Auction STUNNER! Don Levine’s CIA-Commissioned 1:6 Prototype Osama Bin Laden Action Figure Sells For $11,879.00 to Anonymous Collector

The figure's COA from the Nate and

The winning bidder of Don Levine’s controversial prototype Osama Bin Laden action figure also received a COA from the NDSA (and Levine’s estate) confirming its unusual history. (Photo: NDSA)

As the

The official bid window at the NDSA auction website revealed the final selling price of Levine’s Osama Bin Laden prototype was a staggering $11,879. WOW!

Even in Death, “The Father of G.I. Joe,” Don Levine, Continues to Make Action Figure History

When the auctioneer’s hammer finally came down on Don Levine’s prototype Osama Bin Laden action figure, its sale netted Levine’s estate the tidy sum of $11,879.00. As most collectors of 1:6 scale GIjOEs already know, the CIA-commissioned origins behind Levine’s most controversial creation have been well-documented here on The Joe Report, but this recent chapter in its unique history will undoubtedly make Don’s OBL figure even more intriguing to fans. After the auction ended, we asked NDSA copywriter/rep, Ian Gould, for a comment and he replied:
Ian Gould, NDSA copywriter and company rep (Photo: Ian Gould)

Ian Gould, copywriter, Nate D. Sanders Auctions (Photo: Ian Gould)

“I can’t reveal the identity of the final buyer, unfortunately. Generally, the bidding of the prototypes went fairly quietly. We received a few bids right at the end, 7 in total. The Osama Bin Laden figure was publicized in a number of media outlets, so when it sold for over $11,000, we thought that was pretty impressive. Russell Brand even did a bit about it on his show.”
British comedian, Russell Brand, relishes discussing the OBL action figure in a video recently released on YouTube. (Photo: Russell Brand)

British comedian, Russell Brand, clearly relished discussing the OBL action figure and its auction in a video recently released on YouTube. (Photo: Russell Brand)

Bottom Line: While Bin Laden’s real-life actions created misery for untold millions, it’s comforting to know that the sale of this OBL prototype has yielded the family and estate of (a truly wonderful man) Don Levine, a modicum of financial benefit. Finally, there’s been a (mostly) funny video (see below) made about this whole affair by British comedian, Russell Brand. Whatever your opinion of Brand and his views, his hyperactive dissection of Gould’s copywriting and description of the OBL figure is pretty darn funny. Thankfully, Ian can clearly take Brand’s ribbing, as he described the comedian’s video about his writing this way:

“It was pretty cool, indeed. You never know what’s going to happen at this job!”
 (Editor’s Note: Our thanks go out again to Ian Gould at Nate D. Sanders Auctions for his generous contributions to this article. You ROCK, Ian!)

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