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The Trenches Forum May Be Down—But it’s Not Out


Scott Beckmann, Trenches Founder

Numerous 1:6 scalers have written in to us lately regarding the unknown status and/or “fate” of the beloved GIjOE/action figure forum known as The Trenches. Clicks onto old links connecting to the website are currently coming up bone dry, and searches on Google too, are currently yielding no results. To discern the answer to this perplexing (and clearly troubling) question, we contacted the forum’s top man himself, Scott Beckmann, who kindly provided the following insider-intel:

malecomment“The Trenches are currently offline. We’re doing server maintenance and also some other stuff.”

Bottom Line: Take a breath, oh faithful “Trenchers.” Your favorite 1:6 scale hangout will be returning (sometime) very soon. And as they say—Good things come to those who wait!

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KY Man Builds Real Wooden Boxes & Crates at 1:6 Scale For Use With 12-Inch G.I. Joe Action Figures


Holy Supply Depot, Joe! These 1:6 scale ammo, food and equipment crates were all handcrafted out of wood by one very talented and generous GIjOE fan—Danny Garrett. OOHrah! (Photo: Danny Garrett)

Danny Garrett

Danny Garrett in his workshop. (Photo: Danny Garrett)


For 35 years, Danny Garrett (KY) has been faithfully serving his local community as a professional nurse; spending the last 10 years in the high-pressure environment of his hospital’s “ER,” or Emergency Room. Fortunately for Garrett, whenever the daily drama of his real life becomes too stressful, he can retreat to a cozy workroom at home and enjoy—the World of 1:6 Scale!

After hours spent cutting, sanding, shaping, gluing and detailing a variety of tiny wooden boxes for use with 12-inch action figures, the cares and pressures of his real-life work day begin to melt away. Turning his talented hands from patient care—to creating 1:6 scale accessories—is clearly beneficial to Garrett as an individual both creatively and therapeutically. But the very same thoughtful and giving personality that’s served Danny so well throughout his career in nursing, also prevents him from keeping (most of) his amazing creations. That’s right. Danny GIVES AWAY his superb miniature masterpieces to fellow fans and collectors of GIjOE. We asked Danny to elaborate and he replied:


Ding Dang It! I'm going to GIVE THEM AWAY if I want to! (Photo: Danny Garrett)

He’s Determined— Danny’s going to GIVE AWAY his creations—and dude, YOU can’t stop him! (Photo: Danny Garrett)

“I received my first GIjOE back in 1965. I was soon making scenes with him and his friends, Stoney Smith and Johnny West. Now I make dioramas with Joe and all his friends. I find myself being absorbed with dioramas as a release from the crazy world of the ER. It’s also a good way to support the GIjOE hobby and my fellow ‘Trenchers.’

My wife’s grandfather taught me to do wood-working, so I use the same techniques in making my boxes/crates. His advice was, once you set up a jig or pattern, it’s just as easy to make a dozen as it is to make one. So, I make more and bring them to Joelanta and give them away.

Now I have the whole family involved in building and finding objects to use in the next one. The grandchildren come over to see what ‘PawPaw’ is making now and give their suggestions. 

I first started giving away wooden boxes at Joelanta back in 2011. I’m always glad to see a smile whenever someone gets something free. So each year, I bring the fruit crates and something new to give away. The best is when you give one to a kid and see their smile. Thanks for your interest!” Danny Garrett, KY

Garrett's work is SO much BETTER than than any cheap plastic versions mass-produced over in China. In the photo shown above, Danny carefully "reimagines" numerous raw pieces of wood into all-new accurate 1:6 replicas of munition boxes, crates and loading pallets. SUPERB! (Photo: Danny Garrett)

Danny’s work is SO much BETTER than any cheap plastic versions mass-produced over in China. In the photo shown above, he carefully “reimagines” numerous raw pieces of wood into all-new accurate 1:6 scale replicas of munition boxes, crates and loading pallets. SUPERB! (Photo: Danny Garrett)

EXCLUSIVE JUMBO PIC— Garrett graced us with these superb samples of his work at Joelanta 2013. The fit, finish and quality are all TOP-NOTCH. For a super closeup of these intricate boxes, crates and pallet, click to enlarge. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

EXCLUSIVE BONUS “JUMBO” PIC— Garrett graced us with some superb samples of his work at Joelanta 2013. Their fit, finish and quality are indeed, TOP-NOTCH. Click to enlarge. (Photo: Mark Otnes)


Depending on their contents, some of Danny’s creations receive added details such as labels, rope handles and even custom paint jobs. (Photo: Danny Garrett)

Bottom Line: It was a pleasure to meet Danny at Joelanta 2013. He certainly surprised me when he reached out for my hands and then loaded them up with the FREE swag shown in the photo above. What a talented and generous guy! The patients at his Kentucky hospital are certainly lucky to have such a caring and thoughtful person looking after their needs. Our sincerest thanks and best wishes go out to Mr. Garrett for his assistance with this article and for all that he’s doing (and done) for the 1:6 scale collecting and customizing hobbies.

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“The State of the 1:6 Scale Hobby” Discussed By Panel of Experts at Joelanta 2015 in Atlanta, GA

Toy Expert and Pop-Culture Blogger, Rudy Panucci (Photo: Rudy Panucci)

Bottom Line: If you love GIjOEs and 1:6 scale action figures, but were unable to attend Joelanta 2015 earlier this month <D’oh!> then you’ll be THRILLED to learn that renowned pop-culture commentator, Rudy Panucci took his camera along to the event. As you may already know, some of Joelanta’s most anticipated activities actually take place away from the dealer’s room and outside its vaunted “hall of dioramas.” In fact, a variety of hobby-related meetings and seminars are regularly held and draw big crowds that are eager to display, demonstrate, discuss and even debate assorted 1:6 scale topics. This year was no different. And fortunately—Rudy was there!

Greg Brown of Cotswold Colletibles (Photo: DFW GIjOE Club)

Greg Brown of Cotswold Colletibles (Photo: DFW Club)

One of this year’s most anticipated panel discussions was the annual “State of the Hobby” commiseration. Thanks to Panucci and his video, you now have a front-row seat worthy of Don Levine himself. Enjoy as Joelanta host Buddy Finethy moderates an exceptional panel of experts including the aforementioned Panucci, 3D printing expert, Keith Holmes, Trenches founder/moderator Scott Beckmann, SA female figure expert Chung Kim and the well-known representative of Cotswold Collectibles, Greg Brown. Stick with the video to the end and you’ll be rewarded with Brown’s adamant declaration (which was met with thunderous applause):


“As long as you guys keep supporting what we’re manufacturing, I will do my damnedest to make sure we’re making what you want.” —Greg Brown, Cotswold Collectibles

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