G.I. Joe’s “#1 Fan,” James DeSimone, Announces Dec. 6 Show in Burbank, CA Will Be “Our Last”

DeSimone's magnificent self-published guide to vintage 12-inch GIjOEs has become required "reading" for all Joeheads. (Photo: James DeSimone)

DeSimone’s magnificent self-published (1994) guide to collecting vintage GIjOEs has long been required “reading” for fans. (Photo: James DeSimone)

In a blunt and slightly mournful official press release, famed GIjOE historian, author and collector, James DeSimone, announced that his upcoming December 6th toy sale being held in Burbank, CA “will be our last GIjOE Show.” The sad announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise to readers of The Joe Report. Most of you already know that, for decades, DeSimone has been hosting GIjOE and vintage toy collecting shows in major cities on both the east and west coasts; and that most recently (primarily for health reasons), he’d begun hosting them closer to his home in California. In our last article on DeSimone’s evolving story (see HERE), we reported that he was steadily selling off his vast, personal collection, both at toy shows and during one “final auction.” Now down to the very last pieces, he intends on going out with a positive attitude, declaring the event will be:

“Our last GIjOE show. Come say good-by to your friends…and buy some Christmas gifts. Come have a fun time with your fellow collectors!!!” —James DeSimone, CA


We reached James recently at his home in California, and he generously provided some additional and exclusive behind-the-scenes intel re: this announcement. answering the following questions:

"GIJOE's #1 Fan," James DeSimone (Photo: James DeSimone)

“GIJOE’s #1 Fan,” James DeSimone (Photo: James DeSimone)

TJR: Can you tell us why this will be the LAST James DeSimone GIjOE and vintage toy collecting show?

malecommentJD: “It’s simply too much for me to handle, Mark.”

TJR: What are your plans for the future, then?

JD: “I want to spend what time I have left, traveling. I’ve been to over 1,000 cities, all 50 states, and 44 countries on 6 continents. I have just over 200 days of cruising (on the high seas) so far, with a goal of 366.”

TJR: Is there any place you’re still hoping to visit?

JD: “I am working on going to Antarctica.”

TJR: Is there anything further you’d care to share with GIjOE fans and collectors at this time?

JD: “I still have lots of loose, common, 1964 GIjOE combat equipment for sale. Spread the word!”

TJR: Will do. Thanks again for everything. Take care and best of luck with the show!

JD: “Thank you for your support and concern, Mark.”

Ramada Inn, Burbank, CA (Photo: Ramada Inn)

Ramada Inn, Burbank, CA (Photo: Ramada Inn)

Bottom Line: As always, we wish Mr. DeSimone all the best and a “Bon Voyage” in all his future travel and life adventures. If you’re able to attend, here are all the other details for his upcoming and “final” GIjOE Toy Show: Sunday, Dec 6, 2015. Place: Ramada Inn Hotel, 2900 San Fernando, Burbank, CA. Early Bird admission is at 7AM for $10. General admission is $5. Spaces with NO tables (bring your own table) are $50 each and you can paypal: batkave@hotmail.com.


2 thoughts on “G.I. Joe’s “#1 Fan,” James DeSimone, Announces Dec. 6 Show in Burbank, CA Will Be “Our Last”

  1. kneonknight says:

    The “Old Guard” of the hobby seems to be decreasing day by day, and few are stepping up to bolster the ranks. Mr. DeSimone, even with all of his particular quirks, was a driving force for many years, and it is a damned shame to lose him. I do understand his reasons, and, quite frankly, agree with them. Hosting a show for any group of collectors is hectic, nerve-wracking, exhausting and frustrating; when you are done you always end up wondering if you did enough. Godspeed, Mr. DeSimone.

  2. Joebros says:

    Because of many requests, and with our continuing help, James will be doing more shows. Two are planned for 2016. Watch the Facebook page for updates:

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