All About “The Joe Report”

“Cap” is Mark’s first-ever GIjOE. Mark picked him out personally when he was only 8 years old from “The Toy Box” toy store in Reno, NV. Cap can currently be seen in the adventure serial “A Joe a Day” with his famous team, “The Magnificent 7.”

The Joe Report is a FREE online “blogazine” dedicated to all fans, collectors and customizers of GIjOEs, Action Man, Dragon, 21stC, SOTW, BBi, Sideshow, Hot Toys and other 1:6 scale action figures. Our mission is to scour the various worldwide forums, magazines, collector’s club websites and elsewhere to gather the most recent, relevant and interesting information regarding this exciting hobby and then post the “best of the best” here.

The Joe Report is compiled, written and moderated completely free of charge by GIjOE collector and fan, Mark Otnes. Mr. Otnes is the owner/operator of the Sterling Creative Group in Urbana, Illinois, as well as the online business Patches of Pride (PoP). He also maintains the Central Illinois GIjOE Collector’s Club website, the worldwide GIjOE Collections website, the PoP Video Channel on YouTube and a PoP Fan Page on Facebook. Mr. Otnes is not affiliated with Hasbro or any other toy company and presents the material found on this blog solely as a free service to other fans and collectors around the world.

The Joe Report is sponsored by Patches of Pride. All products are proudly made and/or assembled in the USA.

We do our best to properly attribute credits to all photographs and quotes used within these articles. If you notice a credit has been omitted or given in error, please let us know so that we can correct it. All articles are ©Mark Otnes, DBA Sterling Creative Group and Patches of Pride.

Please submit any and all information to The Joe Report that you may have regarding GIjOE and other action figure news, products, shows, customs, etc. and we will post it all here to share with the world! We also encourage your feedback and commentary on anything and everything related to our great hobby. Please email all submissions regarding the The Joe Report directly to Mark Otnes at: Thanks for reading!

16 thoughts on “All About “The Joe Report”

  1. kneonknight says:

    Hi, Mark, it’s your long-winded pal K. with a site that has some absolutely great reference photos of many vintage Joes, accessories and vehicles. While it is by no means a complete documentation of every item form the 60s and 70s, what photos they do have are large, clear and show a lot of detail. Definitely worth sharing. They can be found at:

    Pass this along, I’m sure others will appreciate the pics.

  2. kneonknight says:

    Hi again, Mark, it’s K. with a suggestion for a short poll/ commentary column regarding “Official G.I. Joe” products versus “Licensed” items. For example, the 5-Star Jeep as opposed to the Irwin products, or DiD’s licensed DC Characters like Sgt Rock compared to the “Nostalgic Collection” Action Man and “40th Anniversary” Hasbro releases.

    Pros? Cons? Like, love, hate? Why? and should anything other than Hasbro be worthy of any “serious” collection? I have some very firm guidelines, and many gray areas, and would love to hear what other readers think.

    Give it a think, when you have a moment.

  3. Ron-Man says:

    In the vehicles section, the DAK Dragon tank is prebuilt and painted at $549. The Gray version was available in the same prebuilt configuration at the same price point. The $230 version you reference is a model kit. Not built and not painted. This is not for the completely novice model builder. DML Jeeps (4×4 all purpose vehicles) are usually available in the two flavors of prebuilt ($300) and model kit ($100). It is well worth the money to buy the prebuilt versions so you can pull them out of the box and display.

  4. ManilaJoe says:

    This is my morning paper! Excellent site!

  5. Many times Hasbro is not all. A diorama for example, is hand-built and reproductions are across the gamut but worthwhile. If it is modeling GIjOE, it has a good start. Some molds for reproductions can go upwards of $35,000 and have an awesome appearance with a Joe.

  6. Lavinia Rears says:

    Just discovered your blogazine! Love it!!!

  7. Can we order the new CA outfits for the figure yet? Come on, Joe. Is it ever going to happen? The dream looks great. Still waiting. T.J. Perdue

  8. round says:

    I don’t know how I missed “The Joe Report” blog. I just found it and I can tell already that I’ve got some readin’ to catch up on…lol… >>”RM”<<

  9. Lawrence Colbron says:


    I was wondering if anyone has created new maps and control panel for the Mobile Support Vehicle. I want to customize one of the ones I have. Maybe stickers with clear maps to put on clear plastic. An all-updated control screen with new tech, something I can put as a keyboard and mouse. Maybe some kind of mounted road map for the front half and some kind of control panel so I can add a steering wheel and peddles. Here’s a big kicker, I’d like to know if anyone has come up with idea for the dome that seem real as a way to get in and out (for the Joes).

  10. Paul says:

    Hi there, I have a collection of random 1964 hasbro gi joe dolls and was looking for an expert to guide price me the items if it that was ok?

  11. mikepower5150 says:

    Good Afternoon,
    Is there a National G.I. Joe Collector’s Club still in existence? If so, I need to rejoin the club.
    Thank you,
    Alan Terrill

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