Same pilot, DIFFERENT uniform! JoeCon 2015 12″ Exclusive Set pic #5. (Photo: GIJCC)

Bottom Line: Make that TWO parachutes. The second—sorry, THIRD uniform—included in the GIjOE Collector’s Club 12″ exclusive set is an interesting “stealth mission” ensemble featuring a SECOND, uniquely detailed black helmet and BLACK “Mae West” life vest. Combine this outfit with the orange one and the basic t-shirt outfit and you get THREE complete outfits along with the two repro “red top” boxes, 2 parachutes and various supporting equipment. There’s still (at least) one photo to be released. We can’t WAIT to see what else comes with this set. According to the club’s official press release, here’s the latest intel regarding this increasingly exciting set:

“This is the reproduction 12-inch 1969 Adventurer stripped of his long box gear and redressed in ONE of the uniforms sets included in the larger outer box that holds the entire 12-inch convention set. “DESCENT INTO DARKNESS is a new spin on the classic pilot look of the vintage 12-inch G.I. JOE! Dressed all in black, G.I. JOE is on a stealth mission and must avoid detection! The second uniform set comes with:

Black pilot helmet with visor and oxygen mask
Black flight suit
Black Mae West vest
Black parachute
Black Parachute pack 
Signal light 
Tall black boots”

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3 thoughts on “5TH PIC OF 2015 JOECON’S 12″ EXCLUSIVE RELEASED!

  1. Tim Austin says:

    I don’t think they (the Club) are even trying any more. This is basically the DFW set without a box. For the money a Con set costs, it should be something everyone wants, and doesn’t have, Action Joe State Trooper, or Marine Jungle Fighter.

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