Back From the Dead———G.I. Joe Fan-Favorite Website Revived & Renamed as “”

G'Day, Mate! Superb, ultra-sharp closeups were a hallmark of the original website. And's BACK! (Photo: David Kish)

G’Day, Mate! Superb, ultra-sharp closeups of minty-fresh vintage GIjOEs were a hallmark of the original website.(Photo: David Kish)

As the old saying goes: “Good things come to those who wait.”

But we never actually expected this to happen: Oldjoes—the original GIjOE photo website—is BACK. Fans of vintage 1:6 scale Joes will remember the site fondly, primarily due to its plethora of full-color closeup photographs of near-perfect vintage figures. While not 100% complete in its listings, it was nonetheless, one of the first major “cataloging sites” for GIjOE.

Indeed, set the “reference bar” extremely high and keep it up there until its unexplained disappearance back in 2012. Since then, other, newer, and more “whiz-bang” reference sites have arisen to take its place (most notably vintage3djoes), but memories of the original Oldjoes ‘site still holds a firm place in many fans’ hearts.

Newly relaunched and rechristened as, this cyber-touchstone of the early days of GIjOE collecting has (thankfully) been resurrected and returned to full and “active duty,” thanks solely to the efforts of its creator and webmaster, David Kish. According to Kish, the reasons behind his site’s disappearance in 2012 wasn’t quite as mysterious as we’d been led to believe. In fact, in the note we received from him today, David goes on to reveal the following insider intel:


David Kish

GIjOE collector and website pioneer, David Kish, was the original creator of, one of Joe-fandom’s first and BEST resources for vintage GIjOE information. (Photo: David Kish)

“Hi Mark! I googled my name today and was shocked to find your blog post (see HERE, ed.) from 2012 about me and my website! I had no idea you had devoted a post to the demise of my site, nor that you had attempted to reach me regarding it. After I stopped collecting G.I. Joe and spending time on the site, I inadvertently allowed the domain name to expire. After years of sporadic failed attempts to re-register the domain, a reseller acquired it.

When I saw your article tonight, I decided to call my hosting provider and re-register the site under a new domain name— I’m happy to report that the site is now back up at Please let your readers know. Thanks!”

Bottom Line: It’s our sincerest pleasure, David. Thanks for writing! If you loved Kish’s original website, then you’ll enjoy it twice as much today. It’s remains a fantastic, photo-laden resource for collectors; a nostalgic look back to the early days of Joe’s vintage history, reminding fans of the earliest glory days of the original GIjOE toy lines. Thanks SO MUCH for putting oldjoes back up on the internet for fans to enjoy, David. It is truly a historical and VALUABLE resource for us all.

If you could, how many of these wonderful

An astounding Aquanaut GIjOE from the website. (Photo: David Kish) Click to enlarge.

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One thought on “Back From the Dead———G.I. Joe Fan-Favorite Website Revived & Renamed as “”

  1. Awesome to hear! There’s just not enough GI Joe websites out there… At least 12 inch Joe sites, so it’s always good to see one come back to life!

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