G.I. Joe Collector, “Crazy Jack,” of Passaic, NJ, Profiled on Syfy’s “Collection Intervention”

GIjOE Collector, “Crazy Jack” of Passaic, NJ. (Photo: Syfy)

(Passaic, NJ) As previously reported on The Joe Report (August 10, 2012), producers of a new Travel Channel TV show called “Toy Hunters” have been actively scouting American Joeheads to see if anyone knows of an “undiscovered” GIjOE collection, hopefully stored out in an old barn or warehouse somewhere (yeah, good luck with that).

While that’s been going on, the Syfy Channel has quietly forged ahead with their own new show called, “Collection Intervention (CI).” CI is Syfy’s attempt to combine the “ooh and ahh” factor of the History Channel’s “American Pickers” with the “He or she is out of control(!)” portrayal of collectors shown on A&E’s “Hoarders.” Unfortunately, this is a case of too much in one pot, and the result is really a mish-mosh of mediocrity, making for barely passable TV fare.

In the recently aired CI episode entitled, “Two Houses Divided,” the show profiles two individuals; our hero, known only as “Crazy Jack,” a collector of GIjOEs and Hot Wheels cars (two GREAT choices, BTW), and “Beverly,” a supposedly “out of control” Barbie fan whose collection has spilled over into her two grown sons’ closets (ooh…how awful!). However, for the sake of brevity, self-interest and die-hard loyalty to our fellow Joeheads, we’ll only be focusing on the story of “Crazy Jack.”

An anxious “Crazy Jack” and his hapless wife, “Debbie,” listen carefully as the show’s host Elyse describes how their collection “intervention” will proceed. (Photo: Syfy)

We quickly learn that Jack is a successful classic car mechanic and restorer, who enjoys rewarding himself for all of his hard work by buying and collecting his two favorite toys, GIjOEs and Hot Wheels. However, like many of us, he does little to store them properly, and Jack’s wife, “Debbie,” who is recently unemployed and trying to clean up their house, bemoans the fact that Jack’s collections have absolutely “taken over,” saying…

“You don’t see a lot of empty space in our house. It’s really, REALLY ridiculous! And he doesn’t like ANYONE touching his collections.”

Jack’s wife Debbie (l) and show host Elyse Luray (r) stand in the living room surrounded by Jack’s collection. We see a red box set on the right, a training tower in the far back left, and a pile of vintage, boxed figures right in the center. Now, if they just cleared out all that furniture, Waterford crystal and other useless stuff, it would look great! Jack could start constructing a giant diorama right there in the middle of the living room. Hey, Debbie…Remember the big mud mountain Richard Dreyfuss built in his house in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind?” That’d look great! Imagine a bunch of Jack’s GIjOEs rappelling down the sides on ropes and climbing gear. TOO COOL! On second thought, leave the dining table right where it is. Jack could build his own “Devil’s Tower” right on top of that. Hoo-Rah! (Photo: Syfy)

Then, during a pointless, “let’s carry everything outside and watch Jack get stressed” evaluation session, two supposed experts (you know they’re experts because they’re wearing matching red polo shirts) get only about 30 seconds of actual screen time to voice a few (obvious) opinions.

The show spends most of its actual “Joe time” discussing the rarity and value of a boxed, vintage AA Joe. Fine. But how about panning that camera around a little? The guy has 1,000 GIjOEs! (Photo: Syfy)

After that, the show’s “host,” Elyse Luray informs a bored, but “crazy” Jack (back at work in his garage) that they’re taking some of his newer items to be sold at a flea market. Of course, he’s less than thrilled with the whole idea, but goes along anyway. By the end of the episode…

(SPOILER ALERT!) Jack and Debbie sell off some of his “contemporary” Joes (Aaugh! Noooo!) at the flea market, and happiness ensues all around. In fact, Jack states, the couple now feels more like “a team,” and are “closer than ever before.” (WOW. The power of selling a few Joes. Who knew?) If you stick with the entire episode, during the show’s closing credits, you’ll get to see exciting “after” shots of an all-clear living room and bedroom. Hooray! All is well again! <yawn>

In the show’s thrilling climax, Jack shills for customers at a local flea market during a friendly competition with his wife Debbie, to see who can sell the most of Jack’s GIjOEs. (Oh…The HORROR!) (Photo: Syfy)

Bottom Line: We wish Jack and Debbie all the best and would LOVE to meet them both at some future Joe Con or toy show. In fact, they’re definite “Joe-lebrities” now. But this show? It needs an intervention of its own. How about some serious discussion of the toys? With real experts we all know and respect? And less of the trying to build up fake psychological suspense? C’mon!


3 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collector, “Crazy Jack,” of Passaic, NJ, Profiled on Syfy’s “Collection Intervention”

  1. Tanker says:

    Anyone know this guy? The Joe community isn’t all that big…

    • kneonknight says:

      I wish I did…I would have given him a much better price on the items than those vultures in the red shirts sold them for…I think I understand now why the ‘red shirt guys’ were always getting killed on Star Trek. Honestly, this guy didn’t need an intervention, he needed some private space for his toys…err, I mean, “Valuable Collector’s Items”. Fortunately, my wife is very accomodating when it comes to my Joes…as long as I don’t spill over onto her computer desk and bookshelf, she could care less. As she says, at least I’m not gambling or chasing women of ill repute.

    • Sounds like a job for the New England GIjOE Collector’s Club!

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