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“Jumble” Puzzle Features G.I. Joe-Related Answer

The daily "Jumble" word puzzle created by

America’s Movable Fighting Man made the papers again today in the ever-challenging “Jumble” word puzzle (created by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek). Today’s puzzle features a cyclops family who’s son is opening a new (one-eyed) GIjOE. (Puzzle: Hoyt and Knurek)

Bottom Line: The world’s most popular toy line has made yet another appearance in American pop-culture. No, it’s not in your local toy store (sorry), but in the Jumble puzzle on the comics page of your local newspaper. We not sure if the Jumble’s creators are GIjOE fans, but they’ve clearly made our 12-inch action hero a central part of today’s challenge. We recommend that you print out the graphic shown above, complete the puzzle at your leisure, and then cut it out and add it to your ever-growing scrapbook of GIjOE-related ephemera. The Jumble’s now part of GIjOE’s history!

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G.I. Joe’s Appearances in Newspaper Comics #4

This kid knows what his GIjOE's need! (King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Click to enlarge.

This kid knows what his GIjOEs need! (King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Click to enlarge.

I was just finishing up my newspaper this morning and there it was: another (albeit small) appearance of GIjOE in a comic strip! This time, the perpetual temp worker, “Dustin,” is holding down a kiosk job at the mall, selling those little RC helicopters. He’s about to make his first sale to a little boy and his dad, when GIjOE is mentioned. It’s not much, but it counts as an official “Joe Sighting” in newspaper comics. Enjoy!

G.I. Joe’s Appearances in Newspaper Comics #3

Who knew the end of the dinosaurs was brought upon by the awesome firepower of GIjOE?
Jason Fox, that’s who! (Art: Bill Amend) Click to enlarge.

In this closeup, Jason’s GIjOE Dart Helmet takes on yet another new appearance. (Art by: Bill Amend)

I was going through stuff to take to Goodwill the other day (don’t worry, no Joes) and was skimming through some old Fox Trot books. I soon discovered a few strips with references to—and a cameo appearance by—our old friend, GIjOE; so I thought I’d share them here with you as part of our ongoing series of “GIjOE sightings” articles.

As fans of Fox Trot already know, the character most likely to be seen with anything GIjOE-related is usually Jason. Jason’s a little geekoid kid who’s always obsessing about the latest movies, computer games and toys, especially ones that he can use to somehow annoy his older sister, Paige.

He’s constantly bombarding the poor girl with kites, spitballs, flying Hot Wheels cars and even suction cup darts fired from his “GIjOE Dart Gun Helmet” or bazooka. Enjoy!

If it says “GIjOE” on it, it’s got to be good. Right, Jason? (Art: Bill Amend) Click to enlarge.

Jason puts his new GIjOE helmet to quick use. HA (Art by: Bill Amend) Click to enlarge.

In this last strip, Jason combines his GIjOE Dart Helmet with a GIjOE Bazooka and guns for even MORE “anti-sister” firepower. HA (Art by: Bill Amend) Click to enlarge.

G.I. Joe’s Appearances in Newspaper Comics #2

Hilarious appearance of Action Man in Baby Blues (Art: Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott) Click to enlarge.

Thanks to longtime GIjOE fan and collector, Bill Ruperto, a few more humorous GIjOE “newsprint sightings” have been made. In this case, the strips actually featured Joe’s UK cousin, Action Man who appeared in a comic strip called Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott. Ruperto wrote in to The Joe Report recently to describe his findings…

GIjOE collector Bill Ruperto (Photo: Bill Ruperto)

“Believe me when I tell you my memory bank sucks. But I remember posting a sighting over in the Trenches forum and did a quick search to find the old post.

The comic strip, ‘Baby Blues,’ has mentioned Action Man at least a half a dozen times over the years.

Normally, the little boy Hammie is picking on his sister and her Barbies. One time, she gets her revenge and dresses his Joe in some doll clothes. That is just wrong.”

Thanks for your help, Bill! The “funnies” are a great way to brighten everyone’s day, and anything featuring GIjOE or Action Man is twice the fun. After you wrote in, we did some more research and were able to locate a few more of those infamous “dressing Joe in doll clothes” Baby Blues strips that you mentioned. Take a look (and enjoy)…

Action Man made to wear Barbie clothes in Baby Blues (Art: Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott)
Click to enlarge.

The infamous “Pink Panties” appearance of Action Man in Baby Blues (Art: Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott) Click to enlarge.

And finally, what REALLY happens when Action Man marries Barbie. (Art: Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott) Click to enlarge.


G.I. Joe’s Appearances in Newspaper Comics #1

Red and Rover comic strip from 7-10-12 (Art: Brian Basset) Click to enlarge.

We all know about GIjOE’s RAH comic books by Larry Hama,, but occasionally, our favorite action hero also makes a guest appearance in a random, daily comic strip in the newspaper. I thought I’d start sharing those fleeting appearances with you here on The Joe Report.

We’ll launch this new series of “newsprint sightings” with today’s appearance of GIjOE in the daily strip, “Red and Rover” by Brian Basset. If you’ve never seen R&R before, it details the carefree life of a 10-year old boy and his faithful dog. In this strip, GIjOE is called upon for some dangerous subterranean duty. More strips to follow as I discover them. Enjoy!