2015 G.I. Joes Returning to 12-Inch Size as “Jumbo Vintage Figures” Made of “Durable Plastics”

This is GIjOE will look like in 1:6 scale (12-inches tall) in 2015. That's right, Gentle Giant's new "Rock 'n Roll" GIjOE is 12 full inches of twisted steel and sex appeal. Actually, according to the product description, he'll be made of "durable plastic." As to sexy...we'll let you be the judge. (Photo: BBTS)

This is what 12″ GIjOEs will look like in 2015. That’s right, Gentle Giant’s new “Rock ‘n Roll” GIjOE is 12 full inches in height, and according to the product’s official description, he’ll also be made of “durable plastic.” (Photo: BBTS)

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, let us proceed…

What a relief! At a time during GIjOE’s 50th Anniversary when fans of 12-inch figures had given up all hope and accepted the cold, sobering reality that Hasbro’s 1:6 scale Joes were now largely a thing of the past, a second toy company (under license from Hasbro) has picked up the beloved brand’s baton and announced plans to carry it on proudly, well into 2015. The company coming to the rescue of 12-inch collectors is none other than Gentle Giant, Ltd, and the first Joe out of their factory’s gates will be an all-new, 1:6 scale figure based on the vintage RAH superstar lovingly known as—Rock ‘n Roll.

Let’s take a look at the stats on this bad boy: He’s going to be a full 12″ tall by 5″ wide and 2″ deep (must’ve been working’ out). And based on the photos generously provided to us by online retail giant, Big Bad Toy Store (BBTS), we can also see that R&R will have at LEAST 10 points of articulation. Yes, you heard us right. TEN. Imagine all the poses!

You get 2 "look" choices as well! Either with, or without his helmet. Yes, it may be difficult to decide from so many options, but that's the FUN of these new 12-inch Joes! (Photo: BBTS)

Who’s that? With Gentle Giant Ltd’s new 12-inch Rock ‘n Roll GIjOE, you’ll have 2 exciting uniform options to choose from: with—or without—a helmet. Wild! (Photo: BBTS)

“Jumbo Joe” will be convenient, too. R&R’s clothes aren’t going anywhere, so you won’t have to worry about dressing him or changing outfits depending on assignment. In fact, since Gentle Giant isn’t offering any accessories or optional uniform sets for this new 12-inch line, you won’t have to remember to keep up with any new bothersome 1:6 gear. Phew! R&R’s also “loaded for bear” with a big, black, bi-podded machine-gun thingy, and two big, shiny GOLD machine-gun ammo bandoliers. The REALLY good news? He’ll never lose or run out of ammo, because both of those bandoliers are permanently fused onto his body. Now THAT’S thinking ahead, dude! For additional intel on these 2015 12-inch Joes, we once again sought the counsel of the good folks over at BBTS. Their official product description states:


That's right, Gentle Giant's new "Rock 'n Roll" GIjOE is 12 full inches of twisted steel and sex appeal. Actually, according to the product description, he'll be made of "durable plastic." As to sexy...we'll let you be the judge. (Photo: BBTS)

Got Gun? Gentle Giant’s new “Rock ‘n Roll” may not have the best gun in the 12-inch universe, but he’s probably got the BIGGEST. Whoa! (Photo: BBTS)

“Inspired by the Hasbro vintage GI Joe A Real American Hero figure, Gentle Giant is proud to bring you the GI Joe Machine Gunner, Code Name: ROCK ‘N ROLL. One of the first figures released in the series that started in 1982, Rock ‘N Roll is now the FIRST figure in an ongoing series of jumbo vintage figures.”

Holy cow! Did we read that correctly? This is to be the FIRST in an ongoing SERIES of “jumbo vintage figures.” Can you imagine? There’s going to more, just like this one. BBTS goes on:

“Rock ‘n Roll was a surfer in Malibu prior to enlistment. He was also a weight lifter and played bass guitar in local rock bands. Is familiar with all NATO and Warsaw Pact light and heavy machine guns. Graduated: Advanced Infantry Training (Top of Class). Specialized Education: Covert Ops School.”

The view from the back is just as...exciting. Uh-oh! It looks like Gentle Giant's 12-inch Rock 'n Roll took an RPG directly in his back. OUCH! (Photo: BBTS)

The view from the back is just as…painful. Gentle Giant’s new 12-inch Rock ‘n Roll GIjOE apparently comes pre-injured. He’s got a wicked RPG hole right in the middle of his back. Ouch! (Photo: BBTS)

Does anyone need to know more? Surely fans around the world are already whipping out their credit cards and emptying their Paypal balances. Seriously, who can pass this new 12-incher up? If you still need more convincing, BBTS continues with this juicy bit of intel:

“Rock ‘n Roll is cunning but naive; forceful but shy. Possesses a strong sense of loyalty to his teammates and is sincerely concerned about their well-being. A man of honor and integrity who can be counted on to hold the line.”

