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Why It Was So Great to be a Kid———Back in 1967!

ˈnāsənt,ˈnasənt/ adjective
1. (especially of a process or organization) just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential.

Bottom Line: If you were a kid during GIjOE’s earliest, nascent days of the 1960s and ’70s, then we’re probably preaching to the choir. But if you didn’t come along until much later, you may not realize what you missed (so sad). If so, we highly recommend one of the most fond memories many of us adult Joeheads have: the “Capture Hill 79” GIjOE contest. Even if you lived through this early period of Joe history, we recommend you watch the TV commercial again, because when you do, it’ll all come back and your day will be MADE. So…Watch it. Know it. Remember it. Capture Hill 79!

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G.I. Joe and Jem Appear Together For Second Time in New “Fa La La La Love” Honda TV Commercial

Bottom Line: Despite Hasbro “deep-sixing” our favorite 1:6 scale action hero, GIjOE is clearly, a long way from being retired as an American icon. In a second TV commercial in as many months, Adventurer Joe and his hot date, Jem, are featured together (again) in a new 30-second TV spot for Honda automobiles. This time, Joe is clearly the star, singing, dancing and kung-fuing his way into Jem’s heart. Our only beef? The animators took the quick-n-easy way out when animating his mouth in this spot, utilizing what looks like a simple, cut-out paper mouth stuck onto Joe’s face. The result is cheap and “fake” looking. Otherwise, this spot is terrific fun to watch. Enjoy!

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