“The Joe Report” Continued to Add Subscribers and Break G.I. Joe Fan Readership Records in 2015

Our stats in 2015 were staggering. Everything trended higher and higher. Our most read article was an exclusive interview we held with Hasbro's own, Derryl DePriest. But that was only one of hundreds of new

Our readership stats in 2015 were literally staggering. Everything trended higher, with our most-read article being an exclusive interview with Hasbro’s own, Derryl DePriest (see HERE). (Graphic: WordPress)

Conquering the World— Shaded countries indicate where our readers resided in 2015. We're still working on ways to crack China's governmental censorship, Greenland's lack of humans, and the Middle East's fanatical dislike for action figures and toys in general. Oh well, onward and upward! (Graphic: WordPress)

Conquering the World?— In this official statistical map provided to us by WordPress, the shaded countries indicate where readers of The Joe Report resided in 2015. As you can see, other than North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran and Greenland, we’re doing VERY well! (Graphic: WordPress)

Bottom Line: We had a very good 2015—thanks to YOU, our loyal readers. Article publication was up. Reader comments were up. Overall viewership from fans in countries all around the world—was up, up, UP. We want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your faithful subscriptions and insightful intel. Without your assistance, production of The Joe Report would not be possible. We’d also like to wish everyone reading this message a very healthy and Happy New Year in 2016. We’ll see you all again, next year. GO, JOE! —Sincerely, Mark Otnes, Editor of The Joe Report.


5 thoughts on ““The Joe Report” Continued to Add Subscribers and Break G.I. Joe Fan Readership Records in 2015

  1. Jay Golnick says:

    If Hasbro had simply updated GI Joe by giving him removable hands, a smaller waist, and smaller feet, he would be compatible with other brands and Hasbro would still be in the action figure business!

  2. kneonknight says:

    With all respect, Mr. Golnick, I disagree. I see Hasbro’s fall from grace in the 1:6 market as a combination of cheapening the product itself via less interesting packaging, less playability (just try changing the t-shirt on a end of run CC Joe or removing his canteen from its cover, for example) and overall lack of imagination in designing new sets and relying on recycling the same tired accessories over and over.

    Honestly, did Hasbro actually believe that every damned Marine in WWII and Korea carried a BAR? Couple that with the poor marketing of the 40th anniversary line – which should have been done exactly as they did in the 60s with a TV campaign and razor-and-blades approach to the product itself, and you see nothing but failure to reach their target audience.

    Factor in the tendency to plaster the name G.I. Joe all over a myriad of figures and accessories in wildly varying scales and styles, and it’s no wonder the consumer finally gave up. I also believe that the Timeless Collection is also partly to blame, as it jumped the gun, so to speak, and many saw the 40th as nothing more than a rehash of what were some of the best action figure sets to hit the market in the late 90s/early 00s.

    Hasbro shot themselves in the foot on many levels, and then discarded the entire 12″ range rather than attempt to regroup and woo back their disappointed fans.

    • Jay Golnick says:

      Correct on all accounts! Not to mention the 30th Anniversary line with its click joints and shorter arms. Try putting these uniforms on another figure! Then, there are the Action Man Vehicles which weren’t sold in the USA. I think we can both agree that if you pick any Hasbro subject, in the words of Herman Munster, they “goofed it again!”

  3. kneonknight says:

    In regard to the article itself, the reason your readership keeps growing, Mark, is because you are giving us exactly what we want. In fact, I would say that The Joe Report is a true descendant of the Command Post News that we used to receive as kids. Keep up the excellent work, and we’ll keep reading.

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