This Just In!———G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Reveals First Pic of 12″ Exclusive Set for JoeCon 2016


Look out, Joe! This is the first photo released by the GIjOE Collector’s Club revealing the box cover art for an upcoming 2016 convention 12″ figure exclusive. Absolutely TOO COOL! (Photo: GIJCC)


The Embassy Suites in Loveland, CO, site of JoeCon 2016. (Photo: Embassy Suites) Click to enlarge.

Despite rumors running rampant regarding the national GIjOE club’s somewhat questionable future (see article HERE), Brian Savage and his dedicated and talented staff clearly intend to move forward with their plans to host JoeCon 2016 this coming June, and to produce a new convention exclusive boxed set for fans and collectors of 12-inch figures. Yesterday (Friday), the club released an online version of JoeCon 2016’s official information brochure (see that HERE) and news for 12″ collectors appears to be quite good.

Here’s what the brochure revealed:


“The Adventures Of G.I. Joe Underwater Diver featuring The Eight Ropes of Danger and Dive into Darkness—This set commemorates the very short run of the 1969 ‘Adventures Of’ series and features a 12” G.I. Joe Aquanaut in a reproduction of a ‘red-top’ long box along with his ‘pork pie’ cap and pants, sweater, dog tag, Label revolver, brown shoulder holster, and black boots.

He also comes with a reproduction Eight Ropes of Danger diving accessory set and a new Dive into Darkness stealth version of the same diving accessory set. All of these items will be packaged together in a display box featuring art from the ‘Adventures Of’ era.”

Bottom Line: This new convention exclusive would be a worthwhile addition to any fan’s 12″ collection. However, as usual, such high-end “swag” from the GIJCC doesn’t come cheap. This set will cost club members $350 and non-members will have to fork out a whopping $440. So…we suppose whether or not you’re interested will (as always) depend on the “depths” you’re willing to take your credit card debt. Of course, we’re nuts for this stuff, so we say…“Dive! Dive! Dive!”

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8 thoughts on “This Just In!———G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Reveals First Pic of 12″ Exclusive Set for JoeCon 2016

  1. Joey Mazzola says:

    How many Octobpussies died to produce this set??

  2. Jack Hall says:

    I’m sure I will be able to replicate almost an exact copy of the convention set for much much cheaper just like I have done for the last 2 way over priced convention sets.

  3. Philip Mahe says:

    Nice, but over priced.

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Ron Ledwon says:

    I knew it. They would do this set. I have to agree with Jack Hall on this.

  5. Siomon Reinharz says:

    Who can afford to pay these prices? Then add in travel to the convention and lodging. If you aren’t a guest of some of the past convention host hotels, be prepared to pay outrageous parking fees. You end up paying upwards of $1000.00 for a weekend convention if you’re coming in from out of state. That is a fair amount of change for the average person. The club seems out of touch with it’s membership. While this is a neat set, as others have posted, it is easily assembled from outsourcing.

    • You are 100% correct in everything you point out. And the club wouldn’t deny any of it. If someone decides to go to their conventions and purchase their exclusive sets, then he or she clearly knows about the costs and are apparently okay with paying them. Brian Savage constantly acknowledges the fact that he realizes its very expensive to attend a JoeCon, but for his business (Fun Publications) to make a profit, those are (unfortunately) the economic realities they (and we) are faced with.

  6. Kevin Bolger says:

    This may not be much of an issue for Fun Publications after this convention as this appears to be the end of the line for the national GIJCC. I have only been to a couple of the GIJCC conventions because of cost issue. I went to Minneapolis and Kansas City in which case one was a drive and, the other, a very cheap flight.

    It was nice getting to meet folks that I’ve conversed with via the internet and phone and that was worth the cost. Putting a $1,000 into my collection (which I haven’t done in a year in a long time) vs. going to the convention, spending a $1,000 for expenses without adding much to my collection, wasn’t usually a much of a self-discussion.

  7. kneonknight says:

    To be quite honest, you can put together a Vintage set at C-8 to C-9 at a fraction of the cost, then take some spares from less display worthy sets, add a little TLC, some spray paint and dye and done. I do understand that Fun Publications is not a charity, but to be honest, these are only licensed products they produce. Remember, Only G.I. Joe is G.I. Joe.

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