Official “Welcome to Marwen” Trailer Released

Bottom Line: They say “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Well, a day after we “complained” here on The Joe Report about the lack of any studio trailer or promotional materials for Universal Picture’s upcoming 1:6 scale film, “Welcome to Marwen,” wouldn’t you know it—an official trailer was almost immediately posted over on YouTube—and it looks simply AMAZING. Of course we’ll analyze it frame-by-frame and in super slow-mo for any signs of the aforementioned Patches of Pride products, but until we’ve had sufficient time to do that, take a look yourself—and ENJOY!

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take us long. After reviewing the trailer, only 2 scenes appears to clearly shows PoP’s patches. All of the rest of the closeup shots were CGI (i.e. special effects) renderings. It appears the filmmakers used PoP’s patches for some of the “live-action” scenes and also utilized them as “models” for the CGI’d versions as well. Still…all in all, VERY cool!


Tiny patches on a BIG SCREEN— Two of the tiny patches on the pilot figure’s bomber jacket were created by 1:6 scale patch creator Mark Otnes of Patches of Pride. The nametag appears to be hand-lettered and is not a PoP product. (Screenshot: Universal Pictures) Click to enlarge.


PoP’s Patches— This closeup reveals a great look at the 1:6 scale “Flying Tigers” patch created for Universal’s costumers by Patches of Pride. The studio’s costumers were VERY specific about this patch, requesting that it be created to an EXACT size so that it would fit within a tiny leather circle (as shown in the photo). What a PERFECT FIT! (Photo: Universal Pictures) Click to enlarge.

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3 thoughts on “Official “Welcome to Marwen” Trailer Released

  1. kneonknight says:

    Well! This looks great – definitely something I want to see, and not at all what I expected. Due to the level of detail on the figures used in the stills I had seen, I assumed they would be used in a fashion similar to the models in “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”. I had no idea that they would be the actual stars of the movie. But darn it, did he have to call them “dolls”? These gals are definitely ACTION figures!

  2. kneonknight says:

    Addendum: I wonder if we’ll be seeing merchandise from this film – that would be a real treat, especially if they entered the 1:6 scale market, which is just dying for some fresh stuff. Hey, movie guys! That’s what is known as a subtle hint!

  3. Gary Stair says:

    So happy for you Mark….and what a great movie to be connected to – Looks Awesome! Brings back memories of the OLE SEARS CHRISTMAS CATALOG…and wishing all the GI JOEs and Captain Actions Action Figures would come to life. I guess we all have our dreams! Kudos to you Mark – way to go!

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