James DeSimone Make Guest Appearance on A&E’s “Storage Wars” As a G.I. JOE “Super Collector”

Bottom Line: In this 2-minute clip from an episode of the A&E program, Storage Wars, one of the show’s contestants(?) purchases a storage locker for $750, then discovers it contains a 1985 GIjOE USS Flagg aircraft carrier. She then takes it over to James DeSimone for his professional, expert estimation of its value. There are some quick, fleeting views of the assembled ship, plus a few shots of James’ RAH figures placed atop its deck and arranged around it for maximum display effect (making this an official “Joe Sighting”). The Flagg’s box is included as well, but it appears to be pretty banged up. Was this particular Flagg worth what James declares? YOU be the judge. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “James DeSimone Make Guest Appearance on A&E’s “Storage Wars” As a G.I. JOE “Super Collector”

  1. Kevin Bolger says:

    These “reality” shows are so fake that I wouldn’t be surprised if the USS Flagg was James’. Remember, James did a “reality” bit years ago searching for hours – at his own show – with about a dozen dealers – for his Lost Ark, a GI Nurse. The thing was completely fake and he bought and resold the GI Nurse in the same day.

  2. jose miranda says:

    She looks stoned.

    • kneonknight says:

      Stoned? I dunno, but she certainly was annoying. I mean, it’s one thing to be hyped and excited about a cool find like this – have you ever seen Ace Allgood when he comes across a MIP vintage Joe set ? This woman needs to make fewer visits to the coffee shop.

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