Marvel Comics Inker and Master 1:6 Customizer, Wayne Faucher, Sells 1-of-a-Kind Custom G.I. Joe Adventure Team “Commando” on Ebay for $325!


Wayne Faucher, renowned inker for Marvel Comics, created this superb 1:6 scale “Adventure Team Commando” custom GIjOE, and quickly found an eager buyer for it on ebay, where it sold for $325. (Graphics: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

This closeup of Faucher's custom AT

This closeup of Faucher’s custom AT “Commando” reveals top-notch quality and attention to detail. (Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

We saw this listing on ebay recently and had to report on the outstanding opportunity it had afforded to fans of famed Marvel Comics inker, Wayne Faucher. It wasn’t for one of the artist’s inked masterpieces, but rather, for one of his most renowned 1:6 custom creations—the “Adventure Team Commando.” According to ebay:


“Not long ago, DC/Marvel artist and avid 1/6 collector, Wayne Faucher, created the Adventure Team Commando line for his own personal collection. He wondered what GIjOE might have looked like if Hasbro had decided to maintain and extend Joe’s military theme through the Adventure Team era. This was the second member of that fantasy Team: The “Tough Guy” Black Ops Adventure Team Commando. He’s the guy the rest of the Adventurers seldom mention. Mysterious and lethal, his missions are shrouded in a world of top-secret darkness.”

The custom box created by Wayne Faucher also represents the top-level of customizing quality. Out-STANDING! (Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

The custom box created by Wayne Faucher also demonstrates his mastery of top-level customizing quality. Out-STANDING! (Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

WOWEE-WOW-WOW! What a cool back-story and description. It’s truly a shame Hasbro won’t put even HALF the effort (as demonstrated in Faucher’s customs) into creating new 12-inch GIjOEs. If they even came CLOSE to such excellent concepts, they’d have had no trouble selling them out to rabid collectors in a matter of days. The auction’s description goes on to say:

“In addition to the fully equipped figure, this set also comes with a custom coffin box (designed and built by Wayne Faucher), an original pencil sketch on a certificate of authenticity (drawn and signed by Mr. Faucher) and an 11×17 Adventure Team Commando print. This is the second in a series of AT Commando characters and a one-of-a-kind art piece. Depending on how well received this piece is, he may do more. Or not. This could be your only opportunity to obtain a duplicate of a custom directly from his collection.”

The COA, the 11

All For One Money: The winner of the auction received a hand-drawn and autographed COA, an 11″ x 17″ print, and the figure with a custom coffin box as shown above. WOW! (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Faucher's amazing AT

Faucher’s amazing AT “Commando” prepares to send some serious lead downrange in this closeup taken by the creator. BRRRRRAPPPP!!!! (Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

SO EXCITING! We can only keep our fingers crossed that Wayne believes the selling price of this set ($325) to be “well received” and that he might consider creating MANY more just like it. The description concluded thusly:

“This figure is a perfect amalgam of vintage GIjOE militaria and Adventure Team fantasy. He comes fully loaded with a vintage style Hasbro grease gun, 2 grenade launchers (vintage style and modern), Lebel pistol (with shoulder holster) a knuckle-knife and a custom dyed vintage style Backpack. He’s dressed in a vintage style Hasbro AT jumpsuit (custom dyed), black beret (with custom AT flash), black ammo belt with canteen and cover, and a custom death’s-head armband.  He also features knee/elbow pads, gloved hands, custom boots, micro AT dog tag, and aviator sunglasses. All Hasbro pieces (including the figure )are from the 40th Anniversary GIjOE or Action Man lines.”

Wayne Faucher poses in his home studio recently with a couple of his custom figures.

Wayne Faucher takes a moment in his studio to pose with a couple of his superb 1:6 scale custom figures. (Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: We originally showed Faucher’s superb AT Commando figure in an article published back in 2013 (see HERE). His life in comics has clearly given him keen creative insights that dovetail neatly and professionally into the realm of action figure customization. Now, some two years later, the dream of owning one of his 1:6 masterpieces has become a dream come true for one anonymous and VERY fortunate collector. It’s exciting too, to know that customizers like Faucher continue to push the GIjOE evolution envelope in this manner. Fantastic work, Wayne!

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One thought on “Marvel Comics Inker and Master 1:6 Customizer, Wayne Faucher, Sells 1-of-a-Kind Custom G.I. Joe Adventure Team “Commando” on Ebay for $325!

  1. clivvers says:

    Amazing custom set! I just love the box graphics, very unique! I can imagine these are the guys the regular Adventure Team call in when everything else fails.

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