1:6 Scale “KHEM” Black Panther to be New York Comic Con Exclusive and Limited to 200 Pieces

Kid Action’s “faithful” panther “KHEM,” is now available as a NYCC exclusive from Round 2 and Captain Action Enterprises. (Photo: Round 2)

Round 2 gurus, Ed Catto and Joe Ahern recently announced another exciting exclusive for Captain Action fans…an all-new, 1:6 scale black panther! No, we don’t mean a Huey Newton action figure (although that might be interesting), we mean Kid Action’s “faithful” panther, “KHEM.”

Next month, the good folks at Round 2 will attending the New York Comic Con from October 11th through the 14th. During that time, as they man their booth talking to everyone about the virtues of Captain Action, they’ll also be offering these cool new panthers as a “con exclusive.” According to a recent CA forum post by Catto…

As you well know, in the 60’s, Captain Action’s sidekick Action Boy had a ferocious black panther called Khem. We’re bringing him back for NYCC with a limited run of 200 pieces.

Khem the black panther will come with a special trading card (from the card set) and his gold chain necklace. As you can see, this is a beefed up Khem, and displays very nicely with the figure. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Oh, yes! We like it indeed! The Playing Mantis version of Khem was adequate, but Captain Action fans have long wished for, as you say, a more “beefed up” version. This new one looks MUCH better. As to availability, Catto is also offering it prior to the show, saying…

We wanted to let everyone here (on the CA Yahoo list) have the ‘first shot’ at it.  We’re planning on retailing him for $24.99 at the show and with shipping, lets just say they’d be $30 even. Anyone interested? If so – let us know ASAP by email, and then send a check to us at:

 Khem NYCC exclusive Offer
Captain Action Enterprises, LLC
c/o Ed Catto
656 Wyndemere Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Thanks for the opportunity to acquire Khem without flying to NYC, Ed. Justice Has Been Done!


One thought on “1:6 Scale “KHEM” Black Panther to be New York Comic Con Exclusive and Limited to 200 Pieces

  1. Steve Polzak says:

    The Khem is nice. Someone had told me about it, but it’s not a true action figure as far as being positional. Now that would have been something! But THIS Khem I will say, is much better.

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