Heads Up, Action Man Fans———2 Upcoming Shows To Take Place (Within 1 Week of Each Other) in 2 Village Halls (Only 2 Hours Distant) in the UK!

Action Man—Is HERE! Fans of all things Action Man gather 'round a dealer's table to search for 1:6 scale treasure during last year's VAME 4 toy show in the UK. (Photo: vame.freeforums.net)

Action Man—Is HERE! Fans of all things Action Man browse dealer tables at last year’s VAME 4 show in the UK. VAME 5, will be held on D-Day, June 6, 2015. BE THERE! (Photo: vame.freeforums.net)

Michael Acton, UK Action Man fan and collector (Photo: Michael Acton)

Michael Acton, UK Action Man fan and VAME Meet 5 organizer (Photo: Michael Acton)

Short 2-Hour Drive on the M1 Enables UK’s Action Man Fans to Gather at 2 Big Shows

Surely, Action Man fans living in the UK must realize how lucky they are whenever they glance at this year’s toy show calendar and see what’s coming up for them in the next 4-5 weeks: TWO big shows are being held at TWO separate village halls, only a short, 2-hour drive apart!

Because of greater distances and higher costs here in the United States, attending multiple shows each year is much more difficult for fans, both logistically and financially. It’d be a dream come true (for fans in the U.S.) to have to only drive 2 hours to attend such great events.

Fortunately for fans in the UK, they’ll be able to attend BOTH the Action Man Day 5 event scheduled for May 31st in the Village Hall in North Weald; then (only a week later) take a leisurely 2-hour jaunt up the M1 to the equally popular VAME Meet 5 being held in the Quorn Village Hall in Leicestershire (see map below).

A short drive up or down the M1 enables Action Man fans to easily gather at TWO big shows. WOW! (Map: Google Maps) Click to enlarge.

Would YOU drive 2 hours to see Action Man? Heck, yeah! A short drive up or down the M1 enables UK Action Man fans to easily gather at TWO big shows in 2015. WOW! (Map: Google Maps) Click to enlarge.

We asked VAME Meet 5 representative, Michael Acton (see his photo above the map), if he had any more intel on the upcoming show being held in Leicestershire and he kindly replied:


Bob Brechin

Palitoy Chief Designer Bob Brechin holds up a vintage Action Man he’d just autographed for a fan. Brechin worked at Palitoy between 1967-1984, primarily on the Action Man and Star Wars lines. (Photo: Sierra1)

“It’s being held on 6th June 2015, in Quorn (near Loughborough), in Leicestershire UK. It is just a few miles from Palitoy’s main base in Coalville. There is more detail on the VAME website HERE if you’re interested. The show is more of a social event than the usual commercial toy fairs and is shaping up to be the biggest yet. It is actually the longest-running Action Man event left in the UK now, having been held every year since 2011!

This year, we expect to have several of the original Action Man/Palitoy design team reunited, including Chief Designer Bob Brechin (above), with the Leicestershire museum service bringing local material on the history of Palitoy, a jaw-dropping display of ultra-rare carded pieces recently discovered (and heading to auction soon), plus the regular Action Man displays by VAME members of rare pieces, customs and (of course) lots of vintage Action Man (and GIjOE) to buy and trade.

There will also be a BBC TV crew filming (for part of a documentary on Palitoy) as well and we will be taking the opportunity to discuss plans to mark the 50th Anniversary of Action Man’s UK launch, which comes up in 2016. This is all subject to confirmation nearer showtime, so please check our website for the latest show intel. It’s shaping up to be the best one yet!” —Michael Acton

The official poster for VAME Meet 5 is cleverly patterned after a vintage AM accessory card.

The official poster for VAME Meet 5 is cleverly patterned after a vintage AM accessory card. With FREE admission and FREE parking, how could you NOT attend? (Graphic: Michael Acton) Click to enlarge.

