held this Sunday, September 23rd. Okay, officially it’s the “Sacramento Vintage Toy, Action Figure & GI Joe Show,” but it has an emphasis on G.I. Joe, having been given the blessing of the people who had been organizing the local show to take it over. I hope I’ll see some of you there this Sunday!

GIjOE comics artist, Larry Hama
(Photo: Larry Hama)

Similar to the national GIjOE conventions, Toyfusion is also including special guests (GIjOE artist Larry Hama), big movie props (from Robocop and Battlestar Galactica), GIjOE prototypes and artwork, a massive dealer room and much more. (Seems as if others are finally learning how to throw a show!) We love Toyfusion’s pro-customer attitude and friendly, personal approach to toys. According to a company statement on their website…

“We all share the passion for this hobby. Toy Fusion’s biggest drive in staying in this business is in helping to make other people happy, while raising funds to keep doing what we do. It is a wonderful feeling when you see someone get nostalgic when remembering their favorite childhood collectible, or a kid who smiles after receiving a toy! Those are the moments that make it worth it.”

GIjOE will be there too!
(Photo: Hasbro)

Fans on the West Coast regularly complain about the lack of quality GijOE shows being held in their area. Well…THIS ONE looks like it’s going to be a great opportunity. So fill up your tank, merge into the express lane and GET TO IT! For complete information on all the events, we recommend you visit Toyfusion’s info-page found HERE. (Psst! If you’re fortunate enough to attend, please write us here at The Joe Report. We’d love to post your news or photos from the event. Thanks in advance for any submissions. —Mark)

Happy Birthdays to “Batman” Star, Adam West & “Man From U.N.C.L.E.” Star, David McCallum

To anyone who grew up in the 1960s, Adam West WAS Batman. (Photo: ABC Television)

David McCallum in an early publicity still as Illya Kuryakin in NBC’s super-spy drama, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Photo: NBC TV)

Just a quick heads up to wish ’60s TV icons Adam West and David McCallum each a Happy Birthday. Today, Mr. West (aka TV’s “Batman”) turns 84, while Mr. McCallum (aka Man from U.N.C.L.E.’s “Illya Kuryakin”) is now 79 years young.

The Illya Kuryakin action figure from Gilbert was like a blond Ken doll with very limited articulation. Nice box, though! (Photo: Click to enlarge.

McCallum has already been immortalized as an “official” 1:6 scale action figure (by Gilbert Toys back in the 1960s), while West has had numerous fan-created, custom figures made resembling him (see previous article on 7/27/2012 for more information regarding that subject).

If the 2013 Batman figure looks half as good as this Wayne Faucher custom, we’ll all be in Bat-Heaven! (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Of course, as faithful readers of The Joe Report already know, collectors of 1:6 scale action figures everywhere are eagerly awaiting the 2013 release of an OFFICIAL Adam West Batman figure created by Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles. Holy Happiness, Batman!

Both men have brought a lot of pleasure into our lives. We wish them all the best and many more HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to come!

1:6 Scale, Table-top, Arcade-Style Video Games Produced by “Masters of Miniaturization”

While playable with our 1:1 scale human hands, these miniature, 1:6 scale desktop video games are more accurately sized for use with 8 or 12″ action figures (depending on the height of the cabinet ordered). Imagine the arcade room diorama you could create with these! (Photo: Vincent Coleiro)

Vincent also recreates the popular, sit-down “tabletop” style games. AMAZING! (Photo: Vincent Coleiro)
Click to enlarge.

In their nascent heyday of the 1970s, video game arcades were some of the busiest (and noisiest) places at the shopping mall; full of kids and teenagers who were eager to drop fistfuls of quarters into the latest machines. Classics like Missile Command, Battlezone, Zaxxon, Centipede, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and many others all debuted during this period, garnering millions of devoted fans worldwide.

Subsequent generations, raised on smaller home video gaming systems and most recently, tiny hand-held devices, will never know the fun of standing close to a full-size video game cabinet, precariously balancing a cup of soda and line of quarters, all while being bombarded by the machine’s thunderous music and sound effects. Ah… what memories!

