Robert Jason, Master Customizer of 1:6 Scale Vehicles, Completes M-16 Halftrack With RARE “Quad Browning M2 .50 Caliber Machineguns”

Four, count 'em, FOUR .50 caliber machine-guns mounted on a rotating turret make this stunning custom halftrack by Robert Jason a big, BAD mutha! (Photo: Robert Julie Kostick)

There’s four, count ’em, FOUR .50 caliber machine-guns mounted on a rotating turret in the back of this stunning M16 halftrack customized by Robert Jason. Imagine all the firepower GIjOE could pour onto the enemy with this baby. Brrrrrrappp!!! (Photo: Julie Kostick) Click to enlarge (and drool).

Master customizer Robert Jason (Photo: Julie Kostick)

Master customizer Robert Jason poses with his latest 1:6 creation. (Photo: Julie Kostick)

Picking Up Where Hasbro Left Off

When you look around at all the new 1:6 scale vehicles still being produced nowadays, especially custom ones, such as those being built by master customizer, Robert Jason (previously profiled HERE), you begin to realize the tremendous amount of lost profits Hasbro decided to leave behind when it chose to abandoned its 12-inch GIjOE line. Utilizing one of Hasbro’s M3 Marine Tank Destroyers, combined with a stunning array of FOUR .50 caliber machine-guns mounted on a rotating turret, Jason has created an all-new and exciting variation that any Joe fan around the world would LOVE to add to his collection.

For Hasbro, producing this same vehicle would have been a fairly simple product extension to bring to the market, but in their absence, it’s comforting to know there are still fans and customizers out there who are able to fill this niche so ably. In fact, upon learning of this particular custom vehicle, we were stunned that Jason had decided to put it up for sale over on ebay HERE. Of course, that’s great news for us collectors, but it must’ve been a difficult decision to make on his part. We asked Robert to recount his memories concerning the creation of this superb custom, and he kindly replied:


“In response to several requests from fellow collectors, I attempted to recreate a 1:6 scale US Army WWII M16 Halftrack .  To my knowledge and extensive research, no one is producing this model in 1:6 scale.  After much web-surfing and research, I discovered that most pieces for the intricate turret configuration had to be scratch built.”

This view of Robert's M16 reveals its amazing "Quad" firepower. AWESOME. (Photo:

Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY, Fritz!  This view of Robert Jason’s custom M16 reveals its amazing “quad” firepower and how one seated gunner could UNLEASH HELL. (Photo: Julie Kostick) Click to enlarge.

“The basic Hasbro M3 GI Joe Marine Tank Destroyer was used as a platform for this M16. The Hasbro halftrack is not a true 1:6 scale vehicle for 12-inch figures; it comes up a little short. So, consideration had to be given to ensure the Quad Browning M2 .50 cal machine guns, the turret and the gunner all look good, as well as fit within the scale of the Hasbro Halftrack.  I think I have come very close to accomplishing this feat.”

As seen from above, the armored halftrack and it massive Quad rig would be an obvious TERROR on any battlefield. (Photo: Julie Kostwick)

As seen from above, Jason’s armored halftrack and it massive quad gun rig would be an obvious TERROR when deployed on any battlefield. (Photo: Julie Kostick) Click to enlarge.

Armorpax (UK) did a special pre-purchase production-run a couple of years ago on the M16 turret set. It came out beautifully! However, the run was limited, required a huge amount of casting and was very expensive. Regardless, it looks dead-on perfect at 1:6 scale. Dave at Armorpax is uncertain if it will ever be made again.”

If you were the enemy, this is the view you most certainly did NOT want to see. But for fans of 1:6 scale, this angle is SWEET! (Photo: Julie Kostick) Click to enlarge.

If you were the enemy, this is a sight you definitely did NOT want to see. But for fans of 1:6 scale, this view of “Big Bertha” is ABSO-FREAKIN’ SWEET! (Photo: Julie Kostick)

“I also purchased the cast ‘tombstone’ ammunition magazines from Dave for this project as well as the accurate vehicle tie-down and armored windshield components. Then, to top it all off, I marked it with the excellently produced, totally accurate WWII-era decals made by Mark over at Patches Of Pride. I think it came out well and hopefully, others will too. Thank you for your interest and please support our veterans. We owe them everything!” —Robert Jason

Every Detail is Accounted For— As always, Robert has included all sorts of tiny details the average customizer would've left out, including ephemera like magazines, cigarettes, maps, etc. OutSTANDING! (Photo: Julie Kostick)

Every Detail is Accounted For—Robert has even included tiny details such as 1:6 scale ephemera (i.e. magazines, cigarettes, maps, etc.). OutSTANDING! (Photo: Julie Kostick)

Bottom Line: Robert Jason continues to surprise and amaze us with the top-of-the-line 1:6 scale custom vehicles he creates and sells. Remember! If you’re interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind masterpiece, it’s for sale RIGHT NOW over on ebay HERE. Good luck and happy bidding!

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