We bet you didn’t know that R&R was naive AND shy. (We didn’t.) Naive, sure. But shy? C’mon, who knew THAT? Regardless, all this new insight into Gentle Giant’s new 12-inch GIjOEs just makes them more irresistible, right? Finally, BBTS reveals how this exciting new line of figures will be created:

“The GI Joe A Real American Hero Jumbo Figure line features reproductions of the original 3 ¾” figures, using digital scanning and outputting to create an exact replica, only larger. Each figure will be reproduced using roto and injection molding and will be made of durable plastics.”

This advertisement for Gentle Giant's new line of "Vintage 1:6 scale jumbo figures" promises to keep Joe at 12-inches, at least through 2015. (Graphic: Gentle Giant)

This advertisement for Gentle Giant’s new line of “vintage 1:6 scale jumbo figures” promises to keep GIjOE at his original size of 12-inches, at least throughout 2015. Yippee! (Graphic: Gentle Giant)

Bottom Line: Fans and collectors of 12-inch GIjOEs can now breathe easy. These new “jumbo vintage figures” are surely everything they’ve been asking for—and MORE (“durable plastics, YES!). And if you can’t wait until 2015, BBTS wants you to know that you can pre-order a R&R today—HERE. And guess what? They’re only $80 bucks each. Hurry—before they sell out!

PS: If you feel like you just can’t take it anymore—try clicking on the video link below. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “2015 G.I. Joes Returning to 12-Inch Size as “Jumbo Vintage Figures” Made of “Durable Plastics”

  1. Roy Jones says:

    and they say I like to start fights

  2. Chung Kim says:

    Quite frankly, this sucks.

  3. Technically speaking this not 1:6 scale it is 3.2/1 upscale of a 3.75inch toy figure 🙂 Yes it looks pretty cool but I guess it is more of good news to 3 3/4″ collectors than to 1/6 scalers, something to add to their collection altar 🙂

  4. Rudy Panucci says:

    They’ve been doing this with the 3 3/4″ Star Wars figures for a few years now. It’s not really a shock that they picked up the RAH line. I think this was announced back at the San Diego Comic Con.

    The scary thing is that these figures still have way more articulation than Hasbro’s new “Titan Hero” lines, and those things are so cheap to make that they’re considered successful.

    These will appeal to a small number of RAH collectors, but the novelty will wear off like it did with the Star Wars jumbo figures. The production numbers are so low that I doubt we’ll ever see these marked down so that 12″ collectors can use them for CPR dummies.

  5. Joseph Benedetto says:

    Wow. I’m too old to cry … I’m going to go get drunk.

  6. historicbuzz says:

    While this may be an appealing collectible for fans of the 3-3/4 line, the fact that it’s 12″ tall doesn’t make it appeal to most fans of 12″ Joe. For my money, it’s the worst of both worlds: too big to be compatible with 3-3/4 Joes, and far too clunky and unarticulsted to have a place among 12″ Joes. Not a chance I’d even snag one of these if I found it at the thrift store for $2.

  7. bruce bening says:

    80 bucks for crap, How insulting. Guess I’ll stick with dragon, better detail for around half the price.

  8. Ed says:

    Well before we really get upset about this. Gentle Giant Studios did this for He Man a few years ago as well as Star Wars. These were more for tribute and directed directly at the fans of those early figures. Now….in the situation we are facing as Joe fans currently it is upsetting, I fully understand, but the figures are not being marketed as Gi Joes, but as Jumbo RAH figures.

    I don’t believe we’ll actually see Gi Joes as we love from Hasbro for a long time. The 12″ stick figures they have been selling for Marvel and the Gi JOe movie are just plain garbage.

  9. James says:

    These are hardly the first of this type of “upscaled” figure to appear. Gentle Giant has been releasing 12″ tall versions of the vintage 3 3/4″ Kenner Star Wars figures for several years now, and this is simply expanding that concept into another Hasbro-owed toy line.

    While these don’t interest me, they may appeal to 3 3/4″ collectors who’d like to have a figure scaled to remind their now-adult selves of how it felt to hold their Joes when they were little kids.

  10. Ed says:

    Just to add.. you could always make them look better with a custom 50th anniversary shirt! LOL

  11. Hector says:

    I must be having a really bad nightmare !

  12. Brad says:

    All I can say is “Yuk!’

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