Pin THIS! Tiny 1:6 Scale Clothespins for G.I. Joe

How small can we go? At (almost) 1:6 scale, you can fit quite a lot of these tiny clothespins in your hand. They're made of real wood and metal. They really work. And they look GREAT! Available in many arts-n-crafts stores including Michaels and Hobby Lobby. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

How small can we go? At (almost) 1:6 scale, you can fit quite a lot of these tiny clothespins in just one hand. And yes, they’re made of real wood, real metal, and they really work. And they look GREAT! Available now in many arts-n-crafts stores including Michaels and Hobby Lobby. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Another quick heads-up for all you customizers of 1:6 scale dioramas out there. Intrepid TJR Field Reporter, James Long, wrote in to us today with some interesting intel and pics of, well, a rather ordinary household item. But what makes this particular “sighting” of interest to us (of course), is that the items in question are in 1:6 scale. And as we all know, customizers of 1:6 scale don’t care WHAT an item is; if it’s in 1:6 scale—we’re DEFINITELY interested!

In this closeup of the product recently found in Michael's, you can see that you'll receive 6 full-sized clothespins (give those to your children) as well as

In this closeup of the product Long found recently in Michael’s, you can see that you’ll receive 6 full-sized “glittery” clothespins (give those away to your kids) and 24 of the miniature (no glitter) versions in black, purple, orange and OD green. Keep those for your “Laundry Adventurer!” (Photo: James Long)

As you can tell by looking at these pictures, in this specific case, the items in question are—hold onto something—tiny wooden clothespins! Yes, we’re about to enter the exciting world of GIjOE doing his weekly laundry. What? You didn’t think his clothes washed themselves, did you? Perhaps if we called Joe a “Laundry Adventurer” or labeled his next mission “The Search for the Lost Socks,” it’d help make this product announcement a little more exciting. According to Long:


“My wife and I were at Michael’s yesterday, and we spotted something that might make a good addition to your next article on 1:6 scale items and be useful as props for Joe dioramas—clothes pins! Okay, they’re actually just slightly larger than 1:6 scale, but they’re close enough that most people won’t complain. They come with some larger clothespins that aren’t of much use for Joe, but for $1.99 on clearance, I wasn’t going to argue!

It’s a Michael’s exclusive item (according to the back of the packaging) and as you can see in the attached photo (shown below, ed.), they work quite well. Yes, even GIjOE now has the drudgery of doing his laundry. Enjoy!” —James Long

James Long's "Laundry Adventurer" pins up some of his laundry at AT headquarters using his new clothespins. Go, JOE! What a hero! (Photo: James Long)

How’s it Hanging, Joe? James Long’s AT “Laundry Adventurer” pins up some of his laundry recently using the new clothespins Long found at Michaels. What a hero! (Photo: James Long)

Bottom Line: In the photo shown above, Joe’s new miniature clothespins appear to be in accurate 1:6 scale. And the fact that they’re not made of stiff (pink) plastic and that they’re fully functional makes them even more appealing to 1:6 scalers and diorama builders who wish to recreate this exciting…uh…dangerous(?)…looking scene. Anyway, Happy Hunting!

Joe prepares his new EOD robot for use in searching suspicious cars and packages. (Photo: Sean Huxter)

Joe’s EOD robot. (Photo: Sean Huxter) Click to enlarge.


Here’s How: In this exciting TJR “Bonus Contest,” be the first person to guess EXACTLY how many of the 1:6 scale clothespins are being held in the hand in the photo at the top of this article and you’ll win the FREE 1:6 scale EOD Robot shown at right (GIjOE figure not included).

To enter, simply leave a comment to this article, here on The Joe Report, and when the first correct answer appears, we’ll announce the winner. Please limit yourself to one entry per day. If you don’t hear from us via email, feel free to try again the next day until a winner is named.

International fans are also welcome to participate. The (1) prize will be shipped to the (1) lucky winner completely free of charge. Best of luck to all. Ready? Go!!!!!!

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37 thoughts on “Pin THIS! Tiny 1:6 Scale Clothespins for G.I. Joe

  1. My guess would be 47.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m gonna say 50

  3. kneonknight says:

    I’m guessing 28. By the way, thank you and Mr. Long for sharing this. I’m off to Michaels first thing in the morning.

  4. James says:

    I’ll guess 35

  5. No winner on Day 1! Feel free to enter again. 🙂

  6. ninersphan says:


  7. James says:

    How about 33.

  8. James says:

    Was there no winner on Friday? If that’s the case, 34

  9. Pete Mineau says:

    I’ll go with 32.

  10. James says:

    How about 36?

  11. Gary says:

    36 – great field find – I am heading to Michael’s as well! Thanks for the tip!!

  12. Lynn says:

    42 – Would be my guess! Cool item!

  13. kylee says:

    38 – seems like 24 are clearly shown!!

  14. Jay Pearce (Voodoo) says:

    I”m going with 34..

  15. kneonknight says:

    Well, let’s try 35.

  16. ninersphan says:


  17. Pete Mineau says:

    Any winner on Sunday? If not, I’ll try 41 today.

  18. Is there a winner yet? If not I am going to guess 61

    • I am stunned. No, there was no winner on Sunday. This is a tough prize to give away. It’s like playing “Battleship.” You know, where you shoot all around the target but never actually hit it. Keep trying, folks! This EOD robot needs a new home! —Mark 🙂

  19. Angelo says:

    Duh…that is already a guess…oops…if that counts that counts…if not…
    I will guess:

  20. James says:

    Howzabout 29.

    • CONGRATULATIONS, SAM!!!!!!! You are the WINNER! It is indeed EXACTLY 49 clothespins. As our winner, you’ll receive the EOD robot shown in the photo. Please email your mailing address to me at: and I’ll get your free prize out to you in the mail ASAP. And thanks to everyone else who entered. Stay tuned for another TJR “Bonus Contest” coming soon! —Mark 🙂

  21. Angelo says:

    Congrats Sam! And thank you for the excitement Mark! Always fun!

  22. Pete Mineau says:

    Must agree with Angelo! That was pretty fun…thanks much, Mark! Congratulations to you, Sam!

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