New G.I. Joe Club Pic Confirms Exactly What Is Inside “Return to the Hidden Temple” Boxed Set


Gaze Upon Them— Here’s a peek INSIDE the JoeCon 2017 12″ exclusive box. (Photo: GIJCC)

Bottom Line: Just a quick update to our previous article of May 11th, 2017. Here’s what’s you’ll find inside the 2017 JoeCon 12-inch exclusive boxed set. Surrounded by black foam, you’ll find two excellent uniformed figures (one painted-hair w/nose-picker hands and one fuzzhead with KFG grips). Both come with oodles of equipment, a giant snake, the mystical serpent’s staff thingy, a convention lapel pin and a mini-comic book (not shown). Is all this new Joe-swag worth the club’s usual asking price of $375 (for club members) or $460 (for non-members)? As the Bible revealed, snakes can be QUITE tempting to many humans. Will YOU succumb to their shiny seducements?

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4 thoughts on “New G.I. Joe Club Pic Confirms Exactly What Is Inside “Return to the Hidden Temple” Boxed Set

  1. Lyle Kozak says:

    It is a nice set, but I could honestly put this set together for under $100 bucks. Aside from the packaging, there is nothing worth $460 IMO.

  2. But… What about that big block of foam? 🙂

  3. Wayne Faucher says:

    I love the set! Unfortunately, I’m really only interested in the MJF figure and I could get another really nice VINTAGE one for that price. If they made that figure available separately for say, $100-$150 I’d definitely want another example of my favorite vintage Joe.

  4. kneonknight says:

    I would definitely snap this set up if it were around $125 -$150, but as it stands, it’s too rich for my blood. As Lyle Kozak noted, you could easily put this set together (except for the packaging) for about 1/4 of the price.

    A shout out to Wayne Faucher as well, I’m on board with the MJF. I bought a set of AM 40th soldier fatigues and bleached them out, then dyed them a teal-ish color for the basic uniform, threw in the accessories from a spare Timeless Australian, and rounded it out with rifle, field telephone and .45 w/holster from various other sets. Add the repro uniform insignia from cotswold, and done.

    I’m with you on the foam block, Mark. No collection would be complete without this superb, infinitely versatile and useful accessory. XD

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