NEW Products! Working 1:6 Scale Desk Lamps

Light it Up!

Let There Be Light! This superb 1:6 scale, adjustable miniature desk lamp comes complete with bulb and battery for only $1. Available at most Dollar General Stores NOW. Great for your next diorama! (Photo: Gary Stair)

Here's what the lamp looks like in the store. Happy Hunting! (Photo: Gary Stair)

LED Power! Here’s what the lamp looks like in the store. Happy Hunting! (Photo: Gary Stair)

Bottom Line: Our sincerest thanks go out to eagle-eyed Field Reporter, Gary Stair, who filed the following exciting report over our model 33 teletype machine today. According to Stair:

“Hi Mark, Maybe some of the other 1:6 scalers would love these little desk lamps I found recently at Dollar General. I purchased a couple in the black color, but they’re available in red, blue and white as well. Pretty COOL! They also come with batteries and a push button on-off switch at the top, just like 1:1 scale versions—and they’re even adjustable. Amazing! Enjoy!” —Gary Stair
Let's get to work!

Let’s get to work! Stair’s GIjOE prepares to plan his next mission, aided by the bright light of his nifty new 1:6 scale desk lamp from Dollar General. Absolutely perfect! (Photo: Gary Stair)


At such a low price point, it’s a no-brainer for collectors and customizers to pick up 2 or 3 of these 1:6 scale desk lamps for use in their dioramas. EXCELLENT work, Gary! (Photo: Gary Stair)

Captain Action's not getting any younger, and he could use some extra lighting for his desk, too! (Photo: Gary Stair)

Captain Action’s not getting any younger, and could use a light at his desk, too! (Photo: Gary Stair)


We realize that not everyone has a Dollar General store in their area, so we started to search around online for similar products. While we couldn’t find any other miniature 1:6 scale desk lamps for $1 (that price is INDEED a bargain), we were able to locate an even better-looking version for a shade under $10. They’re called “Tiny Tim Book Lights” and they’re widely available in most bookstores and online at places like Amazon HERE. Yes, you can buy 10 of the Dollar General versions (if you can find them) for just 1 of the Tiny Tims, but Tim’s details appear to be superior. So, you know… Whatever you decide—Happy Hunting, 1:6ers! 

More expensive? Yes. Better? Maybe. These "Tiny Tim Desk Lights" are similar and slightly superior to the dollar store versions, but they're also much more expensive. Caveat Emptor!  (Photo: Amazon)

More expensive? Yes. Better? Yes. These “Tiny Tim Desk Lights” are similar to the $1 versions, yet are clearly superior in terms of detail. They’re also (much) more expensive. (Photo: Amazon)

Here's what the "Tiny Tim" lights look like in their packages. We love them, but recommend that you shop around before deciding! (Photo: Amazon)

Here’s what the “Tiny Tim” lights look like in their packages. We love ’em, but recommend that you shop around before deciding. (Photo: Amazon)

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3 thoughts on “NEW Products! Working 1:6 Scale Desk Lamps

  1. Joseph Benedetto says:

    Yes! This is exactly the kind of intel many of us really like to hear about–not only the “look what I got” but also the “here’s where you can find it” stuff. Great job! (Yeah, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now, so…off to the store!)

  2. Gary says:


    Thanks for getting the word out so quickly! I am glad The Joe Report “team” will like them. It’s funny about the stores in my local area (in PA), some of the stores carry the same stuff and others carry vastly different items. My Dollar General and Dollar Tree stores both had the 1:6 desk lamps for a dollar – Dollar General sold out quickly, so I had to go to the Dollar Tree to snag a few more!! So it pays to hunt the different “Dollar” stores in your area. Have FUN!


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