Pain in the Plastic—Early Reviews SLAM “Marwen”


Carell asks: “Why don’t they like me?” GIjOE Julie replies: “It’s too early, hon. Let’s wait for the 1:6ers to weigh in.” (Photo: Universal)

Will 1:6 Fans Agree—Or Disagree?

Bottom Line: While searching online for some additional intel this morning, we came across the Rotten Tomatoes website containing early reviews of “Welcome to Marwen.” To put it mildly, the critics don’t like the film. Comments from ordinary audience members have yet to come in in any force, but the critics are giving the 1:6 scale production a right ol’ PANNING right now, we’re very sorry to say. We’re posting a couple of screenshots we took about 11AM-ish today to give you an idea of what the critical coverage was looking like at the time of the posting of this article. Will this be yet another example of “love the subject matter, but hate the film?” Hope not! Let us know what YOU think—after you see the film. Thanks! —The Editor




3 thoughts on “Pain in the Plastic—Early Reviews SLAM “Marwen”

  1. Scott Hill says:

    I learned a long time ago not to let someone else tell me what I do and don’t like. I’ve had so many movies that I skipped by listening to reviews only to find out they were great. NBC being one of them. Everybody is different. They can give you an idea if it is way boring or something, but all this fancy talk is to impress each other. I understand you are letting us know it got bad reviews meaning the public may not like it, but I’m a better judge of what I like than anyone else. Roger Ebert said Star Wars was a 2-hour toy commercial or something to that effect. Another critic hated “When the Tigers Broke Free ” In The Wall. I LOVE both of these. Star Wars was nominated for Best Picture. Shows what they know!

    • Mark Otnes says:

      Turns out you’re 100% right, Scott. We just got back from seeing it and LOVED IT! It’s a great 1:6 scale fantasy, wrapped around a real-life drama with some good ol’ romance thrown in for good measure. We highly recommend it!

      • Scott Hill says:

        Good deal! So often, critics lean towards being negative about something because if they say they LIKE it and you hate it (and are out $40 based on their review)—then their name is mud.

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