Wayne Faucher’s Adventure Team Commando “ATXO Battle Armor” Based on Hasbro’s 18-Inch “Titan Hero Series Hulk Buster Armor” Figure


Ready for Battle— Customizer extraordinaire, Wayne Faucher, picked up a set of Iron Man “Hulkbuster” armor at Walmart for $11 (on clearance) and proceeded to custom paint and convert it into the most distinctive and powerful-looking Adventure Team member we’ve ever seen. Absolutely AMAZING work, Wayne. GO, JOE! (Photo: Wayne Gaucher)

Once again, talented GIjOE fans are picking up where Hasbro has (inexplicably) decided to leave off, in terms of creatively customizing and outfitting the world’s most popular 12-inch action hero. In today’s example (of what Hasbro could have done), uber-customizer Wayne Faucher converted another Hasbro product, an 18-inch “Hulkbuster” toy, into a uniquely impressive set of custom “ATXO Battle Armor” for use with his AT Commando GIjOEs. Wayne also generously provided the photos and following commentary for this article—EXCLUSIVELY—for readers of The Joe Report. 



Wayne Faucher (Photo: WFT)


“I haven’t shown this around to many people (not posted on the Trenches or anywhere else) and I know you always enjoy a first look, so here’s a preview of my Adventure Team Commando ATXO Battle Armor. If you’re interested, it’s a simple modification of the Walmart 18” Hulk Buster toy. I redesigned the head (so our hero is visible), mounted some armament, and designed a color scheme to go with the rest of the AT Commando line. And the best part is, it was only $11 on clearance!

I figured the AT Commandos could use some more advanced brute force and firepower in their fight for justice, and this fit the bill perfectly. I’ve seen a number of repaints of this particular toy on line, so I’m certainly not the first to take a stab at it, but I wanted to incorporate mine into the ever expanding Commando series (see HERE). I used School Bus yellow to give it that industrial “bulldozer” look and trimmed it in the traditional AT black and red. Not a bad weekend’s work! “


ATXO Battle Armor 3/4 front view (Photo: WEF)


ATXO Battle Armor 3/4 rear view (Photo: WEF)


ATXO Battle Armor rear view closeup (Photo: WEF)


ATXO Battle Armor shoulder closeup (Photo: WEF)


ATXO operator’s port and weaponry closeup (Photo: WEF)


For his ATXO, Faucher choose the version of the Hulkbuster armor toys that you can actually open up and place your 12-inch figures inside. FANTASTICO! (Photo: Hasbro)


“In case there’s any confusion, this is the version of the Hulkbuster that opens up so you can put a figure inside. I actually have a vintage G.I. Joe in mine now. I’m always trying to maintain that throwback quality to my imagined 70s toys. Thanks for looking!”

Wayne Faucher

Bottom Line: How inspiring! Wayne never ceases to amaze us with talent, generosity and skill as a 1:6 customizer. If you’d like to try your own hand at Faucher’s approach to customizing this toy, remember to look for the version of Hasbro’s Hulkbuster that measures approximately 18-inches in height and opens up in the front. That way, you can put your own 12-inch GIjOE “commando” inside! Our sincerest thanks to Wayne for all his help with this article.

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6 thoughts on “Wayne Faucher’s Adventure Team Commando “ATXO Battle Armor” Based on Hasbro’s 18-Inch “Titan Hero Series Hulk Buster Armor” Figure

  1. bryan Tatum says:

    Fantastic Work Wayne!!! and a GREAT article Mark!!!

  2. ninersphan says:

    WOW!! Impressive. Really cool idea.

  3. Wayne Faucher says:

    Well thanks! But as I said, I’ve seen other repaints done with this figure, I just redesigned the head and adapted it to my own Adventure Team Commando series. Just some weekend fun!

    • Gary says:

      Thanks Wayne for creating such great masterpieces and giving the rest of us the inspiration to “plagiarize” your works of art….I have now replicated this Hulk-Buster for my Captain Action team and your famous “Jet Pack” for one of my James Bond dioramas!!
      Keep up the GREAT WORK and for sharing the ideas – we should dedicate a JOE REPORT issue to those of us who thank you for the 1:6 scale IDEAS!!

      Mark as always…thanks for all the work you do to keep the JOE REPORT Alive and Kicking….

  4. Wayne Faucher says:

    I know this is an old thread, but I just wanna thank Gary for his kind comments. To be clear, I’m not a guy who takes any joy from having something that someone else doesn’t. That’s why I love explaining how I made something. I’d much rather have others join in the fun. It’s like the difference between sitting in a packed stadium during a playoff game or sitting in an empty one. I’d rather experience the fun with other fans, than brag that I was the only one who saw the game….

    If you can give me his contact info, I’d love to see some pics of Gary’s work! Thanks Mark, and keep up the good work!

  5. Wayne Faucher says:

    Oh forgot to mention!: If you want to follow my Instagram account, I’m at “waynerisd”. I post a toy (usually an action figure or custom) AND a piece of original comic art (from the Marvel/DC etc books I’ve worked on) every day. I monitor it pretty closely, so if ya want a direct line to me for tips etc., check it out!

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