Remembering Martin Luther King on MLK Day 2015

DiD's Martin Luther King action figure features extraordinary facial and clothing details. Out-STANDING! (Photo: DiD)

DiD’s Martin Luther King action figure features extraordinary facial and clothing details. (Photo: DiD)


DiD has introduced two versions of MLK, one speaking and one not (shown above). You also have a choice of preacher’s robes, black suit-n-tie, and an outstanding speaker’s podium. We’re not sure about this face-sculpt, however. It seems a little off. (Photo: DiD)

Bottom Line: I was only 7 years old when the Reverend Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4, 1968. At the time, I was probably out playing in the backyard with GIjOEs or other such action figures, wholly unaware of the tragic events that had just occurred in faraway Memphis, Tennessee. Now, 47 years later, I’m an adult and I’m still playing with my Joes out in the backyard. But I never “dreamed” that MLK would someday be immortalized into a 1:6 scale figure as well. Surprisingly, after a quick Google search, I discovered that such a figure has indeed been created. And it’s AMAZING!

As you can see by these photos, the new MLK figure is yet another outstanding creation from DiD based on a real-life historical figure, and it comes with a variety of related clothing and accessory options. We’re not going to review this figure in any detail here, but the pics provided by the company speak volumes.

After reminiscing about MLK (the man), we realized that while most of the world has heard his marvelous “I Have a Dream” speech, many had probably never heard the final speech he gave prior to his death. Surprisingly, and very sadly, it proved to be quite prophetic. Please take a moment to remember this important American by viewing the short video clip below.

Absolutely AMAZING details and likeness. WOW! (Photo: DiD)

DiD’s new MLK figure boasts absolutely near-perfect details, fit and quality. WOW! (Photo: DiD)

The MLK speech podium is a miniature 1:6 scale work of art all unto itself. Imagine all the uses for this! (Photo: DiD)

MLK’s speech podium is a miniature 1:6 scale work of art unto itself. (Photo: DiD)

The detail and accuracy of the podium's microphones lend superb realism to this diorama! (Photo: DiD)

The detail of MLK’s podium microphones lend realism to ANY 1:6 “speaker” diorama. (Photo: DiD)


Who is it? Is DiD’s closed-mouth headsculpt an overweight Eddie Murphy or MLK? The jury’s still out, but take a look at his superb suit details; perfect fit, nice tie and you even get little “equality” and 1:6 scale “Jobs & Freedom” buttons. March on! (Photo: DiD)

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