Quorn Village Hall, UK (Photo: Google Maps)

The Quorn Village Hall will be the site of VAME Meet 5, on June 6, 2015. (Photo: Google Maps)

One week prior to VAME Meet 5, Action Man fans will also gather northeast of London on May 31st for Action Man Day 5, in North Weald, Essex. Non-UK readers of The Joe Report are already familiar with that show (see our coverage of last year’s event HERE) and are rightfully envious of all the enjoyable activity we’ll miss. Organizer Daniel Smart had this to say about VAME Meet 5:


Daniel Smart, UK Action Man collector (Photo: Daniel Smart)

Daniel Smart, UK Action Man collector (Photo: Daniel Smart)

“With many thanks to Clive (Clivvers) for his outstanding skills on this fantastic poster (see below), I am pleased to announce that Action Man Day 5 is now to be held on 31st May, 2015. Start saving your pennies, because this is the biggest and BEST one in the country and already we are nearly fully booked with all the regulars and a few new sellers. Be there or be elsewhere wishing you were there. All welcome, as usual. Entrance at 9.00AM. Kiddies are FREE!” —Daniel Smart

Action Man Day 5 Official Poster (Designed by Clivvers 2015)

Action Man Day 5 Official Poster (Designed by Clivvers 2015) Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: It’s wonderful to see that the spirit of Action Man collecting is alive and well in the UK. And it’s equally wonderful to learn that two big shows will be conveniently located within reasonable driving distance for all of the fans who wish to attend. Best of luck, mates! Go, Action Man!

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10 thoughts on “Heads Up, Action Man Fans———2 Upcoming Shows To Take Place (Within 1 Week of Each Other) in 2 Village Halls (Only 2 Hours Distant) in the UK!

  1. MrAction says:

    Nice article, Mark. Thanks for the publicity! I should just say that because of a change in auction dates, the carded pieces are now going to auction on 27th May, shortly before the VAME Meet. The auctioneers (Vectis) are offering to bring along auction wins to the VAME Meet for collection by any lucky winners who are not able to attend the auction in person and want to avoid posting them.

  2. Daniel Smart says:

    Many thanks, Mark. I can’t wait to meet everyone! I hold this show twice a year and I’m amazed at how busy they are. The show goes from strength to strength and always has the top dealers including Alan Hall from Modeller’s Loft. There is a lovely area for collectors to gather chat and swap items and a wealth of items to buy. We often have private collections up for sale and this year is no exception.

  3. iain says:

    Fantastic. The VAME has got to be the best Action Man show I’ve been to in years. I used to go to the D.Todd shows and they were very good, but the VAME shows are just out this world. One of the good bits is that it’s all FREE to get in and to sell, so there’s more money for vintage Action Man goodies!

  4. daz says:

    Great report! 🙂 The VAME Meet is the best. It’s not organised for profit. No dealers or traders. No early entry tickets. Just friendly collectors and enthusiasts. Well worth the trip. I cant wait till June!

  5. Rob Wisdom says:

    Looking forward to attending both shows, picking up some pieces, making new friends.

  6. Another great Joe Report!, Action Man Day 5 will be a great event, lots to see and friendly people to meet. A great day out. Personally, I am really looking forward to it!

  7. clivvers says:

    I hope both events are very successful, and everyone is able to find what they are looking for. A special mention: Hats off to Mr. Daniel Smart for getting ‘Action Man Day 5’ back on the calendar again. The A.M.M.O boys have been looking forward to this special event for ages.

    Cheers, Mark and cheers, Daniel.


  8. Brian Crowe says:

    I’m unable to make the VAME day as it is my daughters wedding that day. More than my life’s worth. However, I’ll be at AM Day 5 and look forward to meeting up with fellow enthusiasts. —Cappy.

  9. Captain Action says:

    Can’t wait till AM Day 5! Really looking forward to this event and meeting fellow enthusiasts. A fantastic day in the making methinks!

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