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“Veterans for Peace” Hope “Battlefield Casualties” Parody Video Will Convince UK Government to Raise Minimum Military Recruitment Age to 18

Playing with Action Man was never like this (thankfully!)

We recently came across a VERY powerful Action Man (AM) television commercial parody video. It was created by the advocacy group, Veterans for Peace UK, (VFPUK) and first aired (on the internet, natch’) back in 2015. But before you watch it(!), you should be aware that its content is somewhat startling, even bordering on adult-content. Yes, its creators clearly WANT children to see this video, but we think you should exercise due caution (see graphic freeze-frame image above) depending on your little ones’ ages and sensitivities.

The video contains three separate commercials. Each focuses on a different (and imaginary) Action Man figure play set. The three spots may feature fake products, but the heart-breaking scenarios depicted are all too possible, graphic and (regrettably)—realistic. The first introduces viewers to a psychologically damaged and emotionally traumatized “P.T.S.D. Action Man.” Rather than utilizing AM’s traditional “Eagle Eyes,” this sad fellow possesses instead, a “thousand yard stare,” and comes equipped with booze, drugs, and even a noose—to hang himself with.

The second spot features “Paralysed Action Man” in his wheel chair, wearing a hospital gown and carrying around his 1:6 scale colostomy bag (oh, what fun). The third spot, rather than “playing around” with any other physical or mental conditions, simply jumps straight to death, presenting viewers with a bombed-n-bloody corpse figure appropriately named, “Dead Action Man.” Don’t expect much “action” out of this (in)Action Man, as he is already completely, utterly and 100%—DEAD. The commercial gamely shows that you can zip him up in a body bag and bury him (with full honors, of course) out in your backyard. But after that…<well, sigh>

If you still didn’t get the message—War is Hell—and this Action Man parody drives that point home exceedingly well with its stories of these three tragic heroes. And, as AM television commercial parodies go, this is undeniably an excellent one in terms of its production. Each spot is superbly acted, staged, photographed, edited, narrated, scored and directed. Each perfectly recreates the elusive “vintage video look” of a 1970s original. Our sincerest congratulations to ALL of the master 1:6 scale customizers and diorama builders involved in its production. Simply AMAZING work!


Superb 1:6 custom packaging—surrounds three tragic and depressing 1:6 scale custom Action Man figures. No, you can’t go out to a local toy store and buy these sets. But then again, why would you want to? Despite the quality of their execution, they’re just too sad to own (or ARE they?). (Custom figure sets and photo: Darren Cullen) Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: The creators of this video clearly hope it will generate strong reactions among viewers, thereby aiding them in their cause. But will it? Military recruitment remains (sadly) a necessary endeavour for all free nations (freedom ISN’T free), but at what AGE should an individual be allowed to enter their country’s military? VFPUK’s website is urging UK citizens to write into their local MPs concerning this matter, and request that they raise the minimum enlistment age from 16 to 18. It will be interesting to see whether or not their Action Man parody video has any effect in making that change happen. Stay tuned, AM fans!

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Vintage Action Man Sailor Appears in 2014’s New “Singing Toys” TV Commercial For Freeview (UK)

Look at those lips! As this super closeup reveals, the creators of this new spot for UK's Freeview have really outdone themselves by perfectly and expertly animated his lips. Over the years, we've seen a lot of crudely animated lip movements in GIjOE-related TV commercials—but this isn't one of them. WOW! (Photo: Freeview)

Look at those lips! As this super-closeup reveals, animators of Freeview’s new UK TV spot realistically animated Action Man’s lips. Over the years, fans have seen a lot of crudely animated mouth movements in commercials—but this isn’t one of them. Spot on, Sailor! (Photo: Freeview)

Bottom Line: Blimey! America’s GIjOE isn’t the only 12-inch action figure to appear in a new TV commercial this year. In a brand-new spot just released over in the UK, a table full of unsold toys at a “jumble sale” begins singing an old Foreigner tune as an amazed janitor looks on. The “star” of the spot is a vintage, blue-eyed, fuzzhead Action Man Sailor, complete with facial scar and UK sailor’s uniform. Although his appearance is all too short, watch Action Man’s face carefully; his lips are EXPERTLY animated. Overall, a very enjoyable commercial. Enjoy, mate!

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