TJR What-If #1: “What if the Adventure Team Had Remained Closer to G.I. Joe’s Military Roots?”


Customizer Wayne Faucher provided two possible answers to our “What-If” question with these outstanding custom Adventure Team figures. Would YOU have purchased this pair at retail if Hasbro had offered them? Abso-fricken YES. These guys are hardcore A-Teamers! (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

The Answer? It would’a been AWESOME!


Don’t turn your back on this Joe. Wayne’s use of Adventure Team colors are spot on. Check out this figure’s yellow backpack! (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

In the first of our new series of “What If” articles, we ask the intriguing question, “What if the Adventure Team had remained closer to GIjOE’s military roots?” Indeed! What if Hasbro, instead of promoting Joe in his second iteration as a “peaceful adventurer,” had chosen instead to develop his new adventuresome persona more militarily?

Looking back, fans will recall that rising anti-war sentiment in the 1960s-70s prompted Hasbro to refocus GIjOE marketing strategy into non-violent themes and adventures. But for the purposes of this article, we’re not interested in rehashing the past; we’d rather investigate the essence of this “What-If” scenario: an alternate military Adventure Team timeline.

Fortunately, readers of The Joe Report LOVE a good challenge, and renowned collector/customizer, Wayne Faucher (see previous profile HERE) clearly felt that this one was too fun to pass up. Although he had never customized a GIjOE before, Faucher put his extremely creative mind to work on the problem, and in no time, had kitbashed two exciting solutions. According to Wayne:

“First, I came up with the guy in yellow. I used yellow, black and red as my only rules and just had fun with it. I tried to incorporate as many vintage style pieces as I could while supplementing with more modern bits. The grease guns, .45’s, knuckle-knives and uniforms are all from the 40th Anniversary line. Both figures also sport standard shoulder holsters.”


This closeup of Faucher’s custom “AT Black Ops” figure reveals he’s armed to the teeth. Looks like the guy to call for a really hairy Aliens-style “bug hunt.” (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

“As things progressed, I wondered what the most ‘dangerous’ division of the Adventure Team might look like.  You know, the AT guys you don’t want to mess with. Maybe they’re ‘Black Ops,’ or something even deeper than that. Not ‘bad guys,’  just A-Teamers the regular guys don’t talk much about.”


Faucher’s goldenrod-suited Joe is an absolute “badass.” Great choice to go with a vintage foreign headsculpt. And every other detail is PERFECT as well. Hello, Hasbro? (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

“If anyone’s interested in creating one of these goldenrod guys for themselves, here’s the ‘recipe’ for this dude: Starting at the top, that’s a vintage Action Man black beret I got for less than $5 off of Ebay. His glasses, boots and hands are from an old Dragon Thunderbird pilot. The figure itself is a Timeless Collection Australian Jungle Fighter redressed in a 40th goldenrod jumpsuit. 

The knee and elbow pads were all found on ebay as well. The walkie-talkie is from a 21st Century Fireman and the backpack is from a 21st Century Brush Fireman. The web belt is the (mysteriously) black belt from the Timeless Green Beret set. All in all, a pretty simple bash and it doesn’t look half bad. Enjoy!” —Wayne

Bottom Line: As alternative AT timelines go, this one holds a lot of potential. Of course, Hasbro eventually returned Joe to his military roots in the 1980s with the introduction of the 3.75″ RAH figures. But imagine if Hasbro possessed just HALF the creative genius and imagination of a Wayne Faucher; imagine what COULD be done in the name of 12″ GIjOE. <sigh> Oh well, thanks again to Wayne for all of his input and submissions. You go, Wayne!


4 thoughts on “TJR What-If #1: “What if the Adventure Team Had Remained Closer to G.I. Joe’s Military Roots?”

  1. Wayne didn’t mention that wicked armband. I wonder what the logo means or where it came from. Looks like some kind of “exterminator.” WHOA!

  2. Wayne Faucher says:

    Yeah, like the “Yellow Trooper”, I wanted the “Tough Guy” to be left open to interpretation. So, I’m not sure what that skull means. I just wanted it to mean “this guy is serious”. For a while, I’d had a simple black square on the armband, which was ominous, but not as scary. The skull has a historical presence in militaria, so I went with it. Between you and me; I started out with a RED armband but the moment I put it over the black uniform I knew it was WAY beyond what I meant to say! I mean, there’s “tough” and then there’s “evil”…..

  3. Gary says:

    Wayne – As always VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE! I actually printed out one of your last articles regarding the customs for Lost in Space – a TV favorite of mine. The Jet Pack, John Robinson’s Helmet and outfits were truly amazing in detail and I loved how you used odds and ends to create portions of them. You have a strong gift my friend and keep leading the way! I am trying to follow!!
    Sincerely, Gary

  4. Wayne Faucher says:

    Thanks so much. These guys were fun because they were basically bashes. Not much building involved at all. Just kind of grabbing what was around and seeing what worked. I normally do character figures. I’d never considered GI Joe as a “character” so, it was an interesting project.

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