Dragon Releases NEW 1:6 Scale Russian Aerosan RF-8, 2-Person Snowmobile dubbed “The BEAST”

Dragon’s newest vehicle, the Russian Aerosan RF-8, aka “The Beast,” with the new “Igor Ivanovich Bazarov” Red Army figure that comes with it. Do we like it? DA!!! (Photo: Dragon USA)

It’s time for Joe to take a WILD RIDE!

Just when we thought the 1:6 scale hobby had nothing new to offer our heroic 12-inch troops, look what WHOOSHES over the snow-covered ridge: Dragon’s new AEROSAN RF-8.

Similar in appearance to today’s modern airboats or “swamp rafts,” the Russian Aerosan is actually a 2-seater “attack snowmobile,” propelled by a car motor attached to a giant propeller. Imagine how fast it must’ve gone across that flat Ukranian snow! Zooooom!

“The BEAST” has great potential for customization. In this 3-D rendering, Red Army markings have been added for enhanced authenticity. (Available soon from Patches of Pride in waterslide decal form.) (Image: deepsona)

They were big. They were noisy. They were powerful and FAST. The German’s quickly dubbed them, “The BEAST” and no doubt scrambled for cover whenever one was seen or heard approaching. According to Dragon’s official press release…

“The RF-8 Aerosan was used by the Soviet Union during the ‘Winter War’ of the Second World War. Some were equipped with a machine-gun ring mount on the roof. The Aerosans were initially used for transport, liaison, and medical evacuation in deep snow, mostly used in open country and on frozen lakes or rivers. During WW2, aerosans were found to be useful for reconnaissance and raiding in northern areas, thanks to their mobility in deep snow.”

This painting of an up-armored version of the Beast will probably give many customizers ideas.
(Painting: Trumpeter)

Close-up of Igor reveals all the detail in his Russian tanker’s helmet. NICE. (Photo: Dragon)

If the Aerosan vehicle alone is not enough for you, Dragon’s also throwing in a new Russian figure to drive it around. Dubbed “Igor Ivanovich Bazarov.” the new figure represents a LMG Gunner in Russia’s WW2 Red Army, fighting the Germans somewhere along the Ukranian Front, around 1943. According to Dragon, Igor comes well-equipped with the following gear, clothing and weaponry…

NEO 3 Body
Character Head
Clear Stand Mount
Tanker Helmet

SOV M40 White Helmet
M1943 Tunic & Trousers (Private)
Hooded Winter Oversmock & Trousers
Soviet Sapogi Boots
PPSh 41 Stick Magazine Pouch
M1891 Ammo Pouch
Red Army Synthetic Leather Belt
Water Bottle & Cover
PPS 43
M1891/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle
PPS 43 Stick Ammunition
Ammo Clips for M1891/30 Mosin Nagant

The “BEAST” and its big propeller reminds many fans of the ’70s “Turbo Swamp Craft” from the Devil of the Deep GIjOE set. (Package art: Don Stivers)

Closeup of the engine and propeller of Dragon’s “Beast.” (Photo: Dragon USA)
Click to enlarge.

Many fans are already looking beyond the Russian use of the Aerosan and thinking…Adventure Team! Over in the Trenches forum, FarEastThunder wrote…

“Though not too much from WW2 has cross over application to modern or vintage or AT, I thought this might be an interesting exception to the rule. I thought some of the Adventure Team collectors would find this vehicle SUPER interesting, as it looks like it would have a lot of modification potential. With a little paint, some decals and some sprucing up, I can see this being very versatile for the AT crowd. If this makes it to kit form, I can see this being very accessible to AT collectors.”

AstroDan wholeheartedly agreed, saying…

“Wow! This thing just screams Adventure Team! Keith Justice has it on his site for PRE-ORDER, available sometime in September, 2012 with a $239.99 retail price. Ouch – but I want one! Hopefully, as you say, it will be available in kit form later.”

Cotswold too, is already trying to attract buyers with an even lower pre-order price, currently $209 HERE. Whether it’s used in a WW2 or Adventure Team diorama, this new “BEAST” is sure to be popular among collectors. ARRRRRRRRR!!!

Imagine the cool diorama possiblities with snow, trees, etc. (Painting: Trumpeter)


One thought on “Dragon Releases NEW 1:6 Scale Russian Aerosan RF-8, 2-Person Snowmobile dubbed “The BEAST”

  1. kneonknight says:

    This little honey has so much potential for customizers. I can personally see painting it bright orange, enclosing the crew compartment with plexiglass, upgrading the suspension and searchlight for a more modern look, and adding a safety cage around the prop. Slap on a big AT decal, and you have a very cool Arctic Exploration Vehicle.

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