HobbyCrash Releases 3 “All-New Vintage” Geyperman Figures Including: Yellow-Jersey Adventurer, Military Police, and U.N. Soldier

HobbyCrash’s new/old Geyperman yellow-jersey Adventurer and the camo-clad U.N. Soldier figures are superb. Their brightly colored outfits SCREAM 1970s. (Photo: HobbyCrash)

The newly-released Geyperman MP figure from HobbyCrash is shown here in front and back views, revealing its vintage uniform with white belt and shoulder strap, white holster with .45, machine-gun, red MP armband, dickie, helmet and short boots. WOW. (Photo: HobbyCrash)

Each new-vintage figure comes complete will all the appropriate manuals and superb repro box. (Photo: HobbyCrash) Click to enlarge.

HobbyCrash, everyone’s favorite manufacturer of “all-new vintage” Action Man and Geyperman reissue figures, is keeping the good stuff coming. In addition to their “basic figure” lineup, the company has recently released three NEW reissue figures: a stunning yellow-jersey AA Adventurer, unique UN Soldier (in vintage camo) and a superb Military Policeman.

The U.N. Soldier comes with this great box and all the rest as shown. (Photo: HobbyCrash) Click to enlarge.

As we first reported in an article dated 4-12-2012, HobbyCrash is producing these newly reissued figures using the ORIGINAL Geyper molds and equipment provided by Hasbro back in the 1970s.

All of the bodies, flocking and internal assembly parts are all new-vintage and 100% authentic in every detail. Even the uniforms and accessories are authentic NOS (new old stock) vintage. It’s as if we’ve all somehow gone back in time and are able to buy new figures once again from the stores. What a mind-blower!

(Photo: HobbyCrash) Click to enlarge.

Reviews from customers worldwide have been over-the-top positive in practically every respect, making purchase of these “new-vintage” Geypermen a no-brainer for fans and collectors.

With Hasbro making very little 12″ product these days, the HobbyCrash figures seem like a great new lineup to begin collecting. Each new Geyperman appears to be limited to a 250 quantity run, so if you’re interested (and have the moolah), we recommend you visit THIS PAGE of their website for complete ordering information.

In this undressed shot, you can see the tight, high-quality 1970s body style of HobbyCrash’s new-vintage figures (w/KFG). WOW! (Photo: HobbyCrash) Click to enlarge.


2 thoughts on “HobbyCrash Releases 3 “All-New Vintage” Geyperman Figures Including: Yellow-Jersey Adventurer, Military Police, and U.N. Soldier

  1. Luis Suárez says:

    HI, Im LUIS from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, and ive been following the work of juanma from hobbycrash, since the beggining of revival the geyperman action figure, and i just can say, its like a kind of miracle, and of course is the product of a big effort from juanma and his family…His giving us the opportunity of recovering our dear action figure….Ive got all the models, and i just can say…what are you waiting for to catch them all…THANKS JUANMA…!

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