Space Ghost 1:6 Scale Custom Action Figure—WOW!

Ready for ACTION— Once again, customizer extraordinaire, Wayne Faucher, has produced a 1:6 scale action figure that the rest of the world will covet with envious eyes. His amazing new Space Ghost action figure is a spot-on, 1:6 scale masterpiece. Zowee! (Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

Look Out, Zorn! Wayne Faucher Creates Custom Space Ghost Action Figure in 1:6 Scale

Holy Asteroids! That jut-jawed, baritone-voiced, onesy-wearing, powerband-shootin’ outerspace superhero of the 1960s has FINALLY been given the 1:6 scale “star treatment” he’s so long deserved. We’re tongue-in-cheek-talking here, of course, about the inimitable namesake character from Hanna-Barbara’s 1966 Saturday morning TV cartoon—Space Ghost (SG).

As you may recall, Mr. “Ghost” (first name, “Space?”) was every little ’60s kid’s favorite intrepid cosmic avenger. He was a true defender of the the defenseless and a battler of all things weird, sinister—and MONSTROUS. For 42 action-packed episodes, no matter how dire the predicament or struggle, Space Ghost always managed to blast his way out—and into our hearts!

Nice, but TOO SMALL— For years, fans have had to satisfy their cravings for all things Space Ghost at much smaller scales. In fact, 3.75″ remained the norm, but some newer figures promise to reach as tall as 1:12 scale (or 6″). This blister-packed mini-Ghost and Blip set by Jazwares is typical of current offerings. (Photo: Michael Crawford)

Back in 1966, bleary-eyed children would plop down on the livingroom floor early Saturday morning to eat bowls of Quisp and other sugary cereals, content in the knowledge that after a rousing 15-minute episode of exciting outer-space/alien/monster action, Space Ghost would arise triumphant and restore the universe to its good and proper course again (just in time for another GIjOE commercial, ‘natch). However, as SG fans well know, after an all too brief 42-episode run, the beloved cartoon suddenly vanished within its own cloaking spaceship (The Phantom Cruiser) and would not to be seen again until 1994, when the show’s characters were resurrected and recast in Cartoon Network’s offbeat talkshow spoof, “Space Ghost—Coast to Coast.”

Sit Long and Prosper— Getting up early to watch cartoons on tiny televisions was a rite of passage for children during the 1960s and ’70s. What time do YOUR kids get up? (Photo: ClipArt Kid)

51 years after his television debut, Space Ghost continues to live on indefinitely in reruns. A plethora of smaller-scale toys, action figures and other “merch” have (thankfully) FINALLY been created, and videos on YouTube will keep the beloved character’s legacy alive and well for future generations. Nonetheless, and despite SG’s obvious popularity, it remains a mystery to thousands of 1:6 scalers as to why this space superhero has never been successfully “captured” (in 1:6 scale) by any major toy company. Is this another sign of the “demise” of 1:6 scale?

Custom Cartoon Perfection— As this closeup clearly reveals, Wayne Faucher’s new 1:6 scale custom Space Ghost action figure is a very accurate representation of the ’60s cartoon character. His headsculpt, figure, costume—it’s all perfect. Spaaace Ghooost! (Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

After some research, we were able to find a 1:6 scale Space Ghost costume on the internet (made for Captain Action figures), and even the 1:6 scale headsculpt utilized by Wayne for his custom project (shown above). Typically, putting all the pieces together (head/body/costume/accessories) requires the skills of a talented customizer like Mr. Faucher who states:

Wayne Faucher (Photo: WFT)

“I’m happy to finally have a 1/6 scale Space Ghost on my shelf. He’s one of artist Alex Toth’s most striking creations, and it’s finally been made possible with the help of yet another stunning head sculpt by the (very) talented Todd Grimes. It’s spot on, and I couldn’t have done this custom figure without him! Todd’s work can be found on

As you may recall, Space Ghost was created by Mr. Toth while in the employ of Hanna Barbera studios back in 1966. Only one season was produced (probably due to growing concern over violence on TV) but it’s been rerun ad infinitum ever since. I really hope people are aware of the original series, as it ranks right up there with Jonny Quest (which Toth also worked on with artist Doug Wildey) as one of the classics of television animation.” —Wayne Faucher

Step to the Left, Step to the Right— In this side view, Space Ghost appears to be doing a “do-see-do” at some square dance hoedown. Boogie DOWN, SG! (Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

