1:6 Scale “Wild Adventure” Hunting & Fishing Figures Available Online (Only) at Target.com

What a great headsculpt! Without doubt, this new face is among our favorites from this new "Wild Adventures" line. The figures are a tad taller than GIjOE, but the heads are approximately the same size and will work well beside the rest of your existing 12-inch figures. (Photo: Target)

It’s Turkey Huntin’ Time! This new face is one of our favorites from Blue Box’s new “Wild Adventure” action figure line. As usual, their figures are a tad taller than vintage GIjOEs, but the heads are approximately the same and will look good and work well alongside existing 12-inch figures. His camo clothing and hunting accessories are also very nice. Check out those turkey calls! (Photo: Blue Box)

blueboxtoyslogoAs we approach Christmas 2014, you may be wondering what new 1:6 scale products are available out there in “Toyland” that are both affordable and of high enough quality for you to give confidently as gifts to both children or adult collectors. Indeed, with Hasbro placing GIjOE into cold storage for the foreseeable future, fans of 1:6 scale have begun to worry that the only options remaining to them are the far more expensive, fragile, limited-edition “adult collectibles” produced by such firms as Sideshow and Hot Toys. But as Yoda would say, “There is another.” And it’s name—is Blue Box.


Are You Lookin’ at Me? This bearded headsculpt is chockablock with potential. It even has a facial scar! We can easily imagine it being used as a pirate, terrorist or any other bad guy you could imagine. (Photo: Blue Box)

High-end action figures are typically more appropriate for “hands-off” static display use inside the safety of an adult’s glass-doored collectibles case than in typical “down-n-dirty” child’s play. They’re also out of the financial reach of many collectors (i.e. simply too expensive), forcing fans to turn their anxious eyes elsewhere, consider “cheaper” brands (Hello, Power Team?) or even other scales (Oh, the HORROR). Fortunately, such drastic measures may not (yet) have to be taken.


This second bearded variation will give collectors a choice when casting characters in their next 1:6 diorama or photo story. This one is scar-free and also “slightly” less menacing looking. (Photo: Blue Box)

targetlogoWe’ve just learned that Target has partnered with Blue Box this holiday season to create and offer an excellent new line of 1:6 scale “Wild Adventure” action figures. Their theme is both non-military and non-superheroic, focusing instead on the classic All-American sporting pursuits of hunting and fishing. The catch? These new figures are only available online. You won’t be able to go out and pick them up at a nearby store and you can only purchase them from Target’s website, HERE. But that’s not so bad, right? The good news? They’re very affordable, versatile, chock-full of cool animals and accessories and offer great “bang” for your gift-giving buck. And, if you hurry, Target also has a special promotional offer going on now—shipping is FREE!


Another redhead! This guy’s lip-color may be a tad dark, but the head is great, otherwise. So many possibilities! (Photo: Blue Box)


He’s a Winner! We actually like the Bass Fisherman’s shirt more than his face. He also comes with a fish, trophy, pole, hat and sunglasses. (Photo: Blue Box)


Package view of the Fisherman shows all the great gear you’ll receive. What, no 1:6 scale bass boat? (Photo: Blue Box)


Package view of the Turkey Hunter. The turkeys are so-so. We recommend you pick up better ones. (Photo: Blue Box)


Package view of the Bear Hunter. Really nice gear, unique tree-stand and bear paws. GRRRR! (Photo: Blue Box)


Package view of the Deer Hunter. This one comes with a nice cross-bow and tree-stand, plus much more. (Photo: Blue Box)


Quack! Quack! Quack! As this package view of the Duck Hunter reveals, this is the biggest of the 5 sets and will cost you $5 more. The dog is great, the gear and weapons are great. Plus, you get that cool “bad guy” headsculpt! (Photo: Blue Box)

"Pair of Bear Claws, Please!" Remember Newman coming into the Diner on Seinfeld? Well, that has nothing to do with this. HA (Photo: Blue Box)

“A Pair of Bear Claws, Please!” Remember Newman coming into the restaurant on Seinfeld and saying that? Well…that has nothing to do with these figures. HA (Photo: Blue Box)

Bottom Line: Despite their added height (approximately 1/2″ taller than GIjOE), these $17-$22 figures look to be wonderful additions to any 1:6 collection; or at the very least, future fodder for kitbashing and customizing. For a complete review and more pics of this line, we recommend you visit 1:6 guru Rudy Panucci’s, “PopCulteer Toybox” website found HERE. It’s GRRRRREAT! 

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2 thoughts on “1:6 Scale “Wild Adventure” Hunting & Fishing Figures Available Online (Only) at Target.com

  1. Rudy Panucci says:

    Thanks for the link. I should point out that the face paint is much more subdued and realistic-looking in person. These were a great find and a nice Christmatime surprise in a year that’s been pretty depressing for collectors of 1/6 figures.

  2. gary says:

    Not sure if anyone realized….on the fisherman’s shirt – BLUE is spelled “BULE” – Now would this make it more collectible? Interesting….Eagle Eye Stair ……..OUT

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