Wayne Faucher Reveals First Pics of His Custom 1:6th Scale “Adventure Team Commando ATW”


Ready for Bipedal Battle Action— Wayne Faucher’s custom ATW is a threatening, elevated platform for some serious AT firepower. (Photo: WFT)

You all know the drill. Every 6 months or so, customizer extraordinaire, Wayne Faucher, shows up here in the pages of The Joe Report to share some pics of his latest creative foray into 1:6 scale imaginative excellence. Today, he debuts pics of his new “Adventure Team Commando ATW,” a wondrous creation he upgraded from one of those Star Wars “Assault Walker” toys you’ve probably seen (and passed by) at Walmart many times. However great his efforts, Wayne is never one to toot his own horn, and describes this particular 1:6 custom project in an almost blasé manner, stating:

Wayne Faucher (Photo: WFT)

“Just a bit of weekend fun here. Here’s the Adventure Team Commando ATW. This is a straight up repaint of a Star Wars Assault Walker (currently available on clearance at Walmart for $15). I really tried to find something to customize here, but when something is already this cool, there’s not much to do!

It’s colored it in the Adventure Team Commando Armored Division orange cammo I had already established with my Troublemaker last year. Along with my ATXO, it makes a welcome addition to my AT Commando line. And the price is unbeatable. The whole concept of the AT Commando is set in the early 70’s and $15 is about what this item would have cost back then! So, continuing the ‘What if Hasbro had decided to extend the military line INTO the Adventure Team run,” here then, is the ATW. Enjoy! —Wayne Faucher


Look For This Box— Here’s what the toy package looks like. At first glance, you may think you’re only buying one of those barely poseable storm trooper figures, but upon further study, you see that you’re also getting the walker shown in the battle scene. TOO COOL! (Photo: Hasbro) Click to enlarge.


One careful stroke at a time— Wayne proves you can still paint your toys the old-fashioned way—with a brush—and get GREAT results. (Photo: WFT) Click to enlarge.


Powerful Decals— As a professional artist, Wayne’s skills enable him to increase his custom’s realism while simultaneously keeping the ’70s AT “toy-like quality” he enjoys. (Photo: WFT) Click to enlarge.


Powerful Profile— From the side, you can see that Wayne went to great trouble to ensure certain details were painted with the appropriate colors. (Photo: WTF)


Box ’em up REAL good!— As Wayne has proven time and time again, even though Hasbro has given up on GIjOE’s beloved “Adventure Team,” there’s nothing stopping its fans from making their own custom boxes for custom AT figures. So…let’s all get busy! (Photo: WTF) Click to enlarge.


Back off, Bad Guys— There’s a new sheriff in town. And his name is “Adventure Team Commando!” (Thanks to “Wild” Wayne Faucher.) (Photo: WTF) Click to enlarge.


Gettin’ SERIOUS— Wayne’s AT Commando force continues to grow. (Photo: WTF) Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: Once again, Wayne has officially BLOWN OUR MINDS here at The Joe Report, and we’d like to thank him sincerely for sharing these pics and for inspiring countless 1:6 customizers around the world. Absolutely SUPERB work, Wayne. If you’d like to contact Wayne, please leave a comment here with any kudos and/or questions. Thanks!

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13 thoughts on “Wayne Faucher Reveals First Pics of His Custom 1:6th Scale “Adventure Team Commando ATW”

  1. Really Awesome, the kind of thing Hasbro NEVER had the foresight to do =(

    • Wayne Faucher says:

      Ironically, it’s a Hasbro toy! I just repositioned it toward GI Joe. The design is obviously from Lucasfim, but yes, a little imagination and effort toward Joe on Hasbro’s part could have yielded some nice pieces….

  2. My son and I thought these would be great GIjOE accessories when we saw them, now that they’re on sale we’ll have to snag a couple!

  3. Roy Jones says:


  4. Wayne Faucher says:

    Hey, that reminds me; if yer interested in this sort of thing, you can follow me on Instagram! I post a toy/action figure everyday, along with one of the Marvel/DC pages I’ve worked on over the years…. I’m called waynerisd on there…. Toy and comics. What more could you want?

  5. kneonknight says:

    Mr. Faucher, I wonder what our hobby would have been like if you had turned your talents towards toy and action figure design. I have the feeling we would have to coin a new term that surpassed “Awesome!” as a descriptor. Keep up the good work, it’s always a pleasure to see your latest efforts.

  6. Mike Mags says:

    Mr. Faucher, I drool over your custom work all the time, and when I try my own custom projects, I fall short in the repainting dept. May I know what products and techniques you used on the Mech Suit and the Walker? How do you get the paint lookin so damn good?

  7. Wayne Faucher says:

    Well, mostly I take good photos.

    The paint jobs aren’t that great honestly, but I do make sure I have an even undercoat as well as applying MANY even LIGHT coats of color. For these kinds of soft plastics, I start with Krylon FUSION flat white. This bonds with the plastic and keeps the final color from scratching off. NEVER apply a final color over colored plastic. There’s always a bleed through tint remaining, which totally wrecks whatever color you thought it was gonna end up as.

    As far as the final colors; lately, I’ve found a much better selection at my local hardware store than the arts and crafts places. And the paint is literally a fraction of the price.

    For painting, I have a makeshift table in front of a window in my studio. I stick a big box fan in the window blowing OUT and set it on high while I’m spraying. This sucks all the fumes out the window as I go. The fan and windowscreen get covered with paint, but hey it’s my studio, I can do what I want….

    Thanks for the kind words and let me know if you have any more questions. Follow me on Instagram at ‘waynerisd’ for a quicker response!

  8. Gary says:

    It’s always the BIG question….”To Customize or Not To Customize” especially with vintage items. Wayne shows us that its always fun to create when we can get the items for reasonable prices!!

    Thanks Wayne for helping us take customizing to a NEW LEVEL!

  9. Walmart has many more of these on deep clearance right now! there are even vehicles for Batman!: Batmobile, Batjet, and an ATV!!!

  10. Newton says:

    I miss the Joe Report!

    • Thanks, Newton. It’s still here, I’m just so busy filling orders right now that I haven’t had time to play journalist lately. Customers always have to come first. Articles second! 🙂 —Mark

  11. Wayne Faucher says:

    I’m missing the new stories as well, but glad to hear you’re ok! I was starting to worry! And if you were going to take a hiatus, I’m glad you left with my story on top! 😉

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