Captain Action “Loki” Uniform Sneak Peek

New teaser pic from Round 2 shows the upcoming "Loki" uniform set and reveals exciting new details including a power staff, a pony tail and his scary "evil goblet." Cool! (Photo: Round 2)

A first look at the upcoming CA uniform for Thor’s evil brother “Loki” has just been released by the good folks over at Round 2 and Captain Action Enterprises. According to CA guru Ed Catto, “This costume set marks the first costume for the all-new Dr. Evil in the modern era.” Their press release goes on in greater detail saying…

This earlier photo of a hand-painted prototype provides a better closeup of Loki's face. What a mug on this guy! And dig those crazy horns. He's going to be a unique addition to any action figure collection. (Photo: Round 2)

“All Captain Action costume sets come in two versions. The Toys R Us exclusive Loki costume set will include an authentically styled, detailed cloth costume with Loki mask, boots, staff, helmet, belt, newspaper and gloves. The deluxe set adds bonus accessories: gloved hands, Uru Chains, and a goblet. The deluxe set also includes a bonus Hawkeye™ tunic and harness – collect all 6 Marvel Comics costume sets for Captain Action to create a complete Hawkeye Avenger Build-A-Costume set!

This looks like a killer set. And it seems like a pretty smart marketing move to “part out” Hawkeye’s uniform this way. Hawkeye was a cool Avengers character, similar to DC’s Green Arrow. Most CA fans will want to assemble the entire Hawkeye costume, assuring smooth sales of most of the “deluxe” uniform sets.


3 thoughts on “Captain Action “Loki” Uniform Sneak Peek

  1. I’m as giddy as a school girl! It’s about time that one can walk into a toy store and get a great 12″ action figure. Round 2, keep up the good work. Hasbro, are you listening?


  2. kneonknight says:


    When has Hasbro ever listened?

    I am stoked over the new Captain Action, and am expecting my order from Cotswold any day now. Cap was my “go to guy” whenever I needed an enemy soldier or an officer to lead the troops, and he had plenty of adventures of his own, sometimes involving giant cats and dogs or huge cans of “radioactive” tomato soup.

  3. Jon Rann says:

    These great Marvel Silver Age characters held such promise. These costumes are (overall) excellent! It is extremely unfortunate that the silly masked heads make the figure’s proportions resemble bobble-head dashboard dolls. Equally disappointing, or moreso, is the fact that the base figure selected is so mediocre…a 1990’s design (at best) for the 21st Century. The base figure has a nicely sculpted face as its only plus. Suffice it to say that, monkey arms notwithstanding, the vintage Captain Action figure was more impressive, if not revolutionary for its day.
    Loki represents a very poor character selection for a line just getting started. DO THE HEROES FIRST…and get them RIGHT.
    I gave a friend’s first grade son a new Cap Action for Xmas…his take? “His body looks funny.” (In other words, the proportions were sufficiently inhuman for a child to notice right off.)

    Such a shame…

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