That’s a Wrap, Fans———JoeCon 2015 Is Now History

Hasbro's new Brand Manager for GIjOE, Mark Weber, folds his arms in satisfaction after conducting a "2015 new product" seminar and carefully arranging is officially He's "The Man"

He’s “The Man”— Hasbro’s new Brand Manager for GIjOE, Mark Weber, sits back in satisfaction in the dealer/exhibit hall at JoeCon 2015. Weber was taking a short break after co-conducting the “Hasbro Brand Panel” discussion with fellow company exec, Derryl DePriest. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Bottom Line: Just a quick heads up to let readers of The Joe Report know that we’re now back from covering the events at JoeCon 2015 in Springfield, Illinois. This year’s extravaganza was so jam-packed with Joe-fun, that we’re going to have to break up our reportage into three separate articles. Stand by for article #1, a general overview of all the action—complete with HD video! 

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5 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap, Fans———JoeCon 2015 Is Now History

  1. Johnny Mahoney says:

    He looks like a robot.

  2. Rob Fosnot says:

    His hair needs reflocking.

  3. Stev Polzak says:

    Hi all, I don’t know what happened, but I haven’t gotten any updates on anything. No news. Nothing for more than a couple of months. I would have put in sooner but have been sick in my spine and legs have been something else. I wish there was someplace for the computer and all upstairs. Oh well, that’s life. I hope everyone is well and doing good. I’ve been going through everything, or as much as I can. I know this is more than likely not in the right area. The JoeCon sounds like it was, for the most part, a BLAST.

    • It was all very enjoyable. And yes, Mark Weber is a great guy. Full coverage of the Con is forthcoming in three big parts along with our exclusive video (in full HD). All coming soon!

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