Eddie Murphy’s Raunchy “Fart Game” w/ G.I. Joe

Eddie Murphy acts out how he used to play with his GIjOE in the bathtub during his famous "Fart Game" routine in this screenshot from the 198 stand-up film, Delirious.

Playing With GIjOE— Eddie Murphy acts out how he used to manuever his GIjOE in the bathtub while playing “The Fart Game” in this screenshot taken from his 1983 film, Delirious.

It’s time for some irreverent ’80s humor with one of our favorite comedians, Eddie Murphy. As you well know, here at The Joe Report, we’re interested in documenting and sharing all pop-culture references, movies, television programs and videos that include our favorite 12-inch action figure—GIjOE—and today’s find is one of the more unusual that we’ve come across.

Interestingly, this particular “Joe Sighting” is one in which GIjOE is never actually shown. Rather, our hero only appears in Murphy’s hilariously juvenile imagination; specifically, within a raunchy recollection of a childhood game that (as a child) he once played in the bathtub. He dubs this activity, “The Fart Game.”

Bottom Line: In his (1983) “Delirious” stand-up film, Murphy recounts how GIjOE played an important (and insertable) role in the aforementioned “game.” But take heed, the clip includes adult language and content which may not be appropriate for all ages—even though it’s about GIjOE!

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2 thoughts on “Eddie Murphy’s Raunchy “Fart Game” w/ G.I. Joe

  1. Brandon says:

    Don’t forget he also makes reference to GI Joe in the movie, Trading Places.

  2. kneonknight says:

    I think Rob Zombie gave a passing reference to this bit in his “House of a Thousand Corpses” when speaking of the kid who “stuck a Doctor Zaius doll up his butt”. Then again, who knows?

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