Three of Victor’s creations show accurate graphics, colors and details. (Photo: Victor Coleiro)

If you’re a nostalgic video “gamer” or collector of 1:6 scale action figures, you have reason to be excited about this story. We recently tracked down two “Masters of Miniaturization” who are currently recreating these games—in 1:6 scale!

Here’s what Victor Coleiro of Australia had to say about himself and his mini-arcade masterpieces…

Mini-Video Game Wiz, Victor Coleiro at his home in Australia.
(Photo: Victor Coleiro)

“I’m a 43-year-old ‘mad retro gaming fan’ from Melbourne Australia. I first started playing video games when Space Invaders came out way back in the day. When I was 14, I bought a Colecovision and played it constantly. The same year I managed to win the Australian Colecovision championship after winning the local and state championships. Now I’m a computer programmer and IT manager.

As a bit of nostalgia, I thought it would be fun to try and recreate the arcade machines I played as a kid. The challenge was to make a machine that took up very little space as my wife was already complaining about the space my other retro goodies where taking.
So I decided to make a ‘micro-sized machine.’

Some of the “guts” of Victor’s cabinet game are revealed during production. (Photo: Victor Coleiro)
Click to enlarge.

To create the machines, I use a soldering iron, fine-tooth saw , hot-glue gun, sandpaper, screwdrivers and a cordless drill. The materials used include: 6mm mdf, hot glue, super glue, putty, solder, wiring, switches, buttons, joystick, printable sticker paper (I print the artwork using my inkjet printer), 1mm thick plastic sheeting, 3mm thick perspex, magnets, paint and either a modded GBA SP for some of the machines or a modded wiimote for the others.

I built my first micro arcade machine in June 2011. I can make the machines on request via my email at: , however, these days I only do that if I have the time. They take 4-5 days each to build by hand and I was charging about $250 for them. You can make them yourself with parts sourced from ebay etc for about $150 in parts.

This 3/4 view shows “retro” graphics from the original games are applied to the sides of the cabinets as well. (Photo: Victor Coleiro) Click to enlarge.

I make 2 type of micro-sized arcade machines. The first type such as seen in the Mortal Kombat, Space Invaders and Desktop arcade videos where all created by me by modifying a Nintendo GBA SP (AGS-101) Backlit model.

The other type of micro arcade machine such as the RetroCade and the micro cocktail table all use a modified wiimote that connects to an ipod touch or iphone running imame4all using Bluetooth.

Also, If anyone is interested in building their own machine, whether it be full-sized or micro-sized, there are a number of great and helpful communities full of people willing to assist. The best 2 are: Build your own arcade controls forum and also Aussie Arcade.”

To 1:6-scalers, the height of Victor’s stand-up machines is the only noticeable problem. For a 12″ GIjOE, they would be too short. Of course, that problem is easily rectified by lengthening the height of the cabinet a few inches. No biggie.

This game’s added height makes it a perfect size for use with 1:6 scale action figures. (Photo: Vonjett)

Another “Master of Miniaturization,” has already done just that. Known most famously by the online name “Vonjett,” he has created a reproduction of the classic Star Wars game in exact 1:6 scale. Its taller cabinet height makes it slightly more awkward for 1:1 scale humans to play, but it would look ideal next to 12″ GIjOEs or other 1:6 scale figures.

We tried repeatedly to contact Vonjett for this article, but had no success. Fortunately, there is a wealth of material on the internet about these two men, and both have posted videos on YouTube.

For more information on Victor Coleiro’s work, we suggest you go to his YouTube channel found HERE. And Vonjett’s superb video demonstrating his amazing Star Wars game is “required viewing” for all fans of classic arcade games and collectors of miniature 1:6 scale (see at bottom of this article ).

We’ll leave you with a few more photos showing Vonjett’s Star Wars game during its construction. Absolutely amazing work!

This production photo reveals some of the painstaking fitting of tiny wooden pieces required to create the Star Wars game cabinet. This is essentially the creation of miniature ART, all prior to painting and other detailing. Superb! (Photo: Vonjett)

The creation of the miniature coin-slot panel using resin casting and molds. (Photo: Vonjett)

The final panel after painting with working lights and other details. (Photo: Vonjett)