“New” G.I. Joe Collector Recreates Childhood Christmas Photo of Himself———40 Years Later!

Todd Thibedeau of Oak Lawn, Illinois, on Christmas morning, 1900. Forty years later, Todd would recreate this exact image—with GIjOE. (Photo: Thibedeau Family)

Remember When— A happy Todd Thibedeau of Oak Lawn, Illinois, poses with his all-new Adventure Team GIjOEs on Christmas morning, 1975. Some forty years later, Todd has recreated this exact image—with the exact same lineup of vintage AT GIjOEs. Out-STANDING! (Photo: Thibedeau Family)

Do you remember when you first fell in love—with GIjOE? For many Joe fans, it was undoubtedly around Christmas-time, many, MANY years ago. Exciting “adventure” commercials were aired on TV during Saturday morning cartoons, spurring desire for GIjOE’s latest incarnations and prompting consumer “action” (i.e. sales). Fueled by sugary breakfast cereals (Quisp, Capt. Crunch, etc.), children would glue eager faces to their television screens and literally drool over the latest and greatest toys being offered that holiday season. Now, decades later, one adult GIjOE collector has decided to recreate his own (very) special childhood memory (and moment) by reacquiring a specific list of Adventure Team-related figures, equipment and vehicles. According to a recent Facebook post by Todd Thibedeau of Oak Lawn, Illinois:


“I’ve been collecting GIjOEs for a short period of time (less than a year) and my thanks goes out to Christopher Tucci for reintroducing me to my best childhood memories. When Chris asked what I was going to focus on in my collection, I was all over the place, as there is so MUCH out there.

One thing I did tell him, is that I wanted to get things that I had had when I was a kid. Once I had found this old picture (see me above) I realized that I had found my collecting ‘goal.’ The last item I needed to recreate that picture arrived in the mail today!

In my short time collecting GIjOE, I’ve already acquired WAY too much and am still ‘all over the place’ in my collecting habits. However, taking this new photo (see me again, below) has been 40+ years in the making is a definite pinnacle—so far. One more special thanks to ‘Commander Chris’ for helping me reacquire the AT vehicles needed for this picture.” —Todd Thibedeau, Oak Lawn, IL

This item-by-item recreation of Todd's childhood photo is an amazing demonstration of how GIjOE fans and collectors may age on the outside, but inside they're still all kids at heart. Out-STANDING! (Photo: Todd

Reunited for New Adventures Todd’s item-by-item recreation of his childhood Christmas photo demonstrates the sort of determination and affection GIjOE fans still hold for their favorite childhood toys. While they may be aging on the outside, inside, they’re still kids at heart! (Photo: Todd Thibedeau)

Bottom Line: Our sincerest appreciation to Todd Thibedeau for sharing these wonderful images with us today on The Joe Report. If you’ve been able to recreate a similar moment-in-time in your life, please send it to us so that we can share it with the entire GIjOE collecting community. Thanks!

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