Close, but no Cigar— The upcoming Space Ghost figure by Mezco looks promising at first glance, but it turns out to be only in 1:12 scale or approximately 6″ tall. D’oh! (Photo: Mezco) Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: Toymaker MEZCO has announced plans for a 1:12 scale Space Ghost (see pic at right) which would come in at about 6″ tall. That’s really not going to do it for most fans of 12-inch action figures. And what’s with the evil-looking Blip figure? Why did they decide to make the little guy look like some sort of possessed primate? Oh well, we’ll continue to keep our eyes open for a Captain Action or other 1:6 Space Ghost figure, but don’t hold your breath. It looks like it’s an uphill struggle to get ANY new 1:6 figure made these days. Our sincerest thanks go out to Wonderful Wayne Faucher for all his help with this article. You sir, are ‘da MAN. Finally, here are a few more pics of Wayne’s amazing SG custom and a video clip from the original show. Enjoy!

ZZAPPP!!! Get back in your volcanic crater, you mindless Lava Monster! (Photo: WEF) Click to enlarge.

Courage in Profile— Todd Grime’s excellent headsculpt perfectly recreates the cartoon version from the 1960s. Out-STANDING work, Mr. Grimes! (Photo: Wayne Faucher) Click to enlarge.

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25 thoughts on “Space Ghost 1:6 Scale Custom Action Figure—WOW!

  1. Craig says:

    I’m curious what body did he use and did he make his own bodysuit or buy one?

  2. Wayne Faucher says:

    The body is a ZC Toys 12″ Muscular Figure Body available on Ebay for under $20, and the White Bodysuit is from Poisonedharleycustoms (also on Ebay) for around $22. You’ll need to ask Matt to sew the feet closed though! He does amazing work!

    • Ceaig S. says:

      Wayne, you got the no-neck version, right?

      • Wayne Faucher says:

        Actually, the body has a neck. I had to Dremel out the Space Ghost neck to fit it over the body neck. Pretty simple. The head isn’t actually secured to the body, but fits pretty tightly and is still allowed to pivot….

        • Craig S. says:

          Ah… okay, thanks. I ordered the no-neck version. We’ll see how it looks. For the price, I can easily get another if it doesn’t work. Thanks!

  3. Craig says:

    Thank you Wayne.

  4. Franken Furter says:

    How much for the finished 12″ Space Ghost if you were going to sell it? We at Ultimate Ideal Captain Action would like to know, since Captain Action has not had a new set since 2011, and we dream of Space Ghost and things like it.

  5. Wayne Faucher says:

    I’m intrigued! Not by selling this thing, but who are the “Ultimate Ideal Captain Action” people anyway? As far as selling; certainly, everything has a price. But it’s not a real complicated figure to make. The only things that need to be “made” are the Power Bands, Belt, Cape and Chest plate. I’ve already made a second figure with a more accurately scaled chest logo. Do you have any customizing experience?

    • Franken Furter says:

      It is on Facebook. It is one of many Captain Action groups. All of them are starved for new products. Seeing your customs makes everyone want to discuss what could be, if you were in charge of Captain Action Enterprises!! And everyone wants to order one from you, just wondering what the price might be, as we have seen customs going for anywhere from $200 to $2,000. BTW, while it may be easy for you to make them, a lot of the mere mortals lack those artistic skills, and have big hands, bad eyesight, shaky painting fingers, etc… 🙂 Thanks for posting the great action figure art, everyone enjoys it that is a fan of the 1/6 scale!

  6. kneonknight says:

    I also did a custom Space Ghost figure a few years ago, but it has been disassembled and the body and head used for other projects. I tackled it because I was a big fan of old SG back in my childhood, and loved his truly insane reboot on Space Ghost Coast to Coast. I also chose him because it was a very simple custom, and is easily within the abilities of most modellers. Of course, Mr. Faucher’s work is superior to my own version, but he has the edge in being a true artist and has a metric ton of experience with this sort of thing. I do like the smiling face; I chose a rather disgruntled looking face for mine, to mimic his irritation at Zorak on the talk show, and it actually worked pretty well. Just imagine this Cotswold head with the cowl covering the upper face and eyes, and you have it –

    In closing, I’m glad to see another of Mr. Faucher’s customs on The Joe Report, and am hoping the rest of this year will bring us more

  7. Wayne Faucher says:

    First, thanks to kneonknight! Your kind comments are always welcome, though WAY too infrequent these days! My work isn’t superior to anybody’s, it just my way of doing things which believe me, isn’t always the best way!

