Return of the Rocketeer?— Long Anticipated Costume Set for Captain Action Has Hit Yet Another “Snag and Could Not Deliver” (Again)


Up, up, and… a-WAIT AGAIN! Prototype for yet another (oft-delayed) “Rocketeer” costume set from Captain Action Enterprises. Will these EVER be for sale? (Photo: CAE) Click to enlarge.

homerDoh2Here we go again. 1:6 scalers get all excited about a new Captain Action costume set and BAM— it’s taken away from us. Just when we thought all the production ducks were in a row and CAE’s latest prototypes were set in stone, something (yet again) crops up to slow (or possibly stop) the manufacture and sale of what was a wildly anticipated 1:6 scale CA product—the Rocketeer costume set. Here is the latest intel, received hot over the wires from the hapless heroes at Team Action


“Hey Actioneers, we’re delighted to report that the reception to the new uniform sets announced at San Diego Comic-Con was overwhelmingly positive. We at CA Enterprises continue to maintain our commitment to keep the Captain Action legacy alive and growing. While the faithful have always been with us, we are now also seeking to attract new fans with our new offering of uniform sets which include The Rocketeer, Mars Attacks! and more. 

Currently, while we had hoped to have started pre-orders for these new uniform sets by now, the factory we were originally working with hit a snag and could not deliver. You can imagine how terribly frustrating that is for us, and we’re sure it is frustrating for all of you anxious fans as well. So here’s the situation—

We are diligently in the process of arranging a new deal with a new factory, and as soon as we have everything set to move forward, we’ll let you know. As we’re all in this together, we felt it very important to let you all know what has transpired and that we’re still very committed to bring you the best quality uniform sets in the Captain Action tradition.” Best, —Team Action


Rocketeer’s Rear ViewWait! Don’t walk away! Stay awhile! PLEASE? This CAE prototype costume shows excellent details and amazing quality overall. We want it! (Photo: CAE) Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: Good things come to those who wait. And wait. And then wait some more. It seems CAE is still working on bringing this costume set to market, but will it EVER arrive in our lifetime? And will it look HALF as good as these prototype photos? Only time will tell. Fingers (still) crossed!

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2 thoughts on “Return of the Rocketeer?— Long Anticipated Costume Set for Captain Action Has Hit Yet Another “Snag and Could Not Deliver” (Again)

  1. Joe says:

    I’d like to correct the above. First of all there is no AGAIN. The Rocketeer was never officially offered by Round 2. It was something being considered and a retailer they were querying about interest in the possibility of doing it took the inquiry the wrong way as being an actual solicitation and put it on their website causing a frenzy that never should have been. So there is no AGAIN. Companies have issues with factories all the time. This is nothing new. Unfortunately it has happened to us. We’re fixing it and we will be back with more news soon!
    Joe Ahearn
    CA Enterprises

  2. Gary A Stair says:

    Joe— It seems like the love for the Rocketeer is BIG. Most of the Rocketeer 1:6 scale figures are expensive and are even more difficult to find and buy. Therefore, many Captain Action affectionados were very hopeful to one day have a Rocketeer figure of their very own.

    In the interim, Captain Action fans will have to piece together the parts to create their own versions of the Rocketeer. I saw on eBay today a Jetpack for the Rocketeer with amazing detail – “Rocketeer Jetpack 1:6 12″ 1:6 Scale Action Figure” – so, hopefully the harness, clothing and helmet won’t be too far behind. Thanks for your efforts!

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