THANK YOU For Making The Joe Report a Success!

This map from the stats page of The Joe Report (dated 9-23-2012), reveals that its readership, or “current global reach” has extended to over 100 countries around the world. (We’re still working to reach fans in Greenland and North Korea. HA) (Graphic: WordPress)

The Stats Don’t Lie. “The Joe Report” is an unqualified HIT—Thanks to YOU!

I just happened to check the stats summary of The Joe Report (TJR) this morning and was completely taken aback by my findings. To be honest, I had no idea how effective TJR had become in reaching other collectors of 1:6 scale around the world. As they say, “Let’s go to the tape…”

The Joe Report is now being read by fans and collectors in 114 countries across the globejust look at that map!

Since its debut, The Joe Report has amassed over 60,000 independent views, averaging 8,500+ views—per month!

And look at this...In only 7 months, The Joe Report has produced almost 200 articles and received 321 comments from YOU, our faithful, discerning, and intelligent readers.

A big “thank you” to all TJR fans for your continued support. YOU are the reason for our success!


3 thoughts on “THANK YOU For Making The Joe Report a Success!

  1. GIJOEBILL says:

    Congratulations to you Mark!!

    Thanks for bringing us The Joe Report!!

  2. kneonknight says:

    I can’t help but seeing a “Risk” board, where Orange and Gold have dominated everything but the holdout white areas…

    Seriously, the vast swaths in Africa I understand, much of the region is either still underdeveloped, living under a brutal oppressive regime that prohibits all radical media (such as the internet and awesome action figures) or desert where no one really lives.

    I also understand the huge block covering “Best Korea” and the Middle East-Western ideas and toys are not welcome, unless they happen to be plastic assault rifles strapped around young childrens’ necks in an attempt t emulate their *ahem* elders.

    But Greenland? Really? I happen to know we still have weather-stations and DEW outposts up there. Hey, You real life G.I.Joes-why no love for your little plastic brother?

    Iceland is a no-brainer. It’s sheep, volcanoes, fire giants and Helcaraxe. They are forgiven. But they should still buy Captain Action and his Thor Costume.

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