G.I. Joe Classic Collection Artist, Larry Selman, Unveils “Washington’s Review,” in Ceremony at National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, PA

Brig. Gen. Tony J. Carrelli, Pennsylvania National Guard deputy adjutant general – Air (left), Maj. Gen. Wesley E. Craig, Pa. National Guard adjutant general (right) and artist Larry Selman pose in front of Selman’s painting, "Washington’s Review," Dec. 6, 2014, at the National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, Pa. The painting was commissioned on behalf of the Pa. National Guard and unveiled during its 267th birthday celebration. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Master Sgt. Christopher Botzum/Released)

Atten—HUT! In a formal ceremony held December 6th, 2014 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA, renowned artist and illustrator, Larry Selman (center), presents his latest work entitled, “Washington’s Review,” to Brig. Gen. Tony J. Carrelli (left) and Maj. Gen. Wesley E. Craig (right). Congratulations, Larry! (Photo: Master Sgt. Christopher Botzum/Released) Click to enlarge.

Larry Selman's masterpiece, "Washington's Review," measures in at a whopping 60" x 30" and carries on the tradition of fine military art he honed while working as an illustrator for '90s GIjOE "Classic Collection" boxes for Hasbro. Out-STANDING! (Photo: Larry Selman)

“Washington’s Review,” measures in at a whopping 60″ x 30″ and carries on the tradition of fine military artwork Selman first honed to perfection while working as an illustrator on various GIjOE “Classic Collection” packages for Hasbro Toys. Out-STANDING! (Photo: Larry Selman) Click to enlarge.

Larry Selman, renowned GIjOE packaging illustrator and artist of military history. (Photo: Larry Selman)

Larry Selman (Photo: Larry Selman)

Artist’s Latest Masterpiece to be Displayed Permanently at Pennsylvania National Guard Joint Force Headquarters in Pennsylvania

GIjOE fandom’s favorite illustrator and artist, Larry Selman, made the news again recently when he unveiled his latest painting, a superb work he’d completed for the Pennsylvania National Guard. According to an official press release describing the event, as penned by Tech. Sgt. Andria J. Allmond (edited for length):


“A painting commissioned by the Pennsylvania National Guard, and slated for display at the Pa. National Guard’s Joint Force Headquarters at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa., entitled “Washington’s Review” by artist Larry Selman of Waynesboro, Pa., was unveiled at the National Constitution Center here Dec. 6.

The 60 by 30-inch image depicts Gen. George Washington assessing the 1st City Troop of Philadelphia June, 1775. The painting illustrates Washington returning the salute from the artillery officer while the enlisted men are at present arms as the officers pass by in review.”

The more you study Selman's work, the more you see. There are actually stories within the story being depicted and historic details that astound the viewer. Amazing! (Photo: Larry Selman)

Unbelievable! The closer you study Selman’s work, the more details you’ll discover. (Photo: Larry Selman)

Selman said he painstakingly conducts research before applying paint to his canvas, in order to provide not only a beautiful piece of artwork, but also an accurate account of history. One of America’s foremost historic artists, his body of work is comprised of capturing military scenes from the Revolutionary War to current military engagements.

Selman continued by stating that each painting is comprised of mini portraits, with research done on everything from the style of clothes worn and weaponry used, to how people would be positioned, to the correct landscape of the time and place. He explained that after conducting research, he obtains the correct clothing, equipment and people to serve as models in order to construct the original picture. Even body language and the emotional affect of individuals during the time the painting is portrayed are considered.”


“When a picture is completed, if it’s wrong you have to defend it, it will always be wrong. But if it’s right, you’ll never have to defend it.” —Larry Selman

Selman's depiction of George Washington will ring a bell with fans and collectors of GIjOE action figures who remember a previous Selman painting of America's first President graced the packaging of an outstanding George Washington "Classic Collection" figure. (Photo: Timewarptoys)

Selman’s latest depiction of George Washington will ring a bell with GIjOE fans and collectors. Its layout and poses are similar to a painting the artist had previously created for the packaging of Hasbro’s George Washington “Classic Collection” GIjOE action figure. (Photo: Timewarptoys)

Bottom Line: Over the span of his illustrious 31-year career, Selman continues to “wow” and amaze his legions of fans with ever-more astounding works of artistic, technical and historic accuracy. Larry’s latest masterpiece, “Washinton’s Review” takes a well-deserved place among those works as one of his best and most memorable. Proceeds from the sales of prints of this painting will go to benefit soldiers and airmen in need (complete information HERE). Our sincerest thanks go out to Mr. Selman for all he’s done for the world’s GIjOE collecting community and for honoring members of the U.S. military. Visit Larry on Facebook HERE or at his website HERE.

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