“Vintage Toy, Action Figure & G.I. Joe Show” Being Held Sunday, 9-23-12, in Sacramento, CA

Previous event held inside the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. (Photo: Toyfusion)

Joeheads and vintage toy fans in California have someplace to be this weekend!

This Sunday (Sept. 23, 2012) in Sacramento, CA, Toyfusion, aka “The Real American Toy Store,” is hosting its own “Vintage Toy, Action Figure & GIjOE Show.” The show will be held in the Scottish Rite Masonic Center at 6151 H St., from 10am to 4pm. Admission is $5 (from 10am-3pm) with FREE ADMISSION after 3pm. Special thanks have to go out to James (tatsunokofan) over on the Trenches for being the first to provide a “heads up” post about this event. According to James…

“I just wanted to remind any G.I. Joe collectors in the Northern California area that the Sacramento G.I. Joe show will be held this Sunday, September 23rd. Okay, officially it’s the “Sacramento Vintage Toy, Action Figure & GI Joe Show,” but it has an emphasis on G.I. Joe, having been given the blessing of the people who had been organizing the local show to take it over. I hope I’ll see some of you there this Sunday!

GIjOE comics artist, Larry Hama
(Photo: Larry Hama)

Similar to the national GIjOE conventions, Toyfusion is also including special guests (GIjOE artist Larry Hama), big movie props (from Robocop and Battlestar Galactica), GIjOE prototypes and artwork, a massive dealer room and much more. (Seems as if others are finally learning how to throw a show!) We love Toyfusion’s pro-customer attitude and friendly, personal approach to toys. According to a company statement on their website…

“We all share the passion for this hobby. Toy Fusion’s biggest drive in staying in this business is in helping to make other people happy, while raising funds to keep doing what we do. It is a wonderful feeling when you see someone get nostalgic when remembering their favorite childhood collectible, or a kid who smiles after receiving a toy! Those are the moments that make it worth it.”

GIjOE will be there too!
(Photo: Hasbro)

Fans on the West Coast regularly complain about the lack of quality GijOE shows being held in their area. Well…THIS ONE looks like it’s going to be a great opportunity. So fill up your tank, merge into the express lane and GET TO IT! For complete information on all the events, we recommend you visit Toyfusion’s info-page found HERE. (Psst! If you’re fortunate enough to attend, please write us here at The Joe Report. We’d love to post your news or photos from the event. Thanks in advance for any submissions. —Mark)


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