    Second, RE: Franken; if I were in charge of Captain Action Enterprises (and if money were no object), I’d be reissuing fan favorites like the Power Pack (jetpack) and the Silver Streak, as well as the Space Ghost, Batman, Superman and Rocketeer we were teased with, as well as a red Phantom. I’m SURE this would all be happening if the sales had been there. But they obviously weren’t. And the price point would need to be way too high to “mass” produce these things in such a limited quantity. That’s the paradox.

    As for me; well, as a DC/Marvel artist I generally work a 13 hour day 5-7 days a week. I’m not kidding. So, there’s NOTHING more valuable to me than my free time. If I were to put together even a limited run of these things (say a dozen), you’d be paying for my free time, which comes at a premium. But if you want to discuss it further (or just chat) Mark can give me your email address and we can talk turkey. Sound good?

    • Craig S. says:

      Same here. I’ve done a lot of customs over the years and been asked to do commissions. Like you, I’m a professional artist, though not in comics. I have told people they would have to pay my hourly rate for me to create a custom for them. Once they see the cost they usually decline. Wish I could do them fast enough to put them at a price folks could afford. I would love nothing more than to have a full-time business making custom figures.

    • Steve Polzak says:

      I like your Space Ghost a LOT Wayne, it just needs a more muscled body and it’d be right on. Besides what little things you said you are making better. I say a body like the DC direct 13-inch tall figures would give it the right body look, like Superman. I have seen that body type for sale, the only difference was there no pivoting for the neck. You can only pop a head on and get turning out of it like their “Kingdom Come” Superman. Also, a body type like that would be good for Space Ghost, he did stand quite tall. Just saying. Great figure though.

      • Wayne Faucher says:

        I kind of like it as is. I’ve already made a second one, and I really don’t want to do a third at the moment, unless it was specifically to sell. I see what you’re saying about the Supes 13″ figure. It’s got a great shape to it. I have a number of them. Unfortunately, it’s size would dwarf the head sculpt.

        In making this one, I was very conscious of the build featured on the 6″ version, which is way too overblown. Mine is actually much closer to the Toth concept drawings than any of the more recent versions (the 80’s series and Coast to Coast). Interpreting a drawing into 3 dimensions is a sticky task, as staying too close to the original image can make for a pretty grotesque looking human.

        • Steve Polzak says:

          True. I don’t know about the head not being large enough on a 13″ body, it looks more than enough. Matter of fact, the head looks a little large to me, but believe me I am not saying anything really you to your figure, I like it a lot. I hope to see pics of your second one, too. I did my own Hercules custom figure, for not until Go Hero was there a true looking Herc in 1/6th scale. I would have gotten it, it was modeled after Steve Reeves! But he was not that color (too dark) and it didn’t look like him being tan. Too bad, because they did a great job on the likeness. I also did my own Thor as to legend w/red hair and bearded. Have a good one!

          • Wayne Faucher says:

            I just tried the head on a 13″ body and it looks pretty ridiculous, actually. In fact, it may be a tad small for the body I used. It’s hard to tell as it’s shaped like a Toth drawing and not a human head.

          • Craig S. says:


            Most of what you are seeing in terms of the head size is the angle that Wayne took the photos from. I have the head and have compared it to my 13″ figures and trust me it would be undersized.

            • Steve Polzak says:

              Yes I did the same. Too bad. I’d like to know when you put up pics of the second one you did!

              • Wayne Faucher says:

                Steve, I’ve posted them both on my Instagram page @waynerisd. Actually, if you Google Image @waynerisd, they’ll show up for you. I should probably put’em up on my Trenches gallery too….

  8. Wayne Faucher says:

    Craig, VERY fine work indeed! Love the Cap Action stuff especially!

  9. Craig S. says:

    FYI for those looking to make one. I ordered this body:

    I regret it now since it seems a bit slim and doesn’t work with the costume very well. I had hoped the neck post would be a good match but SG’s neck is to wide.

    This is what Wayne used:

    Better by far but a bit slimmer than I imagined. He hollowed out the neck to fit over the figures neck which I was trying to avoid but upon reflection it seems like it is unavoidable.

    I’m going to get this which is bulkier:

    I’ll post my result when I’m done but it may take a awhile since my hobby funds are a bit low.

    • Wayne Faucher says:

      Craig; Yes, I’d like to see how it looks on a bulkier bod. Not sure I’d be up for tearing either of mine apart at this point, but who knows? I may build a THIRD one if I like the look! If I can’t access where you post, let me know here and I’ll give you